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SureTouch Long Distance Complaints & Reviews

SureTouch Long Distance / SureTouch is a scam!


They called my house about a week ago and wanted to talk to my wife. She wasn't here. The guy on the phone asked me where i was from and i said england and near london although i live in the usa and he started asking all kinds of stuff. They then charged my wifes account $4.95 to which they had no information about which bank or card number. I called them, they played a recording of me saying yes to all these questions. I said well i didn't and told them even if i had how is it you can charge my wifes account without her details? Or my details for that matter? The lady hung up the...

SureTouch Long Distance / Unauthorized charges!


Suretouch Long Distance is charging me $19.95 per month, even though I never authorized any charges. My credit card company says they cannot do anything about it because it is a pre-authorized charge. Umg*Buyedg and Umg*My Adv are also charging $19.95 per month. My credit card company will do nothing about any of these because they say they are all pre-authorized. I am turning these companies in to the Attorney General in my state in hopes of stopping this fraud.