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Parents Magazine / parents magazine

Aug 12, 2019

Parents MagazineI did not order parents magazine I am 62 years old and my children are grown. Here is the information on the label #pmm1923083933. hr99. 11184 Mary denniston. jul21 3000 park ave Aliquippa pa [protected]. p2568.281.225 Please discontinue this magazine, I did not order it and I do not know...

Parents Magazine / magazine

Dec 10, 2018

I let my subscription end and then after a few months, lo and behold another subscription has apparently started up again without any of my permission! I disagree with the far-left ideology this magazine supports and unhealthy advice they put forward (such as sketchy research saying that...

Parents Magazine / Magazines sent in my mailbox - did not subscribe

Nov 10, 2016

For the past several months I've been receiving Parents Magazine in my mailbox and I never subscribed to it! First off, I'm an Army war Veteran that's a recluse from PTSD (due to war in Iraq) with no girlfriend, wife, children...NOBODY! Infact, I despise children!!! This BS will not be...

Who ever signed me up for Parents magazine / Parents

Feb 05, 2016

I have never nor do I want this Parents magazine. I talked with someone last year and was told I wouldn't be receiving them anymore and say what?!?! I just received ANOTHER one today! PLEASE END THIS NOW! #BXBDBCL************ECRLOT 0152A**C-22 #PMM1726242397/9#... / Unsolicited subscription of magazine

Aug 23, 2011

I received two unsolicited messages indicating that I have ordered the magazine. I did not order this magazine, and I have heard about others who have received this magazine and then asked for payment.

Parents Magazine / unauthorized charges

Feb 27, 2011

I was charged $27 by Parents magazine after I signed up for promotion of $6 for 3 years. I emailed them but they won't respond to me emails. Thanks

Parents Magazine / Poor Quality

Jan 03, 2011

Page 29 of their January issue cites a vague research finding that is not backed up by any specifics. I find that appalling especially since the article states that the research supports same sex parenting as more beneficial to children than being raised by a mom and a dad. What is the...

Parents Magazine / I dont want this magazine


I don't want this magazine. I have adult children 24 and 2 Stop sending me this free subscription I don't want it. I don't care what the time period is just stop sending it now right now. Sincerely Cbrennian [protected]

Parents Magazine / Scam charges


They subscribed me to parents and is sending me a bill for $12.00 and I do not have or never had any children.

Parents Magazine / deceptive practice, misleading


I was under the impression that I was getting a free subscription to Parents Magazine through an online source. I was shocked that I was being billed (I never gave any credit card info) for a subscription. I called Meredith Corp and was told to "call back in a few days" to cancel because...