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MNI Credit Report Services Complaints & Reviews

MNI Credit Report Services / Unauthorized charges!

Somehow my phone number and address got posted as the contact information for MNI Credit Report Services. I was just posting a complaint against this company for deducting unauthorized charges from my account. I try to access my account online and every time I try I get the same message - "my log in information or password is incorrect" - there is no way to get in touch with this company to have them stop deducting this from my account. PLEASE STOP CALLING ME, I AM NOT CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH MNI CREDIT REPORT SERVICES, I'm in the same boat as everyone else, they keep taking money from me and I cannot stop it.

MNI Credit Report Services / Refused refund!

I recently recd a charge on my bank account for a credit report I did not authorized or did not know about. When I called a client service rep he became very nervous and had to transfer me to a Specialist, which disconnected me. I called back and spoke with another CSR, her name Susan. She canceled my so called membership, but would not refund the $11.95 charge. Then hung up on me. I called back and got Susan again, she was rude and unhappy to hear it was me again, then I was told I should have read the agreement. I did and I read is as: if at the end of the process I could indicate...

MNI Credit Report Services / Charging monthly fee!

They adv. - free credit report - no charge! But, need a credit card #. Should have known better - but, gave it. Got the rating, and at the same time, stated: I do not want your service - never intended to sign up for service - DO NOT USE MY CARD - DO NOT SIGN ME UP FOR THIS SERVICE - NEVER DEDUCT A FEE FROM ME! Two weeks later, I was e-mailed stating that nothing had been reported on me. I immediately e-mailed them - stating: I do not want your service - I did not sign up for service - I only did the "free" one time check! My bank statement shows a debit on my account in the amo. of $11.95!

MNI Credit Report Services - California / Fraud and stealing!

Used my credit card to obtain a ONE TIME credit report for my boss. I was NOT informed that there would be a recurring monthly charge of $19.90 for the "monitoring service" that I did not elect to subscribe to. When I called to close the account the customer service rep told me that I was not authorized to cancel the service because the report was generated for someone other than myself. The rep said that REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT I WAS THE ONE BEING CHARGED MONTHLY, only the person that the credit report was generated for had the authority to cancel the service (she stated that this wa...

MNI Credit Report Services / Never heard of company

This company has charged my visa 2x's now and I never HEARD of this company. NEVER ordered a credit report from them. This is clearly fraud... I have disputed these charges thru my credit card but cannot even reach this company by phone to see how they even got my name.

MNI Credit Report Services / Can't cancel automatic charges

This company is charging me monthly for credit reports and I can't find them to cancel. I will have to do this through my bank incurring additional charges. Beware!