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Esurance Auto Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Esurance Auto Insurance - Ohio / Took money without permission

Chaos885oh on Oct 18, 2013
I used Esurance for 6 months no problems. Then 1 month before my insurance policy expired I got an email telling me my insurance is about to expire and to renew. I had 1 month left so I figured I will have money in a week when I get paid. Two days after I got that email I got one that said thanks for renewing your policy with us you can print your cards now. I was furious. I checked my bank account and sure enough I was going to be -$60 at the end of the day. How do you take money without permission? Esurance is a THIEF!!! company. Do not do business with them!!! I called to ask them what the...

Esurance Auto Insurance / Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days

Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days because they have no idea how to do their jobs. I called to change to a monthly payment and it was a huge fiasco because they made me sign up for a new plan. I was hesitant because I had a feeling their system is not capable of handling change like this and I was right. The agent assured me multiple times that my old policy was canceled and it would just roll over...not even close to reality. It looked fine as I was charged my monthly rate on my new card of $180 or so, then, out of nowhere, 2 days later they charged the NEW card, that...

Esurance Auto Insurance - Michigan, Twin Lake / Rental car coverage

I have paid for rental car coverage with these clowns for over 3 years. When I did have an accident (car/deer collision) I was given a loaner by the auto body shop. Because I did not have to pay for the loaner car, esurance is rejecting my payment of rental car coverage. Excuse me? But if I am paying for a service I expect to be given the service, not the run around. I have been ignored, lied to, and treated with such animosity that I have since switched companies and would never go back to esurance.

Esurance Auto Insurance - Florida / Negligence and Delay

my car was hit from the back on the highway three weeks ago. The person at fault was given a ticket and his insurance company (ESURANCE) is suppose to take care of the damage to my car. I called them four times and left voice mails. Fifth time finally the insurance agent picks up the phone and tells me that she is investigating and let me know when she has an update for me. I ask her to give me a timeline and she tells me she will let me know when she has an update. Its been two weeks since that last conversation and she has not responded back. My rear bumper is still damaged and I have no...

Esurance Auto Insurance / They could give me BUS MONEY and be protected

An esurance customer collided into my vehicle about a month ago. I was very disappointed in Esurance’s lack of quality in regards to car rental processes. Although I didn't expect to get a vehicle that would replace mine in value, I would have expected to get something that would pay for a vehicle that didn't remind me of the 1970's, pre-automatic anything. Aside from that, I was angry that I would have to sign contracts (which they said was no responsibility of theirs) with the rental company and pay for my own deposit. After communicating my disgust about the poor...

Esurance Auto Insurance / The fine print is wretched!

Granted everyone is told to read the fine print. This is wretched. I am selling my vehicle because I bought another and couldn't find my title. I did a Google search for the Florida DMV and this was at the top. Google is supposed to list the search results in order of the most relevant. This site was listed first. http://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/department-motor-vehicles.php?source=google Since the suffix was ".org" I clicked on it. While I'm searching the page for the Vehicle Title link, I find Automobile insurance. Well how handy this is, I thought. I needed to supply proof of...

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