Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Jericho, New York, United States

Optimum / internet - service call

Jan 07, 2019

After waiting over 1.5 hours for a call back from optimum technical support, the technician finally called me on my cell phone and then we were cut off. She made no effort to call me back. I called optimum tech support back and was placed back in the queue and would receive a call back "in...

Paltalk / being locked out of my account because their server screwed up.

Oct 20, 2018

I was in a friends room. Suddenly everyone began having viewing others cams problems. Most of us logged out - I tried logging in and it errored out. I tried a few times - then I got a message I'm locked out of rooms. How can you lock a user out of a room when the server messed up and...

Publishers Clearing House / / one game on the pch free-online sweepstakes page.

Feb 21, 2018

Anew game was presented on 2-21-18 called "Win 4, 978, 632.00". The problem is that I am told that I need to "place an order" to update my file. I tried to play the game about 10 times because it would not allow me to finish without an order. Its supposed to be "free" without the pressure...

Publishers Clearing House / / scam!

Jan 18, 2018

Every year you see the commercials. This year I decided to enter. BIG mistake! It's all about selling! I did fall prey and made 2 purchases. Nothing I purchased was over $12 since I am on Social Security Disability. Luckily I was wise enough NOT to give my credit card number but instead...

Cablevision / Optimum / billing

Nov 13, 2017

Getting in touch with corporate is harder than getting in touch with the governor. I have been a customer for over 20 years and in May 2017 I went to OOL only. My bill should have been approx $69. In July my account was upgraded and no one can tell me why. It was an oversight on my part...

Intercontinental Capital Group / credit reporting

Jun 26, 2017

Family member contacted company on 5/30/17 stating they were helping qualify for a mortgage. Broker ran credit report, discussed financial profile and then handed family member entire credit file with never contacting me or getting permission. We inquired about the transaction to only to...

Scented Monkey / Not to be trusted

Oct 31, 2016

Ordered some Versace products from Scented Monkey over a month ago and received nothing yet. I received a notification that my order was shipped, customer service rep assured me that I'll get my order any time soon. Weeks passed and there was no sign of my order, so I contacted Scented...

Paltalk / what a scam!!

Oct 13, 2016

Terrible service! I would not recommend Paltalk to anyone! I paid for a year membership and then they blocked my account for no reason. When I contacted Paltalk customer service they said that some users complaint about me so they had no other choice. I asked them to explain in detail...

Weight Watchers / food tracking system not working

Nov 25, 2015

Don't bother joining Weight Watchers. The new electronic food tracking system is not working and just a complete disaster. Since they don't provide a way to manually record your points, you pretty much have to struggle to record your points with this new system, and you spend an inordinate... / the rep banned me and didn't provide appropriate advices

Jul 25, 2015

I used the website, because my colleague used this website all the time and he told me that it would be easy to communicate. After I paid for the year membership, there was one problem. But the admin refused to help me and banned me. I emailed another guy, who told me that... / They didn't provide any info, which would be really useful

May 20, 2015

I bought perfume and candles from the company But these jerks provided useless info about the purchase, as well as they haven’t provided the approximate date of the delivery. I was shocked and tried to get some info from them, but they haven’t replied...

Anderson Kent Auto Transport Services / $1800 SCAM Anderson Kent Auto Transport Services

Aug 24, 2013

From the gate all I heard were lies from Anderson Kent Auto Transport Services, They said they own their own trucks. every time I called it was pathetic excuse after another. finally found an honest company and got my car picked up. Jordan Drew then banged my credit card for over $1800.00...

Innovative Resorts International / I didn't find this company to help us sooner

Jun 02, 2011

Attention to unhappy timeshare owners finally out of seven useless timeshare marketing companies my patient wife and I found a trustworthy company in Innovative Resorts Int. It had been a stressful situation for my wife and myself paying fees to market our vacation property which until now...

Innovative Resorts International / Timeshare sales/SCAM

May 18, 2011

I was contacted by "Charles" at "Innovative Resorts International" who stated that his company had a buyer for the timeshare I own. This was a total surprise to me - I had not previously contacted this company. Charles advised that if I did not have a "Title Insurance" policy in effect...

D.R.D. Main Office - Payments Director'. Recieptof Payment Enactsdelivery / Recieved a letter stating i was 100 % gaurteen to recieve 1 million 400 thousands dollar

Jan 30, 2011

i recieved this letter stating 100% gaurteen from the payment divison department. announcement of idenity i.d. [protected] that this is actual base on my recent participation in a national promotion in which my subsequent identifacation is now announced. follow simply instructions on these...

Award Payment Data Release Div. / Send $19.99 check


Got the same award letter three days ago and it has the asking options of send check for $19.99, nope, ain't sending no monies, but checked it out here today and am adding the complaint with all the others. Why does not someone do something about all this junk which threatens our use...

Mike Litman Greatness Nation / unauthorized charges


Signed up for free 30 day trial. Bought cd for $5.95. Was automatically charged $97 plus another $300 plus of unauthorized charges from other companies as well. phone # out of order. No response from emails. Mike is avoiding me. Taking up with the authorities.

Robert Richards/Prize Announcer / Theft


I recieved a mail informing me I had won $1, 400, 000.00 and had to send a check for $19.99 as a Data release fee. I mailed them a check. Today (9/28/09) Monday I searched their address online only to find out they are a ripoff business. I immediately called my Bank hoping to stop payment...

$1.400.000 / Fruad


Received Document from Robert Richards, stating that I had been awarded $1, 400, 000 in sweepstakes, that it would be issued to me if I sent the $19.99 release fee to them, payable to D.R.D. Main Office-Payment Director. Receipt of Patment enacts Delivery. The address on the return...

Drd Awards Payment / is this a scam


i received this saying i have won 1, 400, 000.00 and to pay 19.99 to this award payment data release div and they will send my award. i am taking care of my termal ill husband living on a fixed income and think this is a disgrace that people can scam someone like this. someone needs to do...

D.R.D Award Payment Data Release / Scam


Recieved an offical letter on 12/14/08 With excitement from my wife and I we decided to open the letter. Up in the left corner is P.O. Box 9035, Jericho, NY 11753 Award payments Documents and Reports Prize Data Release Notification Office Files and Records Floor. In the the center of...

Cablevision / customer abuse


I get a bill that instead of being $100 is instead $300. WHY ? I called and asked them and their answer was that someone in another town, using another name at an address I have never lived at skipped out on their bill of $200 and the said that my SS# was close enough to this persons that...

D.R.D Award Payment Data Release / They want a check for $19.99


They sent me a certificate claiming a payment award for $1, 400, 000 if I mailed them a check for $19.99.

Private Capital Group, LLC / Unfair credit practices, escrow mismanagement, mail fraud by representatives, foreclosure overcharge


This company bought our 1st mortgage from Greenpoint. At the time we were slightly behind due to a unnecessarily protracted SS Disability claim (~4 yrs). We were not as far behind as we were the previous summer and then allowed to get caught up by Greenpoint. (previous year: ~5 month...

Award Payment Data Release Div. / Fraudulent letters


I recieved a letter in the mail stating my identification for the Award Payment Data Release has been Finalized and Approved! I did not submit any prize entries which first made me skeptical. Then it went on saying I am known as the holder of the identification of the winner. I wa...