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Mayflower Complaints & Reviews

Mayflower / a person who lied to get money from mayflower...

Apr 14, 2019

Stay far away from corinne hogg as a socialworker in wy. Bad News Vets!!!Doesn't care about anything but her paycheck. How does one person do so much damage? The government has let this person get away with all kinds of illegal acts. The fake claims of insurance, the VA fake disability, the forgery the phony bankruptcy when the above woman (Karen Vogt) took her life while her husband live with CH Corinne Hogg never disclosed to bankruptcy court she was a kept woman, leaving Karen Vogt...

Mayflower / No Complaints

Jun 2, 2013

Here is a solution to all these complaints out there. STAY A WAY FROM THOSE COMPANY THAT SAY WE OFFER ON THE JOB TRAINING. Find some way to pay for the training your self. Believe me it's better in the long run. My husband went to West Michigan CDL training school, received the best training possible, obtain a job with Holland Special Delivery ended up losing his job with them when another senior driver back their truck into his one week before his 90 were up, Yes very frustrating we went from trucking to expedite in cargo van and had a bad experience there, then we found Mayflower. Thi...

Mayflower - North Carolina, Roanoke Rapids / poor service

Jun 28, 2012

around 4:30pm on Thursday June 28th 2012 me, my mother, and my son go over to the mayflower and the hostess sat us down and said someone will be with you all shortly. we sat there for about 10 min. and no one had even come by our table at all. after about 10 min. goes by i see a table of 4 being sat and they got service right away. we got up and walked out nobody acknowledged us getting up to leave so my mother let the woman know at the front that nobody ever came to our table and she did say she was sorry and she would get someone but it was to late. there was tables around us getting waited on but ours got bypassed. we go to this mayflower often and have never had problems until now. very very poor service!!!