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Country Living Magazine Complaints & Reviews

Country Living Magazine / Billing Issues

Sep 16, 2014

I renewed my subscription on 7/10/14 by check. I keep receiving emails and bills stating I didn't pay. I have mailed a copy of the cancelled check along with their bill to prove payment and asked them to correct their records. I'm not writing about their billing mistake as much as I'm writing about the lack of customer service email or phone number to get this issue resolved. I tried multiple times and multiple ways to contact someone and they have "no reply" emails or the email I sent to their editorial department couldn't be forwarded. I tried to work through their...

Country Living Magazine / WE SUPPORT THEFT FROM ARTISTS!


COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE = THEFT FROM ARTISTS! Country Living Magazine continues to support theft from artists and feature stolen designs and merchandise in its latest issue (September 2010). Despite having been informed, along with documentation, that Dallas-based scam company Design Legacy (alias Legacy Trading Company, Legacy Trading Dry Goods, etc.) has a long, well-documented history of scamming and swindling artists out of merchandise, designs, samples and invoice fees, scuzzy Country Living Magazine continues to support and promote scummy DL owner Kelly O"Neal, known locally as Kelly...

Country Living Magazine - New York, New York / COUNTRY LIVING PROMOTES THEFT FROM ARTISTS!


BOYCOTT COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE...THEIR EDITORS SUPPORT THEFT FROM ARTISTS! How else do you explain their continued promotion of Kelly 'I Steal, So What?' O'Neal's (O'Steal's) stolen merchandise and designs? COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS FOR STEALING FOOD FROM THE MOUTHS OF HARD-WORKING DALLAS ARTISTS AND CRAFTSPEOPLE! For info on the upcoming class action lawsuit against Legacy Theft Company, please message [email protected] Thank you for your support in putting this dishonest, irresponsible magazine out of business!

Country Living Magazine - New York, New York / COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE = THEFT FROM ARTISTS!


BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE = THEFT FROM ARTISTS! This magazine continues to feature and promote merchandise and designs stolen from hard-working artists in the Dallas, Texas area. The feature ' New Hampshire Farmhouse' features two pillow designs swindled from a local artist by Design Legacy and scam company owner Kelly 'O'Steal' O'Neal...even though this magazine's editorial office has been repeatedly notified of the criminal history and con artist status of O'Steal and cohorts (just Google 'kelly o'neal + thief'...