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STA Travel / STA Travel cancelled my flight and won't return my money (SCAM)

Reviewer11336 on Feb 20, 2016
I booked a flight with this scam company, and when I turned up at the airport a day later, I was told by the airline that the ticket was fake. I contacted STA Travel and I was told I needed to send a copy of my bank account and passport, if I wanted the ticket. I couldn't believe their demands - I was at the checking desk! When I got very angry, their customer service representative actually laughed at me. I ended up making the journey back to the hostel I was staying in (over an hour drive away). When I called a day later - shocked that this company not only cancelled by ticket but also...

STA Travel / Booking based on false information

Cheated Customer on Aug 9, 2015
I was misled by STA and it cost me $400!! Apparently they are only required to tell you what cities you can pass through in Asia on your way to Europe. I was very clear that I was interested ONLY in stopping for a single night of sleep in ANY Asian country en route to Europe. I was looking for a location with the cheapest accommodation and a schedule that would let me land, got to a hotel and sleep, get up and leave the following day. I was told Singapore was my "best bet" and believing her, I took it. The flight landed at 6AM and left again the following day at around 11:30PM. Singapore...

STA Travel - England, Greater London, Covent Garden / Money Paid = End of Service

beckyg22 on Apr 16, 2012
I was furious with STA Travel for a number of reasons. I booked a trip to Central America with STA to visit 7 countries over 3 weeks which was very ambitious but they assured me it would be fine. I was booked onto a tour for my first 2 weeks after which I had 7 days to travel 4 more countries alone using a Bamba Pass they sold me which states it requires a minimum of 7 days. This is absolutely ridiculous. I told me tour guide my plans when I got there and he amongst many others said it really is not possible. The only possibility of getting through these countries was to spend the entire time...

STA Travel / Customer Service

whatsuup on Dec 23, 2011
I had been working on booking an around the world package for several days with STA Travel. I had a strict deadline to abide by during this time. I called up the STA Boston office and spoke to a representative named Eric. I told him I was working on an around the world trip with another agent. I told him it was vital that I be called back before the end of the day as the shop was closed for the upcoming holiday season. He never provided the message to my representative. As a result, I had to start my search completely from scratch. This apathetic customer service was appalling especially...

STA Travel / Terrible Service And Poor Support When Stranded Abroad

straywasp on Oct 12, 2011
Myself and four friends have recently returned from a round the world trip booked through STA Travel in Portsmouth. During the trip, STA Travel had failed to correctly book a flight for the four of us from New Zealand to Fiji. We had to seek accommodation for a few days, as it was a weekend and STA Travel were closed in the UK. Eventually we spoke to them on the phone and they charged us £244 each to rebook our flights, and advised us to make a written complaint to claim this money back. We did complain, and after a lengthy process, where they admitted to the ticketing error, we were...

STA Travel - England, Greater London, London / Deceptive Sales Practices

qaz741 on Apr 9, 2011
Hello, The STA Travel Office at 52 Grosvenor Gardens in Victoria is misleading customers with their advertising. I was told by the customer service clerk that they had the "cheapest" deal on holidays. They also have many posters offering refunds for lower pricing. On this basis, I booked a holiday. When I got home, out of curiousity, I searched and found a holiday with the same parameters I stipulated for £200 less. STA Travel are saying that because it is for a different 3 star hotel, that they will not refund me the money. I said that I did not specifically ask for that hotel and...

STA Travel / Appaling Customer Service and unwilling to offer any form of help after they medded up my booking

Having paid 1000's to travel to New Zealand with my partner all seemed ok, until the booking agent STA forgot to amend my flight home. I paid for and agreed that this would be done in April 2010 however we are now in December and my flight still hasn't been changed. Our current details state that we should be leaving New Zealand 27th December however we can not leave until April. STA are not responding to any of my emails or calls. They seem to think they can just palm me of with "its not my department, contact..." People pay allot of money to see the world and you pay a...

STA Travel / Incompetent and Lazy

I am a frequent traveler, and I used to always choose STA Travel whenever I booked a flight because I liked the student tickets they offered on their website. As I booked my last flight, I made a mistake and called STA Travel to change the flight. All I got was an arrogant response that STA Travel does not rebook flights, and that the airlines I booked with would say the same thing. All I could do was cancel the flight and book a new one (the fee was almost as high as the ticket itself). I immediately called the airline and heard the complete opposite. The airlines told me that they have no...

STA Travel / Fraud

I booked flights to India totaling 855 pounds. STA without my consent changed the original main flight i had booked for 600 pounds (with Kingfisher Airlines), to a flight for 350 pounds(with Air India). STA told me that the change in Itinerary was a flight reschedule but this was false - STA changed the booking to a completely different Air Company; the change was made without my permission/consent and what is more for a worse Airline on what would be the cheapest flight deal if I had booked it myself. I had to chase managers/staff over the phone for a day during which time I was repeatedly...

STA Travel / appalling

I booked my ticket with sta travel in Canberra for Mexico to leave in January and return at the end of June. I paid 3060 dollars for the ticket; equivalent to 6 weeks of pay, working full-time. I arrived in Mexico without a problem, and it wasn't until my trip home that the problems began. First of all I arrived at the airport 3 hours early to catch my flight from Mexico City to LA- 'i'm sorry miss we have no record of you booked on this flight'- 'no i booked this flight in September you must be mistaken' 'No we have no record of you on any of our...

STA Travel / Arrogant and BAD Service provider

I was hoping to purchase an annual ITIC card. Due to some issue on the application policy, I proposed to the service personnel to mention to the company to review its policy. And the service provider arrogantly told me: "We are a big company!" "We are not interested in customer's feedback." "We don't send back your documents if you are not buying the card. You have to come to our office to collect the documents. Unless you buy the card. Then we will post it to you." STA is a big company I can't denial. But does that give the company rights to be rude and uninterested to improve?...
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