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TLG Complaints & Reviews

TLG - Georgia, Blackshear / false charges

penucraft on Jan 6, 2011

i have several chareges that areunauthorizedon my us direct express card.ihave notever orderedor authorized anyonetoremovemoney frommy card.for the month ofoctober 0n 10/02 TLG*shopper10523969SEP 800-5264848 CT, USA $19.99 10/02TLG*everyday10517290SEP 877-6301295 CT, USA $19.99 I want my money returned !!!

TLG / Fraudulent charges

I thought i posted this yesterday but i don't see the complaint so i wanted to make sure this gets heard. My account was charged $11.99 / 6 times with another pending on 7.14.09. I spoke to my bank that gave me the contact 1-866-894-2721 info for tlg. I spoke to a rep who said i linked to the site in dec of 08 thru airtran ticket purchase. Even if you just click to see the deal they get your contact info and cc and charge without knowledge unless you check you account details. They claim they would stop payment on the pending and refund me $71.94 for the past charges. Well the 7.14.09...

TLG / Fraud company


I would strongly advise all the victims of TLG loan to file a report with fraud solutions to close down this company. Also you should all tell your story to Stockport Express, who is the local newspaper where TLG operates. You can do so by email or by phone. I have already done so myself, and the more complaints they receive then it will be considered as a social issue and they will publish an article against TLG who will then get what they deserve.

TLG / Actions to take against TGL


I have been a victim of TLG as well. I received a call from a certain David from TLG and asked for my bank details to confirm that my account was registered to my address. I confirmed that it was not gonna be for any admin fee and he guaranteed me that it was solely for security checks. 7 mins after the phone call £299.99 came out of my account. I am a legal executive and has been in the legal field for over 7 years. I work for a firm of solicitors and i have sought legal advice in regards to this fraudulent company. In brief, I have two firms of solicitors who are willing to take...

TLG / Unauthorised transaction


Unauthorised transaction of £299.99. I got a call from a certain David from TLG regarding a loan application. He asked for my bank details confiming that it was solely to check that my card is registered to my current address. I asked him twice if i could pay a charge he said NO. 7 mins after £299.99 came out of my account! I rang TLG and apparently David was not in on that day and I spoke to the manager who said he cant process refund and admin would have to investigate the issue. But seems like i wouldnt get it back for i must have been informed of the fee!! This company is a disgrace and needs to close down!

TLG - Indiana / Withdraw money without consent

I opened my online checking to notice a $139.99 credit, not knowing what it was a called the number and entered the scurity code provided only to find out I signed a rebate check sent to me through Brylane Home. Here I thought I was getting five dollars back because I used my card, when in reality I was agreeing to some security thing. I called the number that was with the withdraw and they gave me a cancelation code, which I don't think will happen. After reading all this crap on the internet about this company you think big brother would get involved to stop this rip-off. Not sure where...

TLG - Wales, Gwynedd County, Llanrwst / Fraud


TLG Loans have just taking £119.99 out of my account without my authorisation. They lied to that they wanted my card details to check that my bank account was connected to my address and not to take any money from my account. I found out on the next day from my bank that £119.99 has been debted from my account by TLG loans. I have been trying to contact them to find out what has happened and for some reason the phone line is not connecting. I have not received the loan I asked for and I am still trying to chase the company for this. This is Fraud and please be careful when dealing with them.

TLG / Scam


BIG CON Posted: 2009-03-15 by mick Theives Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Company information: TLG Loans - Carter & carter financial United Kingdom Phone: 08005878519 Hi guys - came across this on another complaints board called consumer action group SCAM! The Loan Supermarket/The Lending Group SCAM!TLG Loans AKA: CARTER AND CARTER I had £99.99 taken from my bank account. If anybody has applied for a loan through this company. You have probably had from £39.99 - £349.99 taken out of your bank account for a one off...

TLG - New York, Buffalo NY 14208 / charging me for a credit card I don't have

I purchased US Air 2 years ago, clerk asked if I wanted a free phone. Wanted my SS but she got my name on my plane pass.Kept getting this US miles, Feb22 TLG charged me but didn't bill ay thing until recently, so I called 800-726-5162 which you can never get. Frank answered, gave me this TLG but hung up on me when he started giving his personal ph # Oct 17-08 I Tanya answered at T.L.G. Said she would canel it out. I have a liver ailment/shingles! What kind of senior citizen 72 years old would need a Great Fun Book costing me 135? She gave me a cancel number since I never used this card...

TLG / Scams taking money out of my account alot of them


I try to check my bank account on line every other week and every time i see stuff taken out of my checking account. This time it was from 866-584-2461 TLG*COOLEXTRAS took 11.95 out of my account. Man i hate these people that cheat and scam others i have worked hard all my life. never cheated anyone or stole from anyone if i did this to someone I couldnt live with my self. Some other other places i have had to fight with recently Homeplay-v they took 181.00 over 3 months. i called and made a stink and the stoped taking the money out and and sent me a form to fill out and they would consider...

TLG - Connecticut / Illegal Withdrawals


I noticed a charge on my credit card that I wasn't sure of so I called my CC company and they told me I also had a charge in August from this same company. I have never ordered anything from this company. I called TLG and they said they would stop charging me but not reimburse me. My CC company said I needed to cancel my CC which is a PIA but I did it anyway because I didn't want to incur any further charges. After looking "TLG Great Fun Complaints" up on the Internet I see pages and pages of complaints which tells me this is a SCAM, RACKET, whatever. What gives the company the right...