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Homeland Housewares Complaints & Reviews

Homeland Housewares / Magic Bullet NutriBullet package

Sep 20, 2015

On the green box that contains the Magic Bullet NUTRiBULLET you have a grammatical error. Look for your "then" vs the appropriate "than". When I see such blatant errors it makes me wonder about the intelligence of the people who run the company and those who write the nutrition information for the Natural Healing Foods Book. Your package IS my first impression.

Homeland Housewares / Unauthorized billing


I am writing to warn people not to buy the Magic Bullet. I bought 4 of them for Christmas presents the year before (2004). Just this past Christmas (2005)the cheap plastic wheel broke. The blades inside my mixer would not spin. I called the company and asked for a replacement of the wheel and was told this was not available, BUT I could buy a replacement bottom for $39.99. This is the biggest ripoff of all times. The set only cost me $59.99. Why aren't these spindles made with good USA steel? Which would make more sense to use because it would be sturdy. But if this were done, the...