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iv just checked my bank and noticed a rogue £10 had gone out of my account yesterday, i couldn't think what or why because i don't use my card for a great deal of online shopping its my 'bill account' so i know what should be coming and going! As i looked into the full bank statement i noticed it had gone to the above web site, so i went on to their web site and didn't recognise anything, iv had to ring the above number to cancel my account? which i never opened! iv also emailed them telling them il be looking into it further and wanted to know which company had... - New York, New York / Unauthorized deduction from Amex card


While reviewing my credit card statement I noticed that there was a charge of 12.00 for 'Internet/webservices" under the name Webloyaltycom. I thought it was the fee my husband pays for his web hosting but when I asked him, he said that he didn't recongnized the company's name or address. We called and they told us that we had 'signed up for after purchasing movie tickets on the Internet." We never knew we had signed up and they had been charging for 5 months already. We called and asked them for a refund and to cancel the 'membership' right away... / $12.00 monthly charges


I just noticed a $12.00 charge on my AMEX account, only to realize I'd been charged that amount for the last 4 months from I quickly came onto this website and realized the difficulty others are having contacting this company. Well, here's a treat for you all! As I scanned my online statement, the phone number for was included with the charge! So, here you all go... 1-800-889-8776 After I called them to get to the bottom of this scam, I learned that this charge was tied to a purchase I had made on in July 2009. Apparently what must... - England, Cheshire, Tarporley / Unauthorised debit


I have had a number of payments of £10 debited from my account without my authorization. I believe this may have happened when I have made purchases on the internet when looking to find a discount code, but I have no idea as to how they got my account details. I urge internet shoppers to be aware of this scam. I have contacted the bank to file an official complaint and try and get a refund. - England, West Yorkshire, Bradford / £10 pounds taked of my account without my concent


i want to know why shoppersdicount has taken money out of my account, i do not have any kind of membership with them. i would like a refund and also want them to cancell anything for future thanks alot / Unauthorised deductions


I have just discovered, late in the day that Shoppers discounts has been drawing $£8.00 per month from my account, since the middle of 2008. I have never heard of them before, and have certainly never knowingly authorised this payment. I suspect ot goes back to an Easyjet purchase, which I used that particular debit card for quite a lot. The bank (Barclays) is less than helpful, implying that it is all my fault. They call it a "Continuing Payment Authority" and claim that they are powerless to do anything other than write to Shoppers and politely ask them to stop drawing... - Connecticut / Membership scam


I received my discover card statement and had a recurring charge for 12.00 per month for two different .com listings that turned out to be the same company. I called the discover people and the said I signed up for this when I booked a flight for my son in the army to come home on leave. I told them I did no such thing and they said it was automatic! I knew I had been scammed and it had been going on for two months. My wife does the bill paying and thought it was a service fee related to the flight we bookies and did not tell me about it. I did not learn about it till the second month of...