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Sara Freder Complaints & Reviews

Sara Freder / Ultimate scammer


I was lured into Sara-Freder's trap when I saw her advert on the net. At first I thought it was for free, so I decided take it for fun. It took me sometime to realize that I was about to be scammed. She is an excellent guesser. The only thing that helped me escape her sticky trap is the fact that I am not a very superstitious person. Thanks to Science! So, I really want to urge my fellow brothers and sisters to be aware of this particular forms of internet fraudulent act. Thanks alot and have a nice time.

Sara Freder / Scammer


Clairvoyance is a perfect tool for scamming people, Sara Freder is and has been using it to prey on people for many years; is there a legal way to put an end to her (or His)scam and protect people from the likes of the Sara Freder website. Is there a legal recourse for people to fight back ?? there must be a legal way to eradicate them from the internet and put them behind bars. International efforts should be made to legally create deterrants, and remedies for consumers to reprt those scams, and also the tools for claiming repayment of scammed money.

Sara Freder - Wyoming / Harassement morn/noon/night with machines, implants, bindings, bats; choking me by tightening throat


Approx one year ago Easter Sara Freder appeared in my house out of body. I woke to her binding me. I recognized her picutre from the advertisement. A few days after that, I woke to her sending me pictures of 3 bats. Since then she has harassed inside of my body, I believe I got an implant at the binding. She never leaves or her machines never leave. I believes she uses remote viewing. She has destroyed one computer and is constantly trying to freeze me on the screeen on the orange light goes on - I pray and then it stops for awhile. She is always in my third eye, ears, throat, solar...