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Paradise Galleries Complaints & Reviews

Paradise Galleries / Receiving dolls


I have been ordering from Paradise Galleries for 9 years, I have over 50 dolls that I have ordered from them, They have always been prompt with shipping the item out to me and will let me know immediately if an item is on back-order and sends it out very quickly after it is off of back-order, I had the wrong doll sent only 1 time and they immediately sent out the correct doll without charging me any extra and told me to keep the doll I received in error. Every doll I have received has been exceptional quality. I will definitely continue to order from this company.

Paradise Galleries / Not receiving merchandise I ordered!


I have ordered several dolls (5) since Spring and have not received any of them. I receive E-mails saying the dolls are on "back order." I ordered one doll because it "was currently available and ready to ship;" I just received an E-mail - it is "sold out and will be discontinued." In short, I won't get the doll! Because this was touted as a "re-born" doll, I suspect that someone or a company wanted all of them, and GOT them over me and other customers. Now, I wonder if I will receive any of the dolls I ordered?? I will wait and hope that I will receive the dolls. Paradise Gallerie...

Paradise Galleries / product not sent


I ordered a doll for my granddaughters 6th birthday in Febuary.I was sent a email every month for 9 months saying sorry we are on backorder with it. I called today and asked for a supervisor. She back paddled also sorry sorry!! So I said ok send me another one. She said that one was also on backorder. I will contact my state BBB as soon as they open. There is nothing worst than promising a kid a gift she picked out herself ,and I keep saying they said next month. I even offered to take her to a store to find something. She said no I want the pretty one I picked. They offered me free shipping what a joke ! Like it will ever be shipped. Penny Metzner

Paradise Galleries / No doll received


Paradise Galleries - I ordered a doll in august paid in full. Today is nov. 1, 2007, and i have heard nothing from this company. No reason for delay, nor the doll. My granddaughter's birthday is nov. 13th, the reason i ordered it in the first place. This is the absolute last time i order from them. I have ordered in the past and its been difficult dealing with them, never again!

Paradise Galleries / Fraudulent charges


I placed an internet order for 2 dolls with a company called Paradise Galleries (, who sells dolls. Within 5 minutes of clicking the purchase button, a friend alerted me that they are not reputable and don't always deliver the product. I called them and canceled the order immediately. They refused to cancel and shipped the package anyway. I did not accept the package from my mail carrier and Paradise Galleries said they would not credit my credit card account until they received the dolls back. They took weeks, so I filed a complaint with my credit card who...