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Richmond American Homes Complaints & Reviews

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Richmond American Homes / Lied To me

Laniedawn on May 6, 2011
Bought my first new home in Loretto Bay, Bella Lago, Henderson, Nevada. I have occupied my home for 3 1/2 months & the problems continue. Nightmare!! found out after buying my new home that, all my neighbors had landscaping included with the purchase. Now I find out, that on the new street under construction this is also included. I will be fined monthly for not doing mine! I'm a cancer pt & I am upside down in medical bills & was astonished that my home is 1 of 4 Not offered this. Then I find out that the neighborhood, which is new, will not be finished due to "low sales!" I only bought...

Richmond American Homes / Don't buy

We have a Richmond American Home built from November 2006. It is 3yr 3mo old and Richmond American (RAH) couldn't care less about customer service. We have a tall kitchen cabinet that holds our oven and microwave that is pulling away from the wall. Because the cabinet is pulling away from the wall it's also pulling our granite countertops with it. A representative from RAH came today to look at the cabinets and said "oh, it's a manufacturer defect - you'll have to contact Aristokraft to fix that". I just called Aristokraft and the lady in customer service told me I had to...

Richmond American Homes / Do Not Build with them

We regret building with RAH. This company supplies each house with the CHEAPEST of everything. The garage doors, all fixtures, electrical sockets are RARE, personal requests to change something because you realize how crappy their stuff is creates a HUGE problem. Everything is a NO!...then they try to sweet talk you to accept it and be happy. Everything that comes STANDARD is SO CHEAP. We cant even find the crap they supplied anywhere...its SO cheap. We have a huge garage with only 1 electrical outlet. They left the wires to the garage doors hanging out. Its just frustrating to see that RAH...

Richmond American Homes / Leaky ceiling and poorly installed front door

We had the problem with the upstairs hall bathroom that leaked into the dinning room. We contacted Richmond American Homes, they sent out a representative and he informed me that the overflow drain was turned the wrong way. They repaired the ceiling. However as time went on it continued to leak into the dinning room. We had the ceiling removed in that section and a plummer informed us that the drain pipe was improperly installed. The front door also leaked into the foyer and eventually the door fell apart. Richmond did not make the repairs.

Richmond American Homes / They are the worst

The WORST home I had ever had built. We had problems with plumbing, wiring, landscaping, flooring, etc. We have lived in this new house for three months...and still continue to have problems...yet Richmond does not care...once they close on your house and get their money...they could care a less about what happens. Don't get me started on their customer service either...oh and their mortgage company tries to swindle you into using their services by threatening to stop building your home...don’t fall for it...better yet don't buy Richmond...You just might end up regretting it like I do.

Richmond American Homes - Colorado, Boulder / Rip off!

I just want to forewarn any contractors considering working for Richmond American Homes. They play games with their billing paperwork, frequently taking months to resolve simple issues. Then suddenly you're time's up for collecting any money they owe for this, that, and the other - and you have to write that off, because they owe you thousands more, and what's a couple of thousand compared to tens of thousands? They backcharge you without cause, because they have to backcharge somebody to justify that line item. Their house packages are frequently wrong, and require on-site...

Richmond American Homes / No refund of deposit!

Letter to Attorney General: As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. 15 days ago we put $4000 down on a deposit for a home to built. due to circumstances my husband lost his job, therefore we did not qualify for a RHM loan, The permit has only just been requested, and they have not even broke ground.In the contract it states that if you get loan denial within 30 days, you will receive a refund. Well they are not giving us back our money, no-one will return our calls, we are at a total dead end, i have become ill...
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