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Dazzle White Pro Complaints & Reviews

Dazzle White Pro - Kentucky / SCAM!!!!!!!!!


This company is a scam... I didn't receive my free trial until after the trial period was over and they know I didn't receive it from the tracking number, their sorry for any problems but they've got to charge me anyway $79xx, because the product wasn't returned back to them in time... please explain how to return a product I didn't receive. Yes my product finally came 5 days after the trial was over and they couldn't extend the free trial date... I don't believe that at all. If they want a respectable company, they could! I have no interest in trying the...

Dazzle White Pro - Colorado / teeth whitening system - &free trial&


Supposedly the "free trial" doesn't come for 3 weeks (according to a rep I finally got ahold of after the fact), but you only have 10 days to cancel the "free trial" from the time you signed up. Also, the website advertises 14-day free trial, but only says 10-days in the terms and conditions which I actually did read through. After that 10days you are put on an automatic billing for 2 mo supply and that charge cannot and will not be reversed. Since they are only open M-F 9-6 EST, you cannot cancel over the weekend. I called on the 10th day of my free trial to cancel because I never...

Dazzle White Pro - Iowa, Des Moines / scam


This company is a scam!!! I ordered 2 sets, one for my husband, one for myself. Immediately upon ordering, my account was hit for $58.76. I called immediately, waited through the automatic messaging, and then sat on hold for 25 minutes (toll call). I was told that it was a hold, until the 14 day trial was over. I told them I wanted an rma, as I would be returning it on the day it arrived. I received the product, and first off the item didn't have an product in the tube. The tubes were empty. I immediately packaged them up, printed a priority label and shipped them back with the rma'...

Dazzle White Pro / Scam charges


This company is a complete rip-off. They claim that you will get a 'free trial' and that you only have to pay $1.95 for shipping, however, the second I ordered the product, they charged my credit card $59.95! When I called to complain, they told me that I was wrong and that they had not charged my card, all while I was looking at the charge online. When I asked to speak with a manager, I was told that 'they're all pretty busy right now'. I attempted to cancel my order literally 2 minutes after placing it but was told that I could not because it was already processed...