Consumer Complaints & Reviews in West Seneca, New York, United States

AN & Associates / duplicate order

Jan 18, 2019

I ordered one set of knitting lights in Oct, 2018. It never arrived. I ordered another set in Dec. 2018. The first order arrived and I kept it. Then the second set finally came in January after weeks and weeks of waiting. It was from AN & Associates. I'd like to return this unused set and...

AN & Associates / electric battery powered gloves

Jan 15, 2019

The gloves I ordered were supposed to be gloves heated with use of USB battery charger. I received chargeable gloves using regular batteries. I have ordered this type through another company and not satisfied so decided to order the electrically chargeable gloves and received the same type I ordered before. I am not sure how to return this product.

Rama Deals / unethical behaviour

Dec 02, 2018

Merchandise returned and I am still waiting for refund months later. I have had repeated contact via email to try and resolve the problem. I have even filed a complaint with Paypal the company I ordered the merchandise with. I am still trying to get my money back. I have saved over 30...

Hallmark / movies

Oct 29, 2018

Dear Hallmark, This is not really a complaint I love my Hallmark channels. I was wondering if you could change up the movies. I've been watching for years and want to know why you are not showing some of the older Christmas movies from years past. I'm kind tired of watching the...

AN & Associates / "hello" gps kids watches

Oct 27, 2018

I ordered 2 of the "hello" GPS kids watches and only received one. My PayPal account has been charged for the two that I ordered. Please send me the one that I did not receive. If unable to fulfill my order, let me know as these are for Christmas presents and Credit my PayPal account for the...

AN & Associates / solar powered fountain pump

Sep 08, 2018

All the parts were included, and I followed the instructions exactly as written. I left it in my bird bath for two weeks and kept it filled with water. It is located in a part of my yard that gets full sun all day for at least 10 hours. I live in Northern California where we do not have...

AN & Associates / solar powered fountain pump

Sep 06, 2018

I'm so disappointed. There are few things I can take part in as I am physically handicapped. I live in the south where there is lots of sun and lots of beautiful birds. I was so looking forward to watching the birds bathing. My solar fountain was missing a part #B1. I cannot assemble the...

AN & Associates / wireless car mount charger

Aug 29, 2018

There was no invoice, email or anything to indicate when or if this was ordered by me. I have no email confirming this products's order, status or expected delivery. Nor has I ever received any products from this company. My Samsung is 4-5 years old & there's nothing about it wirele...

AN & Associates / android flash drive

Aug 07, 2018

I ordered this 16GB flash drive to free up some space on my Samsung Galaxy phone. The minute I inserted it into my phone the phone started rebooting continuously, went into safe mode and would not shut down. I took it to Best Buy and showed them the flash drive. They were unable to...

AN & Associates / usb storage stick 64 gb

Aug 03, 2018

Finally received the storage device which is similar to the photo stick...which is what I thought I was getting...and it was broken. Same scenario as others have stated that it came with no paperwork of the providing company or instructions on how to return the item. I would like to get a...

Rama Deals / adapter

Jul 30, 2018

I ordered 2 adapters June 20th and have yet to receive them as of today July 30. I have emailed, messaged and posted repeatedly asking for my order to be cancelled and my money refunded. I'm continually told it will arrive shortly. Tonight I was told that it was being processed so couldn't...

AN & Associates / solar bird fountain

Jun 26, 2018

I ordered the solar powered fountain pump to add to my birdbath. It took a while to arrive which was okay. However the package did not contain all parts as depicted in the assembly instructions. It was missing part # B1 which is the connection head. Without this part, I cannot complete the...

Rama Deals / comfort sandals sent in incorrect size and have not gotten exchange or refund

Jun 26, 2018

I purchased a pair of sandals that arrived in the incorrect size. I contacted customer service for months before I was given an address to return them to for an exchange. More months went by - I contacted them to see where my exchange was and was then told they needed a tracking number...

Yvonne Bennett (65 Yr old customer) / magic reversable umbrella/order #17933

Jun 14, 2018

I would appreciate my $33.95 refunded to my debit card because it's my hard earned cash I gave you for a worthless piece of [censored] called a umbrella. I was so excited to receive my magic reversable umbrella that I told all my family and friends I was getting, only to find that I wa...

A N Associates / wireless charger

Jun 04, 2018

When I ordered this charger I was told it was for an I-phone 7. However it did not work on my phone which is an I-phone 7. It did work on my friend's I-phone 8. I would appreciate some paperwork so I can return this charger for a complete refund. I used paypal to pay for this charger. Please do...

AN & Associates / 5 pairs of compression plantar socks

May 25, 2018

On April 6, 2018, I ordered 5 PAIRS of Compression Plantar Socks at 19.99 plus tax for a total of 26.94. Paid through PayPal. Received a Confirmation Email on April 6th, 2018 as follows: From: 5 Pairs of Compression Plantar Socks Sent: Friday, April 6, 2018 12:51 PM To...

AN & Associates / wireless chargers

May 21, 2018

I would like to return and get my money back and I bought 4 of them you can contact me [protected] don't like these chargers and want to return them to your company and I am contacting my credit card company, so I can get my refund on this product and get this taking care of if you would...

AN & Associates / item ordered is nothing like the information provided

May 19, 2018

Ordered wooden figures, mail & female made out of wood with moveable joints The Male was to be 12 inches tall and female 10 inches. I received the package 2 weeks later. No information regarding the 'order' that was enclosed I paid $70.00 for a 2 inch tall 'persons' made of plastic and...

An % Associates / wireless chargers

May 14, 2018

Two Wireless Chargers for my IPhone which do not work.. You guys need to doe the wright and refund my hard earned money.. product info sent via USPS Tracking # eVS [protected] [protected] HAWB #[protected] DHLec# [protected] Product wireless Charger / Socle DE Chargement SANS FIL Pad...

AN & Associates / android flash drive

May 01, 2018

Ordered an Android flash drive via MobStub to download pictures off my phone. It arrived with return address An &Associates, there was no invoice, no instruction for use and no company contact. I think part of it my be missing as internet instructions for use indicated that it should be...

AN & Associates / flash drive

Apr 09, 2018

The item advertised was an 8 GB flash drive. It was advertised as fitting an iPhone and doesn't!! No one to call and no paperwork. You can find a Chris Zeller at An - Associates but all I saw were complaints and excuses on his part. It appears to be a scam. I believe the advertising i...

GameStop / cashier shawn was really rude

Mar 26, 2018

Good afternoon Mr. Fontaine, My husband visit one of your store on 3-25-18 located 1024 Union Road West Seneca, NY 14224. He went with my grandkids and some of his friends. They all want to buy something and also pay. He made the line with all kids. Shaun was the one took care of my family...

AN & Associates at 3200 North America Drive, West Seneca, NY. 14224 / two fantacy wireless phone chargers

Dec 26, 2017

I ordered two Fantasy wireless I- phone chargers from AN & Associates in December 2017. I was sent no paperwork or invoice with the order. I don't even have a e-maillot address fir them. I cannot get them to work because this company failed to include a major part that helps the...

Mobstub / product not received

Dec 21, 2017

I ordered 2 sets of playing cards with case on order #M1-[protected]-1401 and only received 1 set. I noticed that both sets were shipped under the same tracking number 9400110899644029989253. Both sets were paid for through Pay-Pal. These are to be Christmas presents, so please ship the other...

AN & Associates / i-easy drive

Dec 16, 2017

The I-Easy Drive that I purchased from AN & Associates is not compatible with my iPhone or iPad. I would like to return it for a refund but there is no information for returns and no paperwork to refer to. I have tried to reach this business via Google with no success. I checked thi...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / drive through

Sep 17, 2017

I went through drive through earlier at around 6:15pm on 9/17/17 and the kid who was taking our order (not to be that rude) but the stench was so bad and just his whole person was not pleasant at all seeing . Good hygiene is always a good thing to see espiecally dealing with food !!! But...

Petco / an employee at the west seneca location

Aug 14, 2017

I was in petco around 5:30 on 8/13/17 and I asked an employee if she would reccomend this Product to cut my dogs nails because she was a little afraid (the product was more like a grinder for her nails). Her response to me was "you shouldn't even try to cut her nails, bring her somewhere...

BulbHead / no info as to how to return item--

Jun 24, 2017

I ordered a Comfort Grip hose attachment with Fire Nozzle Technology which I saw on my IPhone in May or beginning of July--and it is not what it is supposed to be --does not have high pressure--its not more than ordinary attachment we already have--however--I cannot find any info on line...

Rama Deals / high pressure washer

Jun 07, 2017

I ordered this pressure washer quite awhile ago. After continual inquiry, it finally arrived. I used it to try to remove mold, etc., from my sidewalk and patio. It does nothing!!! It is not what it is cracked up to be. I finally got an address to return it to, but now I out the shipping...

Rama Deals / easy hair bun maker

May 25, 2017

My order number is 256531, I ordered the bun maker on 5.5.17 it finally got here and it is a rip off. The video of the product makes it look perfectly easy. The bun maker snaps back and hurts. After trying for two days to unsuccessfully make a bun it ripped, snapped back on my fingers and...

Tim Hortons / horrible service, got sick from iced coffee

Mar 31, 2017

I went thru the drive thru today at lunch time i had 2 separate orders the first order i asked for potatoe wedges and they didnt have any so i couldnt get that, then i ordered a medium iced coffee with 2 sugars 2 creams and a shot of vanilla, and a breakfast croissant with sausage egg and...

iTechDeals / razors

Mar 22, 2017

I ordered from itech and was waiting a very long time for my order. I received an email with tracking information & after tracking it for a week I received an email from itech Hi, We regret to inform you that the order you placed on our website has been unfortunately lost by...

Boardwalk Buy / magnetic phone charger

Feb 02, 2017

I ordered two magnetic phone chargers from a Facebook ad. The arrived yesterday and don't work in my Samsung S7. I sent an email through their website and haven't received any response. I did return this today and hope that they will credit my account. If they don't, I will file a...

Planned Parenthood / withholding refills for birth control

Mar 01, 2015

My first experience with PP has been awful and it finally came to a head yesterday. Yesterday, I had a horribly upsetting experience with a PP in Western NY in West Seneca. Back in July, a very nice NP there wrote me a script for birth control with 12 refills. She said she'd see me again...

Element Global Services - / Fake debt collector

Jul 30, 2014

This company has been harassing me for the past few weeks trying to get me to pay on a power bill that is over 3 years old and has already been paid off. When I sent them a debt validation letter via certified mail they emailed me back with a suspect looking invoice for a 22.90 "agency fee"...

Pepsi Company / Sierra Mist / taste/smell

Mar 09, 2012

just poured my first glass of sierra mist. what a horrible smell!!! the taste was even worse!!! don't know what the company changed but they need to correct ASAP!!! why wasn't this problem corrected during the sampeling/testig phase during manufacturing?!! it had a metalic smell...

Planet Fitness / terrible staff


It may be one of the cheapest gyms out there but there is a reason for this. Only 6 television channels to choose from, of which half are sports. Customer service is not even a word in their vocabulary. None of the employees are friendly or even acknowledge you--in fact they are straight...

Planet Fitness / bad buisness


The staff was eying me from the second i walked in the door. My weights were taken off the machine by staff and staff was cleaning the machine in the middle of my workout. They have 5-6 staff for a small one room facility. The staff has nothing to do and are very un-helpful. They then...

Vital Prime Laboratories / this company is a scam and will steal from you


THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM AND WILL STEAL FROM YOU. I ordered 100 grams Resveratrol powder for $75.00 on 7/7/2009. My credit card was deducted $75.00 by VitalPrime a few days later. It is now 9/24/2009 and I have not received my order, nor have I been refunded, nor have I been able to contact...

Tribute Credit Card / unfair charges


I had the misfortune of receiving a tribute credit card I cant understand how they can cancel out my card and still be charging me a monthly account maintenance fee of 9.95.Also they are the ones that cancelled the card I guess that was a good thing for me .I had the misfortune of being in...