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Google Zynga Complaints & Reviews

Google Zynga - Rhode Island, Providence / unauthorized charges

Sep 21, 2017

My money has been withdrawn from my account on 09/15/17 for $ 21.24, on 09/18/17 for $ 21.24 and 09/20/17 for $ 10.61 --- without my authorization and there is no detail on the charges. I will continue to file complaints against this company until my money is refunded. These charges seem to be of the scam or probing nature. Google and/or Zynga need to do a better job of phishing scams. I don't have a google phone so I don't know how these charges have been levied against my account

Google Zynga - California, Olivehurst / google zynga inc.

Sep 19, 2017

I have recieved 6 debits from 'google zynga inc. G co/helpay #ca" on, y bank statement in the month of august 2017 as follows August 2nd for $19.99 August 4th (2 times) For $19.99 And again for $19.99 totaling = $39.98 August 7th (3 times) $29.99 and $19.99and $1.99 totaling= $51.97 Did not authorize any purchases or enter my bank card information. This is over $110.00 in charges that are not mine and I have overdraft fees of $34.0 (3 times) equalling $102.00. If it was for these charges from zynga I wouldn't had insufficient funds charges. I am unaware of how these charges have come about...