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Austin Bank Complaints & Reviews

Austin Bank - Texas, Frankston / Customer Service and Website

Oct 7, 2013

Where do I start? First, the customer service is terrible because of lack of communication and incompetence. I don't know who they are hiring but the are no help. Most of the representatives have no clue how to assist you but at least they are kind. Not too long ago, I tried multiply times to transfer funds from a savings plan and they could not help me or they would take care of one thing and a week later when I show up for further instructions, I'm assigned to a different representative. I was a headache. Finally I used another bank to complete the same process and they did it in...

Austin Bank - Texas, Van / Missing deposits


The day before Thanksgiving, I made a $687 deposit. After the bank closed, my deposit had disappeared. Through the entire holiday, our family had no Thanksgiving because my account was overdrawn. Friday, after Thanksgiving, the bank found my deposit, but it was too late for Thanksgiving. Prior to that, another mistake had been made and my deposit was missing. I called the bank the next morning... sorry, bank error. AND THEN...we come to tonight. December 1, 2008. My mother is disabled...can't walk, can't drive, can't get around. I bought her Christmas Tree for her and she paid...