Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Mocksville, North Carolina, United States

Kellogg Company / no toy in my box of cereal!

Jul 07, 2018

I bought a box of froot loops my 6 year old daughter begged for only because she saw it had a jurassic park "make a frozen pop" toy in it. As it said on the box. When we got home and opened it, there was NO toy! Omg what a night i had with her crying and crying. And it was the last...

Arizona Jean Company / blue jeans

Jun 04, 2018

I purchased 10 pairs of Arizona jeans around black friday of 2017 i have only worn Arizona jeans for the past 10 years but here recently i have noticed the pocket seam tearing. I have 5 pairs already out of 10 the seam has just torn out completely i am a fairly decent sized guy (6ft...

Amber Furst, AJ Furst / dogs

Nov 25, 2017

We thought we bought two 8 month poodles. The breeder said they are 8 months old. One male, one female. I was given a contract, CKC papers with the parent's names, and date of birth. I was also given shot records, minus the rabies vaccine, that she had already told me she had not given...

Lee Jeans / Service

Dec 23, 2015

I recently purchased a pair of Relaxed Fit Jeans on-line and because of the different fabric they are now using, they no longer fit, so I returned them with the mailing label they enclosed, but they will not refund me, because they say they never received them back, almost a month ago...

Josh Stanley / services not rendered

Dec 20, 2012

Josh maybe a good guy, he is but has poor business ethics in customer retention. His protocol is "Pay me as we go. Schedules do not always match or if something comes up we can roll the fee over, and I will work with you." After 3 months of regular training in August he goes on vacation...

RV Superstore / $4000 Rebate


purchased a starcraft camper from RV Super Store of Mocksville NC. At the time of purchase we were told that it included a $4000 rebate after 54 months. The rebate form and all information had to be sent to United States Administrative Servies Inc. at 18950 US Hwy 441 #306 Mt Dora Flordia...

Sonic Drive IN / horrible service


I went to my local Sonic here in Mocksville, NC today. It used to be a hell of a good restuarant, with great service and a good manager. On several occasions he came out and sat with me and my children on the patio area and chatted with us while we ate. He even came out and gave my kid...