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Hoobly.com / no help available

Karyn Fitzgerald on Mar 18, 2018
Site refuses to register my email to enable me to inquire about pets. Phone number provided to help apparently is invalid. I have tried several times to receive a response from this site for assistance to no avail. As they are listing live animals, I am extremely concerned as to their legitimacy and what is happening to the animals this site advertises for sale. I hope people listing animals on this site are very careful as to who they sell to because I do not believe hoobly.com is legitimate and cares at all about animals.

Hoobly.com / web site

doctorbo on Mar 18, 2018
Spent over an hour trying to log in to Hoobly in order to purchase someones dog. Site would not allow me to log in. Site would not allow me to register as a new user. They did not respond to email and just sent robotic responses by text. I was never able to get into the site and Hoobly suspended me for trying!! Seems like a scam site to me since they get my email and cell number and them provide no services! I am in process of reporting them as a scam site.

Hoobly.com / pets

dougbitt on Feb 20, 2018
Guy (Mike, lenard, and many other names) states that he has the pet your looking for, will air flight it to you, demands Moneygrams. After he certifies your payment, you will not hear from him again. He uses Google Voice 410.929.1841. When I googled the number, it shows many different types of animals for sale from all over the country. It's important to know that the phone number is always used in this guys scam.

Hoobly.com / hoobly.com

Anntro on Jan 4, 2018
Suspended? Really? I had a phishing attempt posing as hooblyalertteam. Telling me they need my user name... Pass word... Etc... As my account is on the verge of being suspended. Stupid me. I gave it to them. Note to everyone note; no one legit ever asks for this info. But what frustrates me is there is no way to get in contact with hoobly, I have tryed to change accounts gotten new email addresses and all to no avail. Everytime I put my phone number in for someone to call or text me others get warning that they may be getting scammed. And my account is once again getting suspended. Really i...

Hoobly.com / suspended?

Echo2 on Dec 30, 2017
I had someone on day before Thanksgiving 2017 hack into my Hoobly account which I have had for 8 years or longer. I emailed Hoobly with no response till that Monday and said I needed a Domain email address cause mine was Suspended? I have created a New Domain email address and it still say's Suspended. Why? I am a breeder who has very good happy satisfying people and now have No way of selling my puppies on here. Why? I have done everything I have been told to do from Hoobly but nothing is being done? Would you like to be treated like me if shoe was on other foot?? I even paid to have my old email account Terminated Permanently.

Hoobly.com / puppy purchase

arose123 on Dec 12, 2017
I purchased what I thought was a Newfoundland puppy from user name Mewnes1 on Hoobly two minths ago. I ordered a DNA test, as I was fairly certain in short order that my pup is a mutt. As it turns out, she is a mix of about half a dozen breeds. I love her regardless, but I still wanted a Newfie so I looked on Hoobly again, only to find the same user still selling puppies as Newfies. I reached out to this person via text. They immediately deleted their post. This person is a scam artist and needs stopped.

Hoobly.com / puppy premium fee with bitcoin

srussell1 on Dec 12, 2017
On 12/12/2017, I used the address provided by hoobly.com to send $27.82 worth of bitcoins to them so I could get premium time and I was never given credit for the transaction. There is no contact us link on their website to contact them directly. I would like to either be reimbursed for the transaction or update my account with the $27.82 so that I can receive premium time.

Hoobly.com / phishing

Al Beck on Nov 25, 2017
Be aware fake Hoobly support contacts. Received a notice through Hoobly from person pretending to be a support person from Hoobly with aol.com email address. Here is the text: Dear Hoobly User.We the Hoobly Support Team wish to inform you that, we have noticed some fraudulent activaties associated with account and we would like you to verify your account with us.Failure to do sowill lead to a permanaent closureof your account.Verify your account with us by using this info via emailus at...hoobly.teams@aol.com. UserName... Email Adrress... Password... Number Of Ads... Last Login Date... Last Renew Date...

Hoobly.com / scammer - phishing fake hoobly support

stfs4 sail on Nov 15, 2017
Be aware fake Hoobly support contacts. Received a notice through Hoobly from person pretending to be a support person from Hoobly with a gmail.com email address. Here is the text: hooblysupportteam21 Dear Hoobly user. We the Hoobly support team wish to inform you that, we have noticed some fraudulent activities associated with your account and we would like you to verify your account with us.Failure to do so will lead to a permanent closure of your account.Verify your account with us by sending us this info via email us at...hooblysuportteam@gmail.com Your username...? Email address...? password...? number of ads...? last login date...? last renew date...?

Hoobly.com / cannot reach a person to report a problem

Lisa Simione on Oct 17, 2017
I have used Hoobly for over 10 years with no problems. I recently posted an ad for a kitten, I only had one. He was placed and I deleted the ad. Since then I am still getting inquiries and some vicious emails from a person that also wanted him. Come to find out that just deleting your ad isn't enough, it can still be viewed. You must delete it out of YOUR ads too so nothing shows. I also did this, but someone still found it via their I phone. I cannot reach anyone there to report this, you would think they would want to know about the deletion issue anyway. I seriously doubt I will be using them again.

Hoobly.com / deposit on pup

bur212 on Oct 11, 2017
October 6 saw an add for French Bulldog puppies for sale. Upon contacting the breeder they noted they are out of town for the weekend and have had a number of enquiries. If we sent a deposit, they would hold the female puppy for us and we would pick up on Tuesday when they are home. Confirmed Tuesday prior to making the 2.5 hour drive, we were still on. Yes was the answer. When we arrived at the address provided it was a home up for lease. No one has lived there since July. Of course no puppy. When I called, they stated they were having a bad day (large speeding ticket) but on route was an...

Hoobly.com - Florida, Lakeland / People advertising pets

Diana Lynn Foster on Feb 27, 2017
My 4 year old granddaughter lost her Siberian Husky Apollo, he died. So I went online to search for another male husky puppy to replace him for her. I then start getting harassed and I tell the person to leave me alone he keeps texting me and then threatens he is going to rape my 4 year old granddaughter. I had to turn him in to my cellphone company because even after I blocked his number he was still able to text me. I am looking into legal remedies concerning this as I kept all text messages as evidence

Hoobly.com / Advertised munchkin kittens for sale and never received them

Catherine Barley on Sep 2, 2016
On Aug. 3, 2016 I put down a deposit of $350.00 through PayPal to hold 2 standard, male munchkin kittens that were advertised on Hoobly under the name catlola (her name is Lexus Troutman). The payments were sent to her partner, Robin Mitchell (rmitchell2192@gmail.com). The address listed on Hoobly as Lexus's address is 115 North St., Harrisburg, PA 17111. Photos and texts were exchanged over the next month. Unfortunately, I am unable to get the photos of the kittens to copy here. We had arranged and agreed to pick the kittens up on Aug. 27th in Coal Township, at the Coal Bowl bowling alley(1380 Tioga...

Hoobly.com - Virginia, Bassett / No bill of sale or receipt for deposit on puppy sale

carrie1960 on May 6, 2016
On May 1, 2016 I sent a deposit for a English bulldog puppy via western union to a Kathy Rose, located at 128 Greystone Rd, Bassett, VA 24055. She picked the money up from western union and did show her drivers license. Her son promised to send me a bill of sale which I never received. I tried calling the number I was given at 276-403-2671 so someone answered but just left the phone on and never talked to me. I finally got a hold of him by text and requested either a bill of sale or refund of my money. He told me he was at work and agreed to send me either and he would get a hold of me the...

Hoobly.com / Puppy purchase

D.Renz on Feb 5, 2016
A listed ad showed the location as Tampa, could be right, but...they referred me to an email address: deborahakcbabies@gmail.com. This is her "co-breeder". I made contact and exchanged 6-8 emails with vague results to Deborah Yount. Cute puppy pictures that "were taken just this morning". But when I asked her for a picture of puppy A with puppy B, things went silent. She insisted on pushing the transaction right then, they were in Indiana, supposedly, but the time stamp show 5 hours later with a GMT time zone. She gave me a name of someone who would be my delivery system for the pet...I could...

Hoobly.com / Ad was posted for full blooded lab pups for sale, but we were lied to!

radantcar on Oct 13, 2015
The ad was posted 10/1/15 or 10/2/15 for full blooded lab puppies for sale in Belleville, MI. Ad stated they had 2 black males, a chocolate male, and a yellow female for sale with pictures. I made contact with the phone number listed on the ad (313) 918-4699 on Friday 10/2. On Sat 10/3 we made the 45 minute commute to Belleville to look at the pups. They only had 1 black male left (so they claimed). I asked the guy for his address, he sent me an address. Upon arriving to what my maps on my phone said was our destination, there was not a house. I text the guy telling him we were looking for hi...

Hoobly.com / asking for phone number (running up texting bill)

an0nmy0us on Sep 12, 2012
i signed up for hoobly to post for sale adds after 1 week i was unable to post my adds without signing up my phone number last time i did this my text bill was run up i do not think any web site should be permitted to force a user to give out their phone number it is a invasion of privacy

Hoobly.com - Georgia / Spam Filled Ads

HOOBLY has gotten so spam filled with advertisers running spam filled ads over and over again and it goes unchecked by Hoobly.com. I would NOT USE HOOBLY.COM as chances are your personal information will be listed for all to see and you will get a ton of spam to your email and headaches begin

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