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Natra Pure Complaints & Reviews

Natra Pure / signed me up for other services I did not want


I had signed up for a free trial of Natra Pure through a website that I came across. It stated the first bottle was "absolutley free" and I could cancel the membership at any time. I received my bottle and cancelled within the 2 week trial period. A month later I saw a charge of 39.95 from "MyTrainer" out of Santa Monica, CA. There was also another charge from "Crasher" of Sant Monica for $2.97. It didn't have a phone number or anything to go by and I have never heard of this company before. I figured it had something to do with Natra Pure because that was the only thing I had ordered...

Natra Pure - Utah, Sandy / stealing money from my account


i ordered the free trial not too long ago and they sent it to me not telling me that i had to cancel it no papaers or nothing just the bottle and then a few weeks later charged me 88.55 for a bottle that i didnt want and when i called they said they wouldnt refund my money and that i had a 30 day trial i canceled then and there went ahaed and got the bottle in the mail seeing as they sent it already and made sure i got it becasue thats alot of money for 60 pills...then one june 18th 2009 they charged me TWICE 88.55 on my account i called and told them that i wanted all my money back and...

Natra Pure - Washington, Seattle / Fraud


It seems the Natra Pure and Colon Cleanse have moved up a step. My husbands CC information was stolen, and the bank called after two consecutive charges to the same company of equal amounts. We worked with the bank finding several small charges, canceled the cards, called the credit bureau, thought we were clear. <br /> Today I get a curious package, and it contains this bottle of pills with a scrap of paper telling me if I don't cancel w/in 14 days, they will automatically ship and bill close to $100/mo. I called the number, told them the number was stolen, that we don't want...

Natra Pure - Colorado / Credit Card Scam


Natra Pure is a credit card scam. They coax the customer into providing a credit card number to cover shipping charges of approximately $4.00 and then within a few days of recieving your product they charge your card nearly $100.00. They begin your trial period the moment you place the order but you don't get your package for several days later so by the time you receive your package you could already be charged. Then you do try to call and cancel the numbers either don't work or tell you "Our office is closed, please call back during business hours". It's important to note that...