Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Grants Pass, Oregon, United States

Panda Express / eating area

Nov 10, 2018

During our visit on November 9th 2018 we walked into Panda and notice front area was dirty, then the tables were dirty, when we sat down looked outside, the windows were dirty. No cleanliness in the room. Also I advise the manager that it was too cold in the dining area. They had the air...

Circle K / terri cashier

Nov 06, 2018

My daughter has had been in the Circle K going on the second time this morning when she proceeded to go into the store to the restroom she got to the girls door the lady scream from behind the counter across the store with multiple customers inside the store at my daughter that she was in...

Motel 6 / dirty downright disgusting.

Aug 22, 2018

August 16, 2018 Most of the staff was great! I don't normally give bad reviews, but I feel one is needed here. When I booked, I booked a non smoking room, so when I checked in, went to my room and the room smelled of someone smoking pot(it was fresh and strong), which I dont care if someone...

Allen Creek Taco Bell, Grants Pass OR. 97527 / everything

Aug 09, 2018

Long wait in drive-up line. Half way through placing my order I had to stop and wait some more. Didn't get my burrito. Nacho Bell Grande came with chips, beans, sour cream... No cheese, meat or tomatoes. Ordered large Nacho fries, got the small one. Tried calling got the fax...

Albertsons / bakery/ carrot cake

Jul 21, 2018

I just got out of urgent care visit for food poisoning. Went to our local Albertsons on allen creek drive in grants pass. Saw a carrot cake on sale $5.00 ( I guess you do get what you pay for). Let my greed get the better of me and boy did I and my Granddaughter pay the price. We both got...

General Motors Corporation / unethical behavior lack of assistance and concern for my welfare.

Jul 01, 2018

On June 26 th. 2018 my 2015 Chevy Silverado transmission lost power. I was travelling from Washington to California. I called my insurance company and had my pickup towed to Jim Sigel Automotive sales and service dealership. I was met by Casey Albright ( service representative ). He...

Taco Bell / disrespected and misinformed

Jun 29, 2018

On June 28th at about 1:30am my husband & I tried ordering food. A few issues. #1 Outside lights & menu were off. #2 35 minutes before closing i was greeted with a "I'm sorry we are currently closed" recording. Then a guy came on to take my order. AFTER $35 worth of food was ordered I wa...

Chevron Corporation / employee

Jun 25, 2018

I went to your car wash on williams highway in grants pass oregon. The car wash recently re done so I thought I would try it out. Well it got stuck so I called the service station after being stuck for about fifteen minutes. The assistant manager comes out and turns it off and proceeds to...

Heartland America / unauthorized credit card charges

May 14, 2018

I do not wish to remain a member and have to pay the large sum requested each year in order to purchase from your company. The information I have says we were to get a notice previous to our billing which we did not get. I would appreciate the amount billed, $44.98, being removed from my...

Les Schwab Tire Centers / $3000 dollar job

May 12, 2018

I brought my jeep wrangler down to get bushings and then it turned into more. "we don't work other people lifts" . So new track arm, ball joints, alignment and a 4 inch lift. Been 5 months and I returned it 3 other times for what we call a "death wobbles" and it's worse then ever. Making...

Burger King / only having one bathroom used for females and males

Mar 30, 2018

Today i was shocked . I used the restroom at. Burger King and was confused and shocked to find only one. It had a sign stating there was a stall and a urinal that could clearly be seen. It was urgent so i went in. While in the stall a man walked in and used the urinal. He took a abnormally...

Les Schwab Tire Center / incompetent workmanship - dismal customer service

Feb 15, 2018

This company is pathetic. Bought 4 new tires with a front end alignment (even though the car drove straight with old tires) 6 mos ago. Big mistake. When I left their shop the car started pulling left. Took it back & they refused to even check it and said the front end was within spec...

Umpqua Bank / card services/fraud investigation

Jan 18, 2018

I filed a complaint of fraudulent activity on my bank card, claim number [protected]. Three items were listed as fraudulent. As it turns out, I mistakenly added the one transaction that was to Healthy Body Massage. That was in fact a legitimate charge that I meant to make. The other two...

Joseph Beagley Construction LLC / new business bank account

Aug 31, 2017

I open a new Business Bank account on August 28, 2017, at the Grants Pass Branch 400 SW 6th street. Deposited the whole check of $2, 282.50 and was never was told it would be held for 5-days. We have banked with you for 10 years and have open different business accounts and never had a...

Albertsons / manager mean

Aug 23, 2017

Manager by the name of Dawn is constantly being mean to my daughter who works there and told Dawn is nice to everyone except her. Elizabeth goes home crying and upset every time the two work together. I would appreciate a quiet investigation into this matter ASAP. My daughters name i...

AutoZone / return of a fuel pump

Aug 15, 2017

I returned a fuel pump because it wasn't needed. My husband never even took it out the box. The lady told me it was used. I told her it wasn't . She told me I was lying cause she smelt gas on it. I again told her it wasn't used. She talked to manager a minute then decided to just put in...

US Observer / no breach of contract libel/slander - we do what we say!

Aug 12, 2017

In a previous review on Complaints Board, which constitutes defamation, an individual by the name of Deborah Swan made statements and accusations that the US~Observer maligned her in some fashion. This couldn't be further from the truth. The facts are simple and have been spelled out in our...

Burger King / rudeness of employee. store #12732 marcy

Jul 16, 2017

Sun, Jul 16, 2017 6:41 pm. My husband and I went in to get 2 for Ten whopper meal. The guy that took our order was fine. However after we got our order, we started eating and the french fries majority in one of the orders were very short, 1 inch nubs. Like the last of the batch. My husband...

Petco / lack of reptile food

Jul 07, 2017

I went to the Grants Pass Petco yesterday and their reptile food department looked like they were going out of business. No wax worms, no crickets no fruit flies. I don't know what their excuses were yesterday because there was nobody in that department. In fact I only saw three workers in...

Safeway / safeway employee

Jun 29, 2017

First I would like to thank safeway for bringing in Starbucks so I may get my groceries and coffee all in one swoop...until now as you have officially lost a customer due to an employees horrible tact towards me asking to please be left alone as I'm a customer not a piece of meat walking...

Sonic Drive-In / customer service

Apr 20, 2017

I went to the sonic drive through in Grants pass oregon last night for dinner. I ordered 3 foot longs and cheese bites. We pay and get to the window to get are food. The lady at the window was extremely rude and pushy to get us out of line. We left and then realized they forgot are cheesy...

Franchise Tax Board / Unauthorized bank account charges

Apr 04, 2017

I was charged on my Wells Fargo bank account $125 from Franchise Tax Board for supposed late vehicle registration for California. I do not have a car registered in CA. I am a resident of Oregon and my vehicle registration is up to date. I have no idea where this came from and if thi... / Don't deal with them!

Jan 26, 2017

I received wrong item and I want to get a replacement, but they don't want to do anything. When I received my item and saw that it was incorrect I contacted FireMountainGems support service and provided all the necessary information. They said that someone will contact me back as soon a...

Subway / stale bread

Jan 25, 2017

I went into Subway store #11089-0, at 1607 Williams Hwy, on 1/25/2017, at 5:25 pm, and ordered a foot-long roasted chicken breast sandwich. After getting home, I took a bite, and the bread was hard and stale. Upon calling the store, the employee told me that there was no way the bread... / E liquid

Nov 08, 2016

Why is it that I can buy e Liquid for 5.95 for 10ml in town! But yours is 13.00 dollars for 0 nicotine for 10ml's!I bought your vape kit and now your going to screw me on the E-Liquid!Well this will be the last I buy from you period!I found a outlet that sells The 0 nicotine for 6.95 for...

Dr. Orden/Derm Exclusive / customer service

Oct 16, 2016

I had just got through watching the derm exclusive commercial on tv so I called, and this man would not let me go, he kept telling me about an even better special 4 times I had to listen to him, I would try and say something and he kept right on talking, and then I said, please! just...

Motel 6 / the motel room

Sep 04, 2016

We had a wedding in grants pass Oregon when we pulled in it looked nothing like it looked on line and was worried right off the bat. The bed was very very uncomfortable the towels were like hand towels only 2 pillows the blankets were very thin they had the air on and it wasn't very warm...

FireMountainGems / Misrepresented products

May 12, 2016

I received my products and everything was broken and defective. They offered me a refund and told that I have to send everything back. I did as they said and shipped everything back at my own expense. Few weeks later contacted FireMountainGems and asked about my refund and they said that... / No Refund

Mar 17, 2014

I should have searched complaints before using them!!! BAD BAD BAD COMPANY First realize, I could be sitting here writing a positive review as an employee of the company. Businesses do that sort of thing all the time to push bad reviews down the list or dilute poor reviews. We live in a “High...

Andrew Kryzak / Andrew Kryzak is a scammer who has been a regular for years on a website called

Sep 19, 2013

Andrew Kryzak is a scammer who has been a regular for years on a website called where he sells one phony worthless money-making scheme after another to unsuspecting prospective entrepreneurs trying to find an honest way to generate a home-based business income. What...

Keranique / charged for returned product

Sep 15, 2013

I responded to a free sample ad on the internet on 5/6/13. This was a product to help with thinning hair. The company name was Keranique. I was sent the bottles, but, when I read the ingredients, I found that it had an ingredient that was not to be used with a medication I take. I called...

Rodeo Cheese Burger / stale buns!

Sep 08, 2012

I went to order a rodeo burger. as soon as i started to order the lady acted like she couldn't hear me. So i spoke louder almost yelling and she still couldn't hear me. But as soon as my boyfriend said something then she could hear him. And he wasn't even talking as loud a...

The Fatwood Company / did not receive my order/company does not respond to calls

May 02, 2012

I placed an order for a box of fatwood online and paid by credit card. The item was charged to my account. That was on April 9, 2012. Today is May 1, 2012 and i have not received my order. They do not respond to emails or phone calls. There is no tracking number on the web site.

Oregon Gooodwill / Store Manager Attitute

Apr 13, 2012

I am a customer of the Goodwill in Grants Pass. I have on more than one occasion witnessed the manager Maria talking down to clients As if they were dumb, publicly ridiculing their work ethic in front of other people. These are training jobs. Goodwill doesn't give them jobs when their...

Wells Fargo Bank, Grants Pass, OR / wells fargo bank discriminates

Mar 01, 2012

The grants pass, oregon branch sucks big time! The managers apparently don't have any authority to make decisions in behalf of customers. I made a small deposit of an insurance check and they put a hold on it without notifying me. When I tried to use the money the same day, the transaction...

Doris J. Austin / new billing information

Feb 27, 2012

I have been trying to place a new and difference credit card number with you since the one you have been billing to has been cancelled due to the death of the card holder, my late husband, it seems that you support team is not reading what I am writing because they ignore what I have sent...

Southern Oregon Sanitation / HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

Nov 25, 2011

I paid my bill and the company picked up my cans the following Friday, even after paying. All becuase I was LATE by a few days and they would NOT bill me for the $25.00 reinstatement fee. I called and let them know I was having a difficult time financially due to medical problems and that...

ScoreSense / unauthorized monies deducted from my debit account. believed it would be a free week!

May 02, 2011

On April 26, 2011 I checked out the website of to check out the free credit score report. I was not surprise when I saw only one of the report credit agencies and after one free week if one wanted to keep the service they did nothing, but should you not want the service then...

Gary Buckmaster / Poor Service Over Priced

Feb 12, 2011

This Vet Doesn't know what he is doing. Can't diagnose a simple tooth abscess.. My horse would eat his feed for a few days and I called another Vet who fir the first time even looked in my horses mouth which Dr Buckmaster totally Missed. VERY BAD VET. !!!


Feb 12, 2011

This Vet is doesn't know most of basic medical treatments for horses. He will starve a horse for days with only water for simple colic. Won't even take an xray after a few days to confirm any diagnoses. After your horse has lost so much weight you find another vet who totally...