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HerbaLife / Failed promise

Asher2010 on Nov 29, 2013
I was told by a coach that there was a program called learn to earn! I went to the shop everyday to train for the learn to earn. I was told that I need 40 hours of training to become a coach and get my product. I put in way over 40 hours of training and then my training coach told me that I had to pay for the product out right! If I know that I would not have put all my time in to it! I would like my product seeinga how I put all my time in

HerbaLife - Texas, Friendswood / Unethical business practices

dbbdanford on Nov 19, 2011
I resigned as an Herbalife Supervisor after investing well over $6, 000 in my home based internet business. I strongly advise anyone who is considering this as a solution to your dreams, that unless you are okay with unethical business practices, then walk away before you spend a dime! This company gives very limited upfront information...even with-holding the Herbalife name as the product being sold until they absolutely must. They lead you to believe you can have a successful internet business with a small upfront investment. They alude to the fact there will be a few minor additional...


kaz varkel on Jun 24, 2011
i was sold a sort of franchise. the seller knew all to well that i would spend far more that on petrol, to go and see customers. they call training (training) but infact they trying to sell dealerships to non dealers. in my opinion they comitting total fraud.



HerbaLife - California / refunds

My complaint is this they took my money right away, but get my refund I have to wait 6 weeks. I sould not have to wait. I've called them twice and got the same response. no good faith with this company.

HerbaLife - California / Selling Personal Information

I need to make people aware of the biggest problem that I have noticed about Herbalife. As with all the other complaints, I too, got the information packet, all the phone calls, and spoke with my mentor Cathy Rogers. Found out shortly after speaking with her (from another mentor) that she was experiencing some family issues, thus inreturn I was given a different mentor. Since that time, my phone number and mailing address has been sold to what seems like every rippoff, scam organization in north america. It is quite common on the average day to recieve 10-12 calls from some kind of bogu...

HerbaLife - New York, New York City / scam

One day, I saw an ad on the internet; it says I can make some extra money every month, and I only have to pay 9.95 to start the thing. I typed my credit card #, and a few days after, I received a DVD, and a piece of paper with whole bunch nonsense testimonials. Watching DVD, I realized it was all about selling Herbalife products. At first, the ad didn't mention I have to have at least 1000 dollars to start the business, and it's all about selling dietary supplements. If it was mentioned, I wouldn't spend my 10 bucks to order those garbage. In addition, somebody who told me I am...

HerbaLife / Business

for those of you who are trying to get involved with Herbalife, then i suggest you to read this.. You will be losing more money by investing hundreds of dollars buying their products and programs they offer you. I have been SCAMMED by these people. First you pay 9.95 for the home based-work and from then on you have to purchases even more things like the programs and products. Not only that they charged you a monthly fee of 29.95 for just having a merchant account. Yeap thats how they make money by taking other people's hard work money.. 100% SCAMMED *note if you have a website and you want...

HerbaLife - California / Rude Employees

I found this website http://www.moneypub.net/ online and requested information as well. I recieved a call from Michael Gillingham informing he would email me the information to save me the $9.95. So I read the material and watched the DVD. Michael was supposed to call me today 5/26/2010 at 2:00 pm. I googled some information and came across some scam websites http://www.johnperkins.com/Documents/Workathome2.htm stating this was a scam. So I politely emailed Michael and requested to cancel my call as I was not interested at this time. Michael rudely responded the following: --- On Wed, 5/26/10...


In 2007, after I lost my job, I saw an ad online to open my own business. Well, I sent my$9.95 & got a DVD, 2 days later I got a call from my mentor. I tod him I was interested in starting my own business. Do you know he had my debit card number on file but he wasn't able to charge the $2, 300.00 until I called my bank to raise the debit limit. I got all these boxes, I had to buy my own flyers, make business cards & this was in July and I live in Florida. I had to go to parking losts & give out flyers, put them on car windshields & all those conference calls two days a week. I uses to...

HerbaLife / Rip people off

In Feb. 2006 I joined Herbalife to try and open a small business, They told me they would help me and lead me through every aspect of the program. First the lady that signed me up turned me over to a lady in Washington State. Then I could never get back in touch with her again, The lady in WA said that I needed to order some products to sale and she helped me do that. I ordered over $3000.00 worth of products. She then said that I need to order some contacts from W8loss.com. I ordered 25 contacts at $94.89. The contacts started coming on my email on A Friday. I contacted the lady in WA and she...

HerbaLife / Terrible experience

First off, I would like to say my heart goes out to all those who have invested huge sums of money in Herbalife to come up empty. In December 2006, I saw a commercial on T.V. I had seen this commercial several times before but finally decided to go to the website and sign up for the DVD which was $9.95. I got a call from my soon to be 'mentor' a day before the DVD arrived. I wondered how she got my information and asked her if she was affiliated with the television commercial. She acted as if she didn't know what I was talking about. She asked me a bunch of questions to see if...

HerbaLife / Unauthorized billing

I sent $9.95 for information that was supposed to be here in 2 days. I knew that was impossible to come from the U.S. in that time but got about 10 days later. The package has a DVD & a 'workbook'. You are instructed to call your mentor for more instructions after you watch part of the Dvd. You can only watch part of it cause you have to get a 'code' from your mentor to go farther. After that point you have 14 days to decide if you want to continue with the business. If you don't let them know when the 14 days is up they bill you $40 for the dvd. I have repeatedly contacted...

HerbaLife - California, Los Angeles / Rip off

I made the mistake of giving my credit card number to these people and now they have charged me over $500 of my hard earned money and I have yet to receive a refund. I have returned all of their stuff to them and have filled out their refund slips but haven't received any kind of refund as of yet. It has been over 2 months since I realized that this was a scam and requested a refund. Do not give out any financial information to these people, they are crooks and they will rip you off big time if you let them. I filed a dispute with my credit card company but after a month went by they put...
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