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Pacific Home Remodeling Complaints & Reviews

Pacific Home Remodeling / they don't honor their warranty, pure bs

Oct 12, 2017

I have tried to have some repairs done to our home which is covered under this BS warranty. They try to come up with any excuse why it is not covered. Been trying for 6months to get this taken care of, I spent a lot of monies for the tex-cote job, and they can't spend $100 to repair it. I call and promised a call back and does not happen. I have already had a rep from Tex-cote come and inspect. and he told us should be covered. If anyone wants to keep their sanity, don't use them. Sure they will give you a nice warranty certificate, but it is not worth anything. What happened to great customer service. They don't know what that means.

Pacific Home Remodeling / Bad service

Mar 24, 2011

Pacific Home Remodeling uses high pressure sales tactics that did nothing but convince me that this company I would NEVER work with. We were offered a free estimate for a solar power system and told the price would be good for 18 months. After sitting through a 2-1/2 hour sales pitch, my husband and I were given no written quote and not even a business card. The price we were given verbally seemed surprisingly high. When we said we had to give the proposal some thought, the sales rep continued to pressure us to sign a contract on the spot. First alarm bell rings... Five minutes later, the sale...

Pacific Home Remodeling / Rip-off artists


I worked for PHR for a substantial amount of time. I regret every day that I did, and every sale that I made. The ENTIRE pitch is a lie. The warranty is complete BS. There is no relationship with Costco. They retrofit their windows. They don't cover condensation. They DO subcontract all the work. Their prices are WAY higher than anybody else. I'm sorry if you already have a contract signed with them. If it has been within three days then cancel it. Even if it is after three days, still cancel. The headache will be far worse then actually giving them the business. They LIE, LIE, LIE...

Pacific Home Remodeling - California, San Diego / Satisfied Customer!


Actual Customer Letter, February 17, 2010: "Dear Sirs, I am writing to express my satisfaction fora job recently done by your company on my house on Antiem Street in San Diego. Following a visit by one of your representatives (I only remember his first name, Curtis), I decided to hear more about your products and services and accepted an appointment for a free estimate. The next day, Kaine Kornegay and Patrick Kubiak came to my house and we discussed replacing five of the original windows (which dated back to the 1950's) with double pane ones. I was pleased to reach an agreement with...

Pacific Home Remodeling - California / Harassing phone calls


What a nightmare! I gave Pacific Home Remodeling my name and number to receive some further product information, while at a show. For months I have received phone calls. I am now being harassed by their sales team several times a day for the past 2 weeks. I have gone as far as to speak to several different managers asking them to remove me from their list. As a last resort I finally threatened to sue them for the harassing phone calls and do you know what their response was!?!? The sales person told me to "Go ahead. Sue us." and then he hung up on me. Great company huh? Why would anyone trust...