Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Virginia, Minnesota, United States and scram and defraud my money / and scram and defraud my money

Jan 11, 2019

A man chat with me in daddyhunt with very close relationship tone. he say he is the schelerengineering cwo and have engineering in Saudi Arabia . when i trusted he so easy . than he let me register a number in diplobank .He say because he will divoice with his wife and don't want his money...

Blooms Rewards / funeral flower delivery

Dec 23, 2018

promised to have the arrangement early as the service was early. then was told they were delivered way after the place was one would call back and even tell me where the flowers needed up. even if they were delivered. wasn't taking their word for it. hit was 3, 000 mile...

Dollar Tree / customer service

Sep 26, 2018

Sept. 26, 2018 Employee Mark was rude and disrespectful to customers and fellow co-workers. Would not come to register when called and would not help an older employee with a tax exempt issue. The lady trying to get a tax exempt left and said she would just pay the money instead of waiting for... / cigarette order

Jun 06, 2018

I recently sent an order for cig express. I never received the order. I paid them an additional 35 to have them resend it with a signature requested. I received no response no cigarettes or response. There are too many good reviews for this company. They must be paying people to make these reviews on their behalf. Please do not fall for this scam!!! / never received order or my reorder and they will not respond to my emails

Jun 06, 2018

I have placed a $234 order from this company a few months ago. My order never arrived. They supposedly sent me a new order which also never arrived. I have contacted them several times and get NO REPLY!!! The phone number given is not in service. I have not been refunded my money and they have...

FareDepot / flight rejected/at airport

Nov 23, 2017

On November the 20th of 2017 I had purchased 4 tickets from FareDepot to travel to Pakistan from JFK airport. My Flight was supposed to be at 2:00pm and I arrived to the airport few mins before 1:00pm and they had closed the gates and wouldn't allow me to check in and said that I had to...

Chase Bank / mortgage payment access

Nov 22, 2017

I have had continuous problems paying my mortgage since transfer from Chase Bank, October, 2016. I made payments early in the month when I started, but now put it off as long as I can. Telephone payment costs $25, and I have had to resort to that the last 4 months. The web site never...

MetaBank / I am complaining that my check was rejected by netspend

Oct 29, 2017

My old account was closed but I have an active account that is new. The bank has no authorization to reject a check. I am on a fixed income now I don't have my money. Also I would like to speak to someone who understands english which would prevent something like this from happening in the...

The Salvation Army USA / I am complaining about the new person at salvation army

Sep 27, 2017

There was old salvation army employees use to work there and help my family out I did volunteer at salvation army in Virginia minnsota the new lady Christine has been really rude and given me my family problems when I was there with my three year old son and gave my sun a dirty look I...

Roblox / made to destroy

Sep 05, 2017

I really don't like their website and they way it affects children. I'm sure most of those children have problems with grades because this is not their top-priority. what can they learn from this site? How to kill people? How to enjoy it? It's terrible, don't you think? Roblox is dangerous for...

MyLoanCare Servicing / mortgage/property tax

Aug 07, 2017

Last month July, we received a letter from them that This month of August our mortgage from 3700+ will now be 4500+, we called their customer service and they said it was increased because our property tax went up to $19000, we were stunned so we called our county to ask for our tax rate...

Burger King / taste of food

Aug 04, 2017

I stopped at the Burger King that's off Exit 77 in VA. First of all they did not give me a receipt and I paid $27.06 at approximately 9:15 to 9:20pm. Second of all I ordered the 2 cheeseburger meal without ketchup or mustard and they gave me 2 burgers with the ketchup and mustard on them...

Geico / complaining of getting the worst customer experience from geico

Jul 28, 2017

Hi, I am looking for auto insurance from past 25 days and its been asked to me to fill out form and sent it via mail . when the first time i send it after so many follow up ( mails and calls done by me ) its been told that form is not complete and again i need to send it. Second time when...

Qatar Airways / worst service ever had on any airlines

Jul 28, 2017

As that was my first journey with Qatar on 20th June, 2017 from IAD to DOHA, had many expectations from the airline. Unfortunately my son(Devanshu Sharna - 7yr old) & I had a sad beginning as the flight was delayed for 5 hrs and my son was ill too. And realized we had spend $1200 only for...

MMC SCM Data Inc / Fraud

Oct 02, 2016

Sowrabh sharma ceo, mmc systems inc, scm data inc, tekerp llc and board of directors of lancesoft, inc arrestedCompany name: lancesoft, inc. Name: sowrabh sharmaTitle: directorAddress: 13454 sunrise valley dr ste 120City/st/zip/co: herndon, va 20171Business owner, 2 firms face visa fraud...

Lowes / throwing away plants

Apr 19, 2016

I went to Lowes today to get some plants and saw a rose bush in the corner near the dumpster. I asked one of the sales representative why it was there, he told me that it was being thrown away. When I peeked into the dumpster I saw some more plants that were thrown away. I asked them if I...

Eagles Choice LLC / They took money and vanished

Mar 03, 2015

Scam, scam, scam. I filled the form and choose the cruise through the company Eagles Choice LLC. This company turned to be real scam, so better avoid them. They took money for the cruise, but after they confirmed the order and received my payment, I haven’t heard from these jerk...

Value City Furniture / bad service and bad quality

Nov 09, 2014

I bought recliner-sofa from Value city furniture. The recliner sofa didn't work right. I called for repairing. With couples of comversation, on oct 7th, I was told that someone will contact me in 2 days. There is no one. I called again Oct 30 for repairing, I was told will be contact in 2 days. Today is Nov 9th, Still, I am waiting ...

Gibson University Online / Fraud university fake one

Jun 25, 2014

Recently a very bad incident of cheating on how name of online mba education happend to me those guys from website used different names and they les me through I've chats and said they'll give scholarship from $[protected] if we register today reg fee 500 dollars . They sound so...

Castlight / castlight

Feb 16, 2014

1.Castlight has claims a backlog of 50M! ….I was an executive there until a couple of years ago and those numbers are all a pipe dream. 2. Gio and Park are trying to pull the wool over shareholders eyes yet again 3. Safeway was Castlight’s first customer- why are they not using...

CVENT / health

Feb 16, 2014

Someone representing themselves as a senior marketing officer of an "on-line meeting booking, sign up and event RSVP reminder service" by the name of Cvent, out of Virgina, contacted me the other day saying that they were calling specifically on behalf of my national professional...

Advance Cash USA / lawsuit

Feb 13, 2014

I have been receiving calls that say I need to contact them and its very urgent so I called and they told me I have a lawsuit being filed against me because they have tried over and over again to contact me and I have a loan that I took out with advance cash usa and I haven't paid it so...


Jan 29, 2014

The following letter says it all: “Light University Online leadership promised a group of students, including my family and I, a “lifetime” scholarship and also transferable credits to my local college through a partnership program. On a whim I emailed LUO asking if I...

NRA / unsolicited scare tactic phone call

Oct 11, 2012

I received a lying scare tactic phone call from a representative of NRA [protected]) The caller ID listed Herndon VA

Orchard Bank/HSBC / credit cards

May 05, 2012

The Orchard bank/HSBC credit card was closed and refered to a Cavalry Portfolio Services as a 3rd party Debt Collector. This Company then sold the Debt to some 4th Collector called Bronson Cawley and Bergmann, (people who want you to think they are lawyers but are not) who then violated...

Subway - Lynchburg, VA / hostile owner

Jan 26, 2012

If you order a basic item, and the sandwich apparently adds more toppings, without asking you what you want - expect to pay for it!!! At least that's what the owner of Lynchburg Virginia's Subway's commands. After over a year and a half of doing business with some great...

Domino's Pizza / unsatisfactory large pizza

Oct 19, 2011

Today, Wed., October 19, 2011, I was looking forward to having a good pizza with a friend. We have not had Dominoes in a while, and decided to give it a try. The pizza arrived cold, not even warm, it was very very skimpy on the topppings, (It was half pepperoni, half sausage), and it...

Portfolio Recovery Associates / Dozens of phone numbers

Jun 22, 2011

Portfolio Recovery Associates calls me at least once a day, most often from different phone numbers. I have no debt that is current, so I know they have no legal basis to call me. The calls come from 7 a.m. until after 9 p.m. They never leave a message, and if you answer, most often nobody...

Sally Beauty Supply / worst place to work

May 24, 2011

This is the WORST Company in the world to work for. They do not care about their employees-"we can be replaced" Their words. The pay is the absoloute worst. The Co always brags about how much money THEIR making but pay the employees who make that money for them crap, which is why they...

Make My Trip. Com / fraudulent and cheaters

Feb 18, 2011

Below is my complaint I sent on Feb 2nd, 2011 to Ms. Chadha from Make My Trip New York Office for travel arrangements made from USA to India. I am waiting and still no action on it, I just cant believe this company is such a Unprofessional, uncaring, giving fraud service to it...

Qvc/Mitsubishi 60&Diag. HD 1080p DLP TV W/Streamtv, 3D-Ready & Stand / horrible customer service

Jan 11, 2011

I placed an order for this product in November of 2010 as a Christmas gift for my mother and father. I received my item earlier than anticipated but was missing a very important part of it. It hadn't come with the stand to support the 60" TV I had purchased AND paid for (it may be...

KFC / store is ran by marijuana users


I used to work at kfc until i started to see a pattern with Al Watlands virginia mn store. tina maki jeremy kyander and a Lonnie what his last name is i do not know all smoke marijuana on the job. they all said when i confronted them on this they said they use fake urine to pass u.a. test...

Justin Morneau soft drink cups / Not Compliant


I live in Minnesota and I am a huge Minnesota Twins Fan. Well for the past month now they have been showing commericals showing Justin Morneau in a Mc Donald's commercial and at the end of the commercial they stated that you can stop at your local Mc Donald's and you can get any...

Pizza Hut / fired for no reason


well i worked for virginia, mn pizza hut for 5 plus years. and in july 2009 they fired me and would not give me a reason why. i did everything at the store. worked 7 days a week. somedays i worked ten plus hr days. i helped out everyone, never late, did what i was told. and was the fastest...

ncenglishbulldogs / tainted stud service


NC English Bulldogs STUD SERVICE IS TAINTED. STUD HAS MANGE IN BLOODLINE. YOUR BULLIES WILL BE GENETICALLY EFFECTED IN THE BLOOD LINE English Bulldog Stud Service in the VA, MD, NC, DE, PA, and WV ... NC English Bulldogs. Home. Puppies. More Pics. Stud Services. Health Care Needs ...

Newport News / refund


Well, where to begin. I am going to preface this complaint by saying that the only reason I can think of for the shoddy unprofessional customer service is the fact that they must be going out of business. Probably they were told to hold on to any refunds. I have talked to many people...

BB&T Banks / why do they still have $ to loan? because i'm sure they just stole it from their own clients


I have been used by this bank enough and today i'm finally going to put an end to it. Im closing everything with this bank today and to me it's just not enough. I want to tell my story and maybe help someone else not even start an account with these thieves. Which they truly are...

Nature Cleans Purenutrient / did not authorize further shipment and charges to my credit card


After receiving trial product from company - did not authorize any other products to be sent to my home or charged to my credit card — on 6/10 a charge of $93.95 was charged to my credit card and I want the company to credit my account for that amount and another previous amount that was not...

US Loss Mitigation OR Schultz and Schultz / mitigation scam


After having submitted several foreclosure cases to uslm & paying their fees, we were alerted to new "policies" today. The policy is anything over 60days old requires either you the agent ot take the file over and work it yourself or pay "$250" additional fees to have them continue to wrok...

Walgreens / as an employee


My experience Working for Walgreens More than one year ago I was hired at our neighborhood Walgreens's. All I can say is "wow. How did I last this long?".. Let me take you on a short story journey, on what REALLY happens inside our little home away from homes, that we call...