Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States

Panda Express / false advertising

Dec 26, 2018

Hello, We have a Panda Express in our local Giant in Camp Hill, PA. In the last 3 weeks I have stopped in, specifically for Panda Express, for the Honey Sesame Chicken. There is a LARGE sign on the board stating "it's back", yet every time I've gone in for this they do not have it. I wa...

Portrait Innovations / my pictures

Dec 17, 2018

Good morning, My name is RaeAnn Richardson and I went to the portrait innovations in Harrisburg on brindle road. I went to that location on December 15, 2018 at 215pm. I showed up early and was fine waiting however; I did not get taken to my shoot for 30 minutes after my appointment time. The...

Western Union Financial Services / I can no longer send money to my family in prison??

Nov 23, 2018

I had an incident last month of a fraudulent charge was told to close out my account and open another. I did as I was instructed . Lately I must say I have been having issues with extra charges on my credit card, that the bank is very aware of. I also contacted the FBI for possible...

Turkey Hill Dairy / iced tea complaint

Aug 15, 2018

Sell by 8/21/18 I bought a 18.5 ounces of iced tea in one of United Concordia's vending machines. It tastes awful. Like there is definitely something wrong with it. I could not drink it. I do not know if there is something wrong with it or what. The taste is not the normal iced tea flavor...

Panera Bread / customer service

Jan 07, 2018

I am a regular customer of the Panera store in Camp Hill, PA. This weekend I was ill and decided to use the online delivery service for dinner for my family. My order would not process but was deducted immediately from my bank account . I called the store and a manager told me they had no... / lady at the window

Jan 04, 2018

1/4/18. 3:30 p.m. I waited 9 mins just for my order to be taking at the Wendy's on Simpsonferry Rd, Camp hill, Pa. At the window, the lady tells me my card is expired. I show her the expiration date is 12/2025. And ask for her to try again. Then she tells me, my card doesn't...

Children's Place / customer service

Dec 09, 2017

As I was shopping in the store this evening I overheard an employee being exceptionally rude to another customer. I didn't hear everything that the conversation was about but it was enough for me to decide that the items I wanted to purchase were simply not worth it. I have never been to a...

Rite Aid / unbelievable

Nov 08, 2017

Didn't expect to encounter something like this with this website. I know it's one of the best ones, has almost no bad reviews and treat their customers in a good way. So I can't explain what exactly happened and why me... They out my meds on back order. For no reason. I called them numerou...

JJ's House / custom made dress

Sep 18, 2017

BUYER BEWARE! I ordered a custom made dress from this company in July of 2017 for a cruise in August. When it arrived, the top portion of the dress was way too large. I could not keep the dress up on my shoulders even with tape. Due to the time constraint, I took the dress to a local...

Dunkin' Brands / incorrect orders and food quality

Jun 22, 2017

Hello, I frequently visit the Dunkin Donuts on 503 N 21st St, Camp Hill, PA 17011. In addition to the revolving door of staff that never seem to know what they're doing, I have on more than one occasion - today being one of those days (6/22/2017) - received an incorrect order through the drive...

Megabus / megabus reservation summary for order aftkahi

Jan 02, 2017

Booked a trip from NY to Philadelphia then Philly to Harrisburg, PA for my son. The problem is both trips are too closed in time. The bus from NY is arriving in Philadelphia at 11:25 am and the one going to Harrisburg is departing at 11:50 am. Per Mega bus own policy there must be a two-hour gap...

CertaPro Painters / Camp Hill, PA Office (Glenn Pensyl - Franchise Owner)

Jul 06, 2016

Reference Glenn Pensyl - Camp Hill Office... I was looking for shutter and dentil molding work so I reached out to Home Advisor and was connected with Glenn Pensyl. An appointment was made for Monday June 27th at 7:30am. I was called around 8:00am on Monday, saying that the paint crew wa...

American Income Life / Job scam

Feb 29, 2016

After submitting my resume and not having a job lead for several months I was excited when I got a call from the recruitment staff. It was a very rushed phone interview I couldn't even understand the company name until after I set an interview up and Google the address I saw message...

Verizon / would not except no causing health problem

Sep 19, 2015

We visited Verizon Wireless at Capital City Mall, Hartzdale Dr. Camp Hill, Pa. At 7:00-7:30PM to ask a question & was detained by two guys trying to make a profit & they never listened to or answered our question! I'm allowed on my feet 20 min. at a time due to 2 cracked vertebrae & they...

AIL - Bratin, Camp Hill / Hiring Practices

Jul 07, 2015

This is the second time I have been contacted by this organization for employment. Out of the blue, I was contacted about a year and a half ago, stating that my resume was found on Monster and that they were interested in me for a position to do hiring for their organization. I went to a...

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield / bad services, don't use them

Feb 27, 2014

I moved to another state and needed to change my insurance provider. I went to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. I spoke with the representative and he told me that they would help me. I told her all required info and told what the previous insurance covered. But it turned out that the new...

Ail / Ail scam

Apr 02, 2013

I received a phone call from "Lisa Heyman" regarding my resume on She called me yesterday at 8am, which I missed the call and tried to call her back an hour later but it went to voicemail. After playing phonetag for two days I finally got a hold of her. She explained to...

Ail / Call regarding application on

May 20, 2011

I got a call on Monday from a woman saying she had received my resume through & I have my resume on Monster so I thought for sure, it was real. She said she was calling from AIL & they represent local unions. The longer I was on the phone, I thought something might be up...

LA Fitness / cancellation of training program


I wanted to warn all the readers of the big scam that LA Fitness is. There are a lot of hassles with this gym. You cant cancel/transfer your memberships or training programs easily. They lure you into these program and get you to sign the contract. But at the time of cancellation, its a...

Saladworks / refund


Ordered a salad and a cup of water (on a diet). Was charged for a fountain soda. When I went back for a refund I was told that they ran out of water cups and "HAD" to charge for a soda cup. When I mentioned that I wasn't told I would be charged for a soda they agreed, but said they...

Clear Communications / Bad buisness from internet company


I recently got internet services through Clear Communications. They told me that I would pay for monthly wireless internet service around $24. After two months the bill jumped up to $54 dollars a month. When I called to find out what in the hell was going on I was told harshly that it wa...

Morgan Properties / horrible management & utility ripoff


Horribly managed. Shoddy repairs caused pipe to burst and flood whole apartment. "Emergency" maintenance took an hour to shut off flood. Whole place and all my property in shambles, contaminated with dirty water and they refused to help. Even though apartment was uninhabitable, they sued...

Ail / Scam email


I as well just received this email. it is the same as the others. i just thought i'd share this with everyone out there. Attention Applicant, Earlier this week I received your application / resume from one of the Job Boards that our company works with, (Monster, CareerBuilder, Hot...

Union Represenative Agency / Is it really a scam


I just got a call from AIL a Cchris Freter, I have never been a Manger or even worked with a Union and he said they were looking for a Managerial position - they called on my cell phone which I thought was really odd. And with in 3 miutes set me up with an interview tomorrow at 10:00am -...

Holsted Jewelers / will not cancel orders


I sent back some jewelry to this company a week ago, certified mail. In my letter, I asked them to cancel my account and quit charging my credit card, Discover. I've yet to receive the mail slip and they have not cancelled my orders. In fact, they sent me another jewelry shipment...

Book Of The Month Club / refusal to cancel membership


Folks: Enough. I joined BMOC in Oct of 2009, paying for my initial shipment on Nov. 9, 2008. I fulfilled my purchase requirement with payment on January 6, 2009, and cancelled membership. You ignored the written request, and kept on sending books. I repeated the request in writing in...

Ail / American Income / Job opportunity scam - beware


Today i received a recruiting phone call from ail, also going by american income life insurance saying they were responding to my submission of a resume to them, which took me off guard because i actually had submitted my resume to many different places and was not sure of all the jobs i...