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Grant Masters Complaints & Reviews

Grant Masters - Indiana / Fraud


Ok, I have been reading this morning - the complaints regarding this company. Basically, people are promised a so-called CD with whatever information it is that they are inquiring about. For me, it was a Google Kit, for others, it was grants. It all comes back to this one company, Grant Masters. They have a ton of phone numbers to call...all, of course, leading to places unknown, and definitely not in America. Most of the numbers leave you holding, and no one ever picks up. If you do get through, it's nothing but run-arounds and dead ends. We had supposedly cancelled our "subscription" on...

Grant Masters / Unauthorized debit card charge


Charged my debit card without my authorization. These people are exchanging card information to where we need to cancel all cards and replace them. Then, never do business over the internet with card or account information. Phone orders are no longer safe either. My list of scam artist start with: Reservation Rewards-1-800-732-7031, I-PlanFinances-1-888-245-1403, and then Grant Masters.

Grant Masters / Unauthorized charges


Well, to my surprise this morning i found out that 77.00 had been charged to my debit card so i called my bank to see what the charge was even for since i didnt remember buying anything for that amount and all they could tell me was that i should close my debit card down so they could not take anymore money out and told me the name of the company which being, "GRANT MASTERS", who the heck is this anyway?? So as i write this i am just sitting on the phone on hold just waiting and waiting for an available customer service agent supposedly but then i saw this! But i have a feeling it isn't...