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Trilegiant Complaints & Reviews

Trilegiant / Bogus Credit Card Charges


Trilegiant is behind more consumer abuse. I took action to stop the scam and so can you. Please contact Freed & Weiss - info @ freedweiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or call, toll free 866.779.9610 Here's more information: Customers of websites like, Travelocity, Shutterfly, and Orbitz are reporting mysterious monthly reoccurring charges to their credit cards. Thanks to marketing tactics (i.e., those pop-up windows) used during check out, without proper consent consumers are accidentally joining club memberships and having to pay for them monthly! Most people don't even...

Trilegiant / Terrible company


I did not sign up for this program, yet I was charged for it as well as another of their branches...Great Fun! I tried to cancel and was told well, try it've already been charged! I didn't even know what it is!!! And have NO info!!! I want it stopped and my money back! I need to get someone to fix this for me. Several calls have done nothing! How can a company charge me for something that I NEVER signed up for in the first place??? And how can it claim to be legitimate??? HELP!

Trilegiant / Unauthorized billings


For the past three months, Trilegiant has been charging my credit card for services I did NOT ask for. Since I do NOT receive paper hard copies of my statements each month (I do the online thing), I am beginning to wonder if they target those of us that do this since it took several months for me to notice the activity. I noticed it this time because it sent me into overdraft and overlimit fees were attached to my payment for this next month. This got my attention very quickly. I live on a very limited income, and this extra charge is going to hurt me severely this month. Not to mention if thi...

Trilegiant - Connecticut, Norwalk / Unauthorized Charge


I was charged $11.99 for four months. I called TLG and was told that I signed up for TLG when I bought airline tickets from These people are scammers! When I called TLG to complain, they said that I signed up for TLG and put in a password. They refused to give me a refund. Apparently, the site is very sneaky. After I bought the tickets, there was a place to put in the city of my birth, which I did. The site didn't give me a confirmation of my order, so I put the city in. That's when I was charged $11.99. These people need to be stopped! They have scammed hundreds and...

Trilegiant - Georgia, Athens / Trilegiant programs: great fun, live well, privacy guard, traveler's advantage, et al.


Hello all, this will likely be the only post I make on this board, so I will make it short, sweet, and to the point. I currently work for the Athens branch of DialAmerica which is an inbound call center; basically we are pop up windows when you activate a credit card, make a car or truck rental reservation and other such things. You will be transferred to me when someone asks you if you'd like to hear about $40 in gas certificates or some such nonsense. A lot of times those people who are transferring you will promise these things free (ie a credit report), because they get .25-.50 cents per...

Trilegiant / Fraudulent credit card charges despite cancellation


I enrolled into the membership with GreatFunsite in conjunction with a purchase I made with as the website promised a 15% cashback on my purchase with Priceline. The membership was free for the first 30 days following which unless I canceled I would be charged $11.99. On July 23, 29 days after enrollment, I called to cancel my membership (membership # 55305968, username SHAH1281) and was given a cancellation code MJ1001790723. Despite this, I was charged $11.99 on August and September 07, 2007. Multiple attempts to talk to the customer service has been to no avail as every...