Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States

Wawa / visa card purchase.

Nov 30, 2018

I was asked to supply photo identification when using my visa card. I was using the chip on my card instead of swiping. My card is signed on the back of card. The amount of the charge was forty six dollars and sixty two cents.I told the cashier who was nasty and rude that I did not need to...

Outback Steakhouse / black friday gift cards

Nov 23, 2018

I purchased 150.00 at Outback Steakhouse today in increments of 50.00. I thought you received 20. 00 for each 50.00 but I only received 10.00 for each 50.00. I checked online to make sure the sale was the same as last year and it was if you purchased in person. Please advise! Thank you Jewell Barbardo [protected] [protected] for meszage

Samsung Electronics / samsung refrigerator

Nov 10, 2018

8 different ticket numbers, numerous calls and 4 repairman visits and my refrigerator is still not working right. keep hopping thru Samsung customer service hoops, ie, receipts (complete) and getting the run around. Been going on since repair attempt #1 on September 20, 2018. This i...

NY&Co / store manager neshaminy mall

Oct 12, 2018

She always makes me wants to avoid that-store treats. customers unwelcome. I always drive the extra 6 miles to Oxford Valley and Philadelphia Mills, where the staff is more welcoming and doesn't speak condescending to its customers. She needs coaching. I know of 3 other customers who...

AutoZone / customer service

Sep 09, 2018

I stopped by today because my check engine light was on and asked a guy spanish looking who worked there if he could pull the code. He proceeded to say "no we don't do that" because I know that service is offered I asked him really? That's when he changed his answer and said no we won't do...

Sport Clips / service - bensalem

Sep 09, 2018

Will NEVER go back. I have been going here for years until yesterday. I checked in online and waited 15 minutes only to be asked by Cherry if she could take her "friend " in front of me of who just happened to walk in the door. This is the second time she has done this in Four months. My...

7-Eleven / a product I want because it's delicious and you guys dont have they stocked

Sep 07, 2018

Hello my name is Mark and I am trying to get in touch with someone so I can get a hold of you're 7-Eleven brand spicy Italian sausage chips. I keep asking for them to restock and they said they will, but I haven't seen any for quite some time. if I can purchase a box or something that...

Old Navy / dressing room attendant

Aug 20, 2018

I was shopping with my kids on sat, 8/18/18 and we were leaving the dressing room when the older attendent said something like is there anything you didnt want and i said yes, its in there and she said can you hand it to me which i said ok and told my daughter to do that and then she didnt...

Holiday INN / overall experience

Aug 15, 2018

My mom, daughters and I rented a hotel room with you all on September 4th. We went to Sesame Place during the day and planned our check in to be around 5pm. My daughter is autistic, therefore we knew we would not last long at the park. My daughter loves anything with water, however the...

Brach's / brach's milk and dark chocolate bridge mix

Jul 24, 2018

I purchased a 11 oz bag of Brachs Milk and Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix at walmart today 7/24/18. I just opened them, the expiration date on the back of the package is 8/17/18. and a code under that is 7k17cc214. They are hard as a rock/stale??? I want my $4.00 back or a fresh bag/coupon sent...

Burger King / the food wasn’t cooked all the way, employees smelled like marijuana & used slot of profanity

Jul 17, 2018

I asked to to speak with manager and she had a attitude, I had waited for my food for at least 25 minutes when I asked for my money back the manager had walked away and said my food would be finished immediately which it wasn't : I smelled marijuana the whole entire time there, especially...

PECO Energy Company / damage to car

Jun 20, 2018

last Friday Evening 6 15 aprox 5:30pm I was crossing over west I-95 at Street road in Bensalem, Pa when my car was showered by burning plastic and some kind of liquid in which I can not get off of my car.. I am seeking to file a claim for the damage to my vehicle.. Please advise as to how...

Extended Stay America / I slipped and fell because the floor was wet

Jun 13, 2018

Walked in the side door slipped and fell because the floor was wet, went to the front desk and there was a cleaning guy there and all he said was if there is anything you need let me know and i was clearly bleeding from multiple spots, called the hotel the next day and the guy dave i spoke...

Acme Markets / store staff bensalem pa

May 23, 2018

How disappointed 90% of the time I shop here!! Lived in this area over 25 years. Every time I shop here day shift staff not as friendly as night time staff. Think the ones that been there too long get too comfortable. Finally after cutting coupons which is a job. Wanting to get food order...

The Kraft Heinz Company / polly-o string cheese

Apr 06, 2018

My family is a long time consumer of your Polly-O Mozzarella String Cheese. While the product itself remains a winner for food choices in our household, the new packaging is the pits! You've cheaped-out for a few mils (or just 1) of plastic! It was impossible to separate one sting from...

MasterCuts / haircut was terrible! hairstylist was really rude. really depressed and unhappy!

Mar 27, 2018

I went in to get my hair cut. I had an appointment for 1:00 pm. My hairstylist was candy. She was really rude and insensitive and did not know what she was doing! She left me sitting on the stylist chair in the middle of doing my hair because someone walked in the room! And said I will be... / unsure website

Mar 14, 2018

This web. Site is not secure, can't contact anyone on phone. placed an order was going to wrong address, I know i added the Right address. Now my credit card information is going to someone else's address, I did call my credit company they reassured me that I Will not be responsible for...

Choice Hotels / sleep inn bensalem

Nov 13, 2017

On 28th of October, around 7.25 am, the door of my room suddenly opened. I was woken up by the sound of metal as the latch had been latched and when the door was opened, it made a loud sound. I went to check and saw that the lock on the door had been unlocked and the latch was pushed out like...

Friendly's Ice Cream / ice cream

Oct 13, 2017

I ordered a mint cookie crunch sundae and asked for no whip cream. The girl hands me a cup with just mint icecream. I told her I ordered the sundae and she got an attitude with me and told me I was wrong. I paid for the sundae and did not get what I paid for. I also ordered two small...

TapJoy / design home

Oct 12, 2017

I competed an offer on design home to sign up for ebates and make a purchase. The purchase I made has been delivered but my diamonds have not. I submitted a request, got an email asking for screen shots which I sent immediately with no response after several days. I have submitted request...

Burger King / fox news on tvs and rude response

Oct 05, 2017

I contacted Burger King to inform them of my displeasure with the only channel on the TVs in all the Burger Kings in the Philadelphia PA metro area which are owned by U.S. Restaurants (Fox News). I asked for a call back, and when I spoke to the representative from US Restaurants, she told...

Chili's Grill & Bar / mango chicken with broccoli

Sep 23, 2017

Hi I came to chilies, Bensalem, PA for dinner with my family and ordered mango chicken. The broccoli I got wasn't fresh, it was black and has a bug. I took picture of bug and called manager. Manager said he is not sure about what is it. His reaction was like it's normal thing to have bugs in...

Wawa / food order

Aug 31, 2017

I ordered a chicken sandwich, when I opened the sandwich the outside of the roll was covered in pizza sauce. I did not order pizza sauce. Also a worker got really angry with me for a second about an order that did not have to do with me. It was a misunderstanding but either way I shouldn't...

Hertz / hertz car sales

Jul 01, 2017

i wanted to buy a car for my daughter. I called on June 29th to make sure the car that I was interested in was available and ready to be bought. I completed the online application for financing ahead of time because I was going to be coming from 90 mins away (Middletown, DE to Bensalem...

Wawa / rude, unprofessional #8072

Apr 17, 2017

I visit this wawa everyday. I always get a free coffee or tea with the coupon that is sent to my phone after taking the survey. Today I go around 9pm at night I am told by a supervisor that I can not use the coupon on my phone for my tea because it needs to be printed out. I come here...

7-Eleven / rude, obnoxious employees

Feb 10, 2017

I am just wondering if it is 7-eleven’s policy to tell customers that they are out of luck when they try to return an item that was purchased in error. Worst business ever. They refused to give me my money back for an unopened item that I had purchased two days prior. I was accused of opening...

Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. / Prospective candidate and poor quality thereof

Feb 08, 2017

A few weeks ago I received an unusual email from someone with the first name Emmet but this person gave no identifying information on him/herself which I thought at first was not straightforward at all as the other 99% of emails, IMs or even calls that are remotely legitimate and not made...

Parx Casino / Parx casino - by far, the worst of the worst in casinos

Feb 02, 2017

PARX Casino continues to be number one alright. Number one in classless **** holes that is. Not only are the slot payouts atrocious, the comps are equally as disgusting and the customer service as always the worst I have ever seen anywhere. They always have issues with their HVAC system...

LetGo / my post of timberland earthkeeper mens boots

Jan 16, 2017

Two days ago I posted my item, all seems fine except letgo named them incorrectly. Combat boots are not what they are so that is my first issue. Second issue is that I wanted to post more images but saw no way of doing it. I would like them to be named earthkeepers and would like to be able...

TGI Friday's / bad service

Jan 13, 2017

This actually occurred last night (2017). My family took me out for my birthday last night to your Bensalem restaurant. My sister immediately informed the hostess that it was my birthday. The hostess extended her birthday wishes and seated us. Our server Amanda then walked up, and my...

Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. / Ripoff and poor service

Dec 31, 2016

I decided to use this company as they had told me that they will help me through. However, that is not what is going on right now. They let you sign the agreement with 35% for them to charge you on every check you get in top of that you pay extra at the end when i received our first check...

Romano Roofing / Roofing

Dec 28, 2016

Dealing with Romano Roofing on my project was very bad from start to finish. The customer service was Worst. The contractor arrived on time and gave me a detailed estimate of the work to be done. On the day of the scheduled service the roofer arrived on time and began the work immediately...

Lowes / service for whirlpool refridgerator

Nov 23, 2015

Lowes extended service plan has not fixed my freezer and it has been 9 weeks. It took them 3 months to fix my ice maker. We bought a Whirlpool refrigerator from Lowes on 9/1/13 with a extended service plan. My freezer stopped working and I found food items thawing on September 17 2015. I...

Walmart - Smart Style / worst haircut of my life

Sep 13, 2015

The worst haircut of my life : Its unbelievable that walmart can hire someone that doesn't know how to cut hair. My head looks like some rats have chewed up my hair here and there. While cutting my hair I could tell that she doesn't know how to handle scissors, haircut kit. My...

Verizon Dsl - Bensalem, PA / missed appointment by dsl technician

Jun 21, 2015

Appointment scheduled between 8am and noon. No one showed up and no one called to say they would be late. I called Verizon and they tried to reschedule the appointment for the next day. I said NO, schedule the appointment for today. They called the dispatcher and told me he said the...

Metro Public Adjusters / Refund not paid

Apr 08, 2015

I was recruited by James Cash to possibly become ea Public Adjuster with Metro Public Adjusters, headquartered in Bensalem, PA. Shortly after the initial meeting, I decided not to pursue the position. At that time, Mr. Cash gave me his word, a personal promise, that he would refund the $40...

Metro Public Adjustment / Insurance Claim

Nov 20, 2014

I hired Metro Public Adjustment to assist me in making sure that my fire claim paid me enough to cover the damages that were done to my property. My case was reassigned twice, slowing the process down immensely. I haven't heard from my adjuster from Metro in over a week, and today the...

Metro Public Adjustment INC / Insurance collections

Jun 25, 2014

Jamal the public adjuster was called in to assist with a small electrical fire in the basement that resulted in some damage after the fire department was called in. Jamal informed my family that we had nothing to worry about and that everything would be handled by his company. He then...

TD Bank / bank did not dispute charges when wallet was stolen

Apr 24, 2014

I can no longer trust and do business with TD Bank. Over two weeks ago, I called and reported my wallet stolen, and said there were charges on the account that I didn't make. I called a second time a day later to say I noticed more charges that I didn't make. Ok, will take care...

Linked Forever Photography / Do not use!

Apr 06, 2014

My husband and I had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with Linked Forever Photography, which has recently changed its name to Hope Joy Photography. Everything was fine until after the wedding. At that point, they had already received the majority of our payments-how convenient. We fought...