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EDP Reporting Complaints & Reviews

EDP Reporting / Taking $159.95 from my account!

Mar 23, 2011

EDP Reporting is taking $159.95 from my checking account without my authorization. I actually received a notice from my bank that my account was overdrawn and I have a NSF fee that needs to be paid. I don't even know who this company is. I've tried calling them and using their website and it keeps saying no one is available to speak to either by phone or by internet live chat.

EDP Reporting / Unauthorized billing


I happened to be checking my bank account online when I noticed my account was overdrawn. I then saw a check that was for $99 in my account record. After calling my bank, then calling I was unable to get any answers. The 'person' at told me it would be at least 24-48 hours before I received a call back from anyone. Again, I called my bank, but still got nothing. Now I am out $99 and trying to come up with money to pay overdraft fees to my bank. What am I supposed to do?

EDP Reporting - West Virginia, Princeton / $99 check taken out of my account


I was pretty desperate for money because I owe so much and I am totally self supportive. So I started looking online for a loan between $500 and $1000, knowing that if I was approved for such a loan that the interest would be high. But I needed the money. I know I gave my checking account number to a few places as they said they would need it to direct deposit money into my account if I was approved for a loan. Everything would send and email saying I had been approved and give me another link or links to go to. Anyway, I don't remember applying for any credit cards. I have received a few...

EDP Reporting / Charges I didn't authorize and Horizon Gold scam!


Yes, I have less than perfect credit. So when somebody like me searches online for a credit card, they get a crapload of pre-paids and cards for use only on their websites (Horizon Gold). Okay, first one: I get this pre-approval thing in the mail for a Horizon Gold Card. No credit check, instant approval, $500 initial credit line. Turns out it's just for their junk "outlet" site for things you don't even need. We should all know, stuff like that is too good to be true. Next, I applied for a card online, from a company called EDP reporting. They take your info and say...

EDP Reporting / Fraud & cheating company!


I was online obtaining a payday loan. I got the loan and though that everything was fine. I looked at my bank account a few days later and had a $49.95 charge. They used a fraudulent electronic check to take the monies out. I NEVER authorized anything!!! I looked EDP up on the internet and got nothing but [redacted] complaints. When you try to complain to the company, you get the run around and they offer to "work with authorities" and to "trace the terminal that was used". BS. The best thing to do if you are scammed by them is to file a complain through your bank and get the money back that way.

EDP Reporting / Cash withdrawal from my savings account without authorization!


I have had three separate withdrawals from my savings account without any authorization from a company that goes by edp reporting. The bank has charged my account with overdraft fees and then given them back when caught. It has been hard to stop and to date this company tries to withdrawal. I have changed accounts and shown the bank on the internet that it is a scam and yet they cant stop it. Does anybody have any advise? Each withdrawal is 159.95.

EDP Reporting / Unathorized charges


I see that there are numerous people who have been ripped off by this company. Not sure how they got your info, you either... a) applied online for a payday loan or b) applied for what you thought was a credit card. They got me too. I have been fighting with them for a week. You can trying reaching them thru the website I sent 15 emails in one day and they finally responded. They won't issue a refund unless you file a police report. Once you do that they will submit proof that you did indeed apply for something. (they capture your IP address) I filed a fraud report with...