Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Tonawanda, New York, United States

Supercuts / hair highlight

Jan 22, 2019

I went into a Super cut store to get a color service provided and a highlight service. The first girl did an ok job but left a little in the front with no highlight. I went out to the car and looked in that mirror and decided to ask for a little more highlights in the front because they...

Tim Hortons / discontinuing the asiago and 4 cheese bagel...

Jan 07, 2019

Id like to tell you how big of a mistake this is. Asiago is your basic bagel and is well known to many. I personally cancelled my order when I found this out.. What were you thinking when you decided to make this rash decision? Did you even do a survey or ask people about their opinionon...

Tim Hortons / store hours

Oct 07, 2018

Twice on my way to work I've stopped at the new tim hortons on delaware Ave in tonawanda after 5am and (store hours state they open at 5) at the drive thru nobody answered so I pulled up to the window to see people inside only to get waved away. This is absolutely ridiculous and nobody...

Crunch Fitness / file update

Sep 19, 2018

Back in April I had received a new credit card and within the week of receiving the new card I called and changed all of the information with Crunch in Tonawanda. They said I was all set. In July I get another email and call saying my account was past due. I told them I could see the money...

Fox TV / verizon fios audio/video blackouts

Aug 25, 2018

Verizon FIOS technicians have just completed a complete service on all their equipment and lines seviceing my TV's. This included replacing some or their equipment and feed lines as well as testing line values to make sure all their signals are at spec. The main problem still exists. On...

Panera Bread / disappointed in service

Aug 08, 2018

I work for FedEx Trade Networks and use Panera Bread often for lunch meeting with guests from all over the world. I tried placing this order on line because the $20 coupon I was given on a previous order placed said it had to be an on-line order. I tried placing this order on line but once...

Tim Hortons / repeated incorrect order

Aug 01, 2018

It has to be at least 10 times over the last 6 months I have received coffee when I clearly ask for your excellent steeped hot tea. I stop at various locations EVERY DAY on my way to work, I'd say thats a good customer. The main location I stop is at Delaware & Sheridan Dr in Tonawanda NY...

Pep Boys / oil change

Jan 04, 2018

My 2010 Cobalt would not start on 122917. I had the car towed to my mechanic who stated car jumped time and bent valves in the motor because pep boys put in conventional oil instead of the required synthetic oil required for my car. My motor is now damaged beyond repair. I am seeking...

Kraft Foods / cracker barrel provolone cheese

Nov 17, 2017

HI, This morning, 11-17-17, I stopped at my Tops Market (150 Niagara Street, Tonawanda NY 14150) to by provolone cheese for an office lunch. I went to the kitchen and opened the bag to see mold. Then I looked at the back for the expiration and saw August 3 2017???? I have attached picture...

Stealing / worker

Oct 10, 2017

I was wondering who to contact about an employee who is always giving away free drinks and food? Her name is Vikki, she works at Tim Horton on Niagara st Tonawanda ny. I think something needs to be done about it I'm just saying .I've seen this on several occasions. I know I wouldn't have...

Cricket Wireless / mike at tonawanda store

Aug 08, 2017

Mike at the cricket store in Tonawanda on Niagra street has the worst costmer service on a humen he screamed at me swearing at me called me names [censor] and [censor]. He got me so mad I had to call off the rest of the day. He told me to get out of his store and pay my bill somewhere...

Old Navy / yoga pants

Jun 26, 2017

I purchased this pair of pants a month ago. I wore them once and I loved how they fit and how they looked. I've been a faithful old navy customer my entire life and have never been let down by their quality until now. I washed the pair one time and the sides of the calves are gotten hole...

7-Eleven / fraudulent claims

Dec 23, 2016

I watched an episode of a television show called "Undercover Boss" where the CEO of 7-11 was featured. On this show he was seen being deeply disturbed at the amount of food being thrown away every night and even went as far as to question the employee throwing away the food, which...

Tim Hortons / about brian the manager

Dec 04, 2016

I'm you're regular customer for many years and 365 days a year I go to tim hortons on youngs rd and Colvin extension in tonawanda I spend from $40.00 and up to 60.00 a day at that same location I ordered ahead of time like around between 9-10pm To pick up at 3 to 4 am I called before I...

IT-DirectDeals / I was sold a pirated copy of adobe photoshop cs6

Dec 02, 2016

Learn from my mistake. In November 2013, I purchased Adobe Photoshop CS6 from IT-DirectDeals. A couple of months ago Adobe cancelled my serial number because they said it was invalid. It’s hard getting information from Adobe, but as near as I can tell something like this happened. Someone...

William C. Rott & Son / Roofing

Sep 27, 2016

William C. Rott & Son came to my home on 9/27/16, at my request, for a roofing estimation. I have had two other roofing companies give me estimates. Both of these other companies drove to my house in pickup trucks and brought ladders. They both spent approximately 30 minutes on the roof...

PoolSupplies / Leisure Living / refused to fix their own mistake!!

Jun 21, 2016

I have ordered some pool products from and half of my order was incorrect so I contacted customer support and asked them to replace the wrong products but they refused. All I wanted was to get what I paid for but they refused! When I told them that I want to return... / The seller simply refused to change the steps

Jun 12, 2015

We bought pool steps from the website We received the steps yesterday, but the steps were scratched and looked used. We contacted the customer services and asked to change the steps. The seller was rude with us and refused to change the steps. It was awful, because we...

Avanti USA LTD / They want only your money and don't care about other people

Apr 10, 2015

I received the email and check from the company Avanti USA LTD. It was mentioned that the company choose me as a winner in some lottery. I was a little bit suspicious, ‘coz they asked to provide my card info and asked me to pay for the taxes. I decided to check this company and it...

Mueller Services / Mueller Reports / shady employer practices

Jul 28, 2014

I've been in the inspections business for 2 1/2 years. I looked forward to this opportunity because it was an expansion of the inspections I was already doing and was close to my home. I managed to get through the difficult 2 week online training class. For this they were very upfront...

Supercuts / humiliating hair cut

Apr 10, 2013

I went to my local Super Cuts to attempt to mend some chemical damage I had brought upon myself. I asked for only 1.5 inches off my mid back length hair. The stylist recommended a keratin treatment, in which I obliged. Upon the haircut itself, the two employees whined about their smoke break...

blooms / Bloomsreward charges

Mar 05, 2012

I ordered flowers over 1 year ago via the internet through Blooms Flowers. I was unaware that this purchase automatically enrolled me in the Blooms Rewards program and charged my credit card $9.99 per month. I did request to cancel out of the program over 6 months ago and the charges did...

Mueller Services, Inc / employer scam to gather personal info

Oct 07, 2011

BEWARE, Mueller Reports is a predatory hiring scam across the USA. They hire you and immediately establish aggressive training schedule, then change training program and order, misguide you and set you up to fail, then fire you for no justifiable reason. They tell you up front that 2/3...

Rogers Roofing " Home Improvement / Didn't finish work, stole tv, only accepted cash as payment

Jun 08, 2011

Didn't return to finish the installation of a sliding glass door or trim for flooring they put down. Employee wanted to buy a tv we weren't using and Carl Rogers nodded to me and assured me they would bring payment on Friday...never showed back up or answered numerous calls. Put...

Rent-A Center-tonawanda, NY / total misrepresentation

Feb 25, 2011

I rented a laptop computer from Rent-A Center. I thought it was new. I have paid over 400.00. They tax my weekly payments. I am close to the "90 days same as cash" buyout price. I still owe over $700.00 plus sales tax again. If I wanted this brand of "refurbished laptop" I would have bought...

Fashion Bug / charges on account


I need a phone number to speak with someone at SOANB. I realize they are not handling Fashion Bug Accts anymore but I need a history of past transactions and payments back to October 2017. I do not believe I was credited correctly and would like to see where all the charges are coming from...

Northtown Dodge / Bad service

I bought a 2005 Jeep Rubicon from Northtown Dodge dealer back in July 3, 2008. After I signed all the paperworks, they came back and said "we can't release the vehicle because we don't have the title in hand". I was like "Why don't you have the title ready before posting it...

Burger King / freshness


I go to burger king two or three times a week. Evertime I go something is wrong With my food. I have never put a complaint in before. Today I was really upset. I usually get the original chick en sandwich combo. Like always, the lettuce was not fresh, it was wilted, brown, hard white part...