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TechSkills / Scam

Joe on Nov 3, 2011
I signed up with TechSkills for their medical coding associate course of study. I knew I was in trouble after I'd signed up and some of what my mentor was saying didn't seem to make sense with regard to the subject and the market / what I was hearing from those outside of TechSkills and finding online, vs what the mentor was suggesting. Each time I pressed for back-up to the info, it was suggested to me that maybe I wasn't really ready to study with them and perhaps I should talk to the director. Of course if I'd cxld I wouldn't have recvd a full refund and in the end I...

TechSkills / Took my education for granted and scammed me!

Taurus84 on Jun 8, 2011
I started at techskills 6-10. They promissed me on the job training on all office equipment: Multiline phone, copier, mail machine, how to do all medical forms in the office, work at your own pace, resume, cover letter help. Well that was a joke!! Your pretty much teaching yourself at their pace they set for you!! There are no Certified Instructors!! They are noneducated people like us with no education!! The one's that get jobs are the one's being paid by techskills to make techskills look good! People wake up and use your voice and put techskills to shame! I am ashamed of this place that calls themselves a school!!

TechSkills - Indiana, Indianapolis / liars

blastley on May 3, 2011
Techskills has over charged me for a class i have taken. They are taking money from the government on classes students do not take. They made a student come to school after he had passed his exams due to they would get more money this way. Few people has got jobs from this school after was being told they help find jobs. Its all about the money.. not education. The government should go in an investigate this school. They are only accredited because of false information that they provide.

TechSkills - Texas, Addison / Lack of Professionalism

Certainly did NOT receive the professional interaction appropriate for a school which professes to prepare the student for the professional world, particularly from my instructor. In this economy, I am grateful that I have a job right now that I get as many hours as I can to work in order to keep a roof over my head. I therefore cannot complete assignments at the pace that a full-time student can. I was getting up at 3:00 in the morning to study for 4 hours a day before work. Apparently, TechSkills is set up for an unemployed full-time student. It was not made clear to me what this pace would...

TechSkills / Money scam

7 years ago I signed up for a (membership) to Techskills(Kansas City) and was unable to follow through because of legal problems. I took the course for approximately 1 hour and was unable to finish. I had people get a hold of them to let them know that I was unable to finish and all they did was take the money and run. Now the lender (Key Bank, whom they don't deal with anymore) is holding me accountable for it 7 years later and have my credit report messed up so I can't buy a house. Now I am up in arms trying to figure out what to do to get this straightened out.

TechSkills - Kansas, Kansas City / Fraudelant practices

I signed up for a so-called membership over 7 years ago and was unable to follow through with it because of a legal issue. I too approximately 1 hour of classes from them before i was unable to continue. I had a friend try to get a hold of them to let them know what had happened, to get my money back and they refused and basically took the 8, 000$ and ran. I've tried to talk to them and they won't help me, so I got a hold of the lender with whom they don't deal with anymore (Key Bank) and all they want to do is hold me accountable for the money that I never saw for an education...

TechSkills - North Carolina, Raleigh / misrepresentation

My husband was scammed by this school. He is a veteran and was told by the "enrollment counselor" (a.k.a. salesperson) that he could use his GI Bill to pay for his tuition. My husband had no reason to doubt this because we had always been told by the Army and the VA that GI Bill will pay for just about every kind of education imaginable. What we didn't know is that the school itself has to take steps in order to be able to accept the GI Bill. TechSkills had not done taken those steps and refused to do so at our request. The enrollment director even admitted to my husband that the...

TechSkills / Bad instructors

The girls work there are useless.they don't know anything . What they do all day is eating and chat on msn.!

TechSkills - Texas, Addison / Deceptive selling practices

Well after a very hard sell to my general requst for information, I was sold thinking that this was going to help my career. I of course was sold on the all you can take in 12 months being told that at any time if for any reason I cannot continue then I would get a refund for what I did not take. The structure of the school program is very deceptive in hindsight as on the one hand they say its all you can take in 12 months and you are on a track to get x, y, z certifications. In my case it was A+, Net+, Security+ a Cisco cert or 2, MSCA. Well after my signing of the paperwork I got a tour it...

TechSkills - Wisconsin / None

This isn't even a complaint at all. For all of you that went to techskills...Techskills itself is NOT a scam completely.It depends on which one you went to.I know that sounds pretty bad but I was a student there and i became A+ certified(IT Technican) and am nearly N+ certified. How could i become A+ certified if the schools are a "scam"?How could i have fixed a plethora of computer problems(even ones that the Geek Squad out of Best Buy couldn't even fix)? Honestly, the campus in Brookfield, Wisconsin is the best campus to go to(and is the one i went to myself).Most of the other one...

TechSkills - North Carolina, Charlotte / Enrollment Practices

I am writing to inform others about Techskills' deceptive enrollment practices that ended up costing me a $4000.00 refund. In 03/2008, on the day of my initial visit and tour of TechSkills, I was offered two months of free enrollment as an incentive for enrolling that day. On 08/23/2008 I wrote to the Admissions Specialist and requested to change from MCSD to MCAD certification program. In early September of 2008, I was told by the Admissions Specialist I would be given a $4, 000 refund. After several emails to the Admissions Specialist over a period of three months, I was finally called into...

TechSkills - Texas, Houston / taken advantage of

I took on the course and was sold a $8000. package this was a career change opportunity i took on. i was sold the oracle 9i program and was not told that the 10g is due for release I was misdirected and spent not just $8000.00 but for the exams as well. i put in as much time as i could but had similar issues as far at the teachers were concerned because they were too busy getting them selves certified and had very little time for students. phone of the teachers had very poor people skills and unless you were a female would talk to you in a very demeaning manner and was a very big hindrance...

TechSkills - Florida, Tampa / Misrepresentation of services

I was given a one-time opportunity by the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance (TBWA) to re-train for an in-demand career after being laid off from my job of over 6 years. I selected database administration as the course of study, and TechSkills as the institution to learn based on their persuasive on-line information The promotional information doesn't describe the actual learning environment. They advertise classes, of which there are none. They offer one-on-one instruction from certified pros which I took to mean a lot of personal one-on-one interaction during the learning process and...

TechSkills / Bad, bad, school

DO not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Techskills. This is a mickey mouse training center that does not support its students. It is supposed to be medical training (highly inadequate - very little hands-on, no internships or externships, instructors who resent their students for taking up their time), AND it is also supposed to be an IT school, but interestingly, there are CONSTANT IT problems. Since students are supposed to be able to "study" at home using on-line computer programs, it makes things very difficult when the on-line programs don't work. Need help? Well, just call the 800 number and...

TechSkills - Tennessee, Addison / No help at all!

In my first initial meeting with the one of the schools "sales" people, he told me that medical coding was the "hot thing". That if I took their course I would be working and making lots of "money" before long. I was showed paper clippings, him trying to convince me that I would be in high demand when this was seen on my resume. That Techskills was a school held in high regard when it came to coding courses. That they had a job counselor on staff that would help me find a job. Well I bit, hook line and sinker. $7000 later, 6 months out of school and I can't even get an interview. No one i...

TechSkills - North Carolina, Charlotte / Poor computer support!

I needed computer help and they just blew me off. TechSkills is really an IT school that is trying to cash in on the medical market. They offer the IT students great computer support, but the medical students get next to nothing. If you have a question you will be given a four-word answer, or you will be told that they don't know; you'll have to figure it out yourself. Really? Oh, thanks. I would strongly advise people to think twice before going to this school for medical training. You are ON YOUR OWN! Instructors help very minimally and if you have a problem, you are stuck.

TechSkills / Course setup and over selling

Techskils is a cram course that is not setup well at all. They use many different computer based training tools and text books to teach you your subject of interest. The problem is the way it all jumps around between the text books, CBT and if you are lucky you can get the attention of one of the instructors at the campus and he/she will tell you to hurry through the subject matter fast and don't worry about trying to pick up everything. One thing to make sure of before you even start after going through one of the sales people (they call them counselors) is you understand that this company...

TechSkills / Breach of Contract - Technical and Vocational School

On 1/07/2005, I enrolled at Techskills in Nashville, Tn. to take a medical billing/coding course, total amount was $6995. I decided 17 days later that I did not care or need the type of teaching in which they operated. I needed a more classroom teaching and less online learning. Under the contract, according to the time frame in which I was enrolled, Techskills is to refund me 75% of the total tuition ($4050), minus $100 administrative fee. The difference amount of $6995 (which is for purchasing their software) and the tuition amount of $4050 is "ate up" immediately upon signing of the...

TechSkills / Stay away from TechSkills!

Unfortunately, I tried one of their courses that cost $6500, and it was horrible. First off, anything and just about everything your "Enrollment Specialist," tells you is pretty much a lie to get you in the door. They are going to tell you how special their program is because it integrates online learning, paired with mentor gurus to insure you learn the material. Whelp, the online course material is okay, but can be found much cheaper elsewhere for just the online content. You could go to O'Reiley's and come out far better. If you are told the mentors are there for you, think again...

TechSkills / Very poorly run department and course - medical coding

I signed up with TechSkills for their medical coding associate course of study. I knew I was in trouble after I'd signed up and some of what my mentor was saying didn't seem to make sense with regard to the subject and the market / what I was hearing from those outside of TechSkills and finding online, vs what the mentor was suggesting. Each time I pressed for back-up to the info, it was suggested to me that maybe I wasn't really ready to study with them and perhaps I should talk to the director. Of course if I'd cxld I wouldn't have recvd a full refund and in the end I...
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