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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Albany, Oregon

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / kfc meal

Richard Hooton on Jan 16, 2019

On Jan 16, 2019, I went to KFC in Albany Oregon to order the $29 special. The server advised me that it was all dark meat. My wife does not like dark meat. I then asked about the $20 special. She again stated that it was all dark meat. I then decided that I would order the $20 meal and...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / pricing.

Wade Elliott on Oct 4, 2018

I was over charged by the cashiers. I purchased a famous bowl in the meals, ($6.49) and 2 chicken littles ($1.68) each. I was charged 12.84 total. Cashier never offered me a receipt, put it in the cash drawer. Continueing on to getting my order. I was called up, recieved everything that I...

Sears / service agreement; 5 year master protection agreement

JanG54 on Sep 10, 2018

I purchased this 5 Master Protection so that I could schedule a check on my air conditioning system as I needed. My plan was to have it serviced the first few years. My system is in the attic. It was installed August 2015. 2016-- scheduled an appt. and requested a tech that could climb...

My 2016 ford f250 6.7 diesel with 7300 miles / continually loses power and front starts shakinh

Dean Bentley on Sep 2, 2018

This is what I wrote to Roberson Ford in Albany Oregon where I bought this truck new. 2016 Ford f-250 I continue to have problems with the motor losing power than starts missing, front end starts shaking and motor starts rattling. I am unable to power out of this, I have to let up and it...

Santander Consumer USA / auto loan

snwflakekm on Aug 15, 2018

We are new to purchasing a car and we were told what car we were "allowed" to buy which was a 2017 Nissan. It is a very nice car but the payment were really high, $453 per month. The interest is worse, it is 24%. After a few months we pay the $453 and notice not even ONE DOLLAR is going to...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / gun safes

burningrat on Jun 12, 2018

I was at the Albany, Oregon location yesterday to look at a gun safe that my father saw on display a couple weeks prior to my visit. I found where the safes were located, but they were all in boxes on the floor level. I asked an employee if there was a display, as seeing it before purchase...

Cheapoair / buyer beware of cheapoair! company is deceptive! ripoff!

moe3158 on Jun 18, 2017

Buyer Beware of CheapOair! This company is deceptive! I booked two roundtrips with CheapOair, thinking that I could cancel without a fee penalty within 24-hours like other companies offer. However, in tiny print, practically hidden, at the very bottom of the purchase page, it say...

General Motors / general sales complaint

TOM S on Jun 17, 2017

I tried to contact a particular dealer which I have never set foot in before in Renton, WA. They had a particular vehicle I was interested in and I wanted to ask a couple questions about. I called up and got through to Sales, but before I even got to ask any questions they ask me if I wa...

Church In The Wilderness (Larry Lawrence Jordan) / Harasses / scammer / liar / mentally unstable

Mrs. D Clark on Mar 2, 2017

Larry Jordan began his assaults against us again this spring for the umpteenth time since 2009. He is very confused in his mind, and believes we are attacking him and his ministry, this is not true, oh and by the way, we do not have a blog, and have never had a blog. When we received a phone...

Cross Talk Ministries / Scam / lies / slanders / unstable

Mrs. D Clark on Mar 2, 2017

Mr. Jordan one of the most significant notations of this tragedy that you have created all by your lonesome is your constant need to run to the secular sources for help (Worldly law enforcement and unbelievers in communities). You know why that is? Hint, hint, you are not a part of the...