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Mar 27, 2012

I ordered a start-up kits from this comapny for just the shipping. 14 days later they charged my card $99.99 = a !.00. I called them and demanded a refund and after threatening them with fraud charges, they refunded my money. Three days later, they charged my card $200.98! This comapny is unbelievable. I called them again and after talking to 4 different people, they told me I had to fax my statement to them in order to prove they charges me twice and comfirm with my bank that they had charged me twice. I will fax my statement to them and see what happens. Then I am going to file fraud charges against them. DO NOT order from this company!! It is all a scam and will cause a lot of trouble for you and your bank. - California, Chatsworth / Fraud

May 23, 2011

I recieved an email from offering a trial e-cig for 14.99 with 2.00 off that if you use the code ECIGS in the code box. I then recieved two charges that day one for 14.99 and another for .52 cents. I also recieved a confirmation phone call from a representitve offering more products. I speficlly 'declined any thing else other than the trial thank you'. I recieved the product... these are the worst tasting cartriges that I have ever tried. My daughter had placed an order just days before and was charged 99.99 in three incrimental charges. Tho they represent themselve...