Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States

Panera Bread / sandwich

Oct 20, 2018

I ordered through Rapid Pick-Up at a location minutes from house and got the most disgusting sandwich I have ever had. I took one bite and immediately threw it out. It was put together so poorly and sloppy that the bread was so soggy and ripping apart. When I picked it up it completely...

Remit2India / cheating on exchange rate

Oct 19, 2018

When I booked transaction with remit2india (customer id : 2666522)transfer rate USD to INR was showing as 74.1 INR, so I was little impressed with rate as it was 10-15 paisa higher than others. So chosen remit2india. I socked see that they transferred money to India account with rate of...

HSN / unauthorized credit charges

Jul 10, 2018

I had the worst experience ever with getting my order, it was about three weeks after I ordered I called to find out why it was taking so long and it's almost time for my second payment and I haven't gotten the item yet, even though I paid for shipping and handling of the item, it went to...

Chili's Grill & Bar / quality of food

Jun 02, 2018

The quality and the grade of the Chicken is not what it used to be at all. I remember when the Chicken was really really good, I'm not sure what the company is using now, but my cat probably wouldn't eat it. It's like a fast food McDonald's quality for sure. Please bring back the better food...

Ford Motor Company / ford escape 2010- power steering recall

Nov 21, 2017

I own A 2010 Ford Escape that has had two recalls both of which were fixed in 2016. The power steering recall was supposedly fixed last year, this recall was for a power steering assist fault which causes the wheel to complete lock up making the car near impossible to maneuver. On thi...

Walgreen's / availability of personal products

Sep 05, 2017

Walgreen's was (I believed) my only source for "Always Discreet" pads. The Quincy MA store was convenient, and I bought pens, cards, grocery supplies and Instaflex etc. etc. also, when I was there. Just thought it fair to let the company know that since they suddenly discontinued THE BEST...

Mobstub / customer service & returning defective product

Aug 23, 2017

I received my order & upon opening it an offensive odor of gasoline came from the package. The product was suppose to be a leather cross body bag but was more like a giant wallet. It had no paking slip, no reciept, no anything with it from the company. I immediately went to Face Book & saw...

South Shore YMCA / customer abuse

Aug 18, 2016

On july 11th at roughly 3:00 pm, my uncle and i entered the ymca at the south shore quincy branch. Upon entering the branch, i handed a woman named heather working at the front desk my card. When she received my card she scanned it, looked at the screen and asked me what my name was. When...

YuppTV / package renewal

Mar 08, 2016

Hi, I started subscribing Yupp TV package since 3rd August. I remember it was yearly package for 15X.XX $. Now i got an email mentioning that 6 months package is over and auto renewal for next month has began with 2X.XX $. In my profile info it doesnt show the previuos package i had, and...

Success Driving School / Driving Lesson and road test

Nov 02, 2015

I feel like as was scammed by Success driving school located at 70 Billings Road, Quincy, MA. First and foremost, I went to the school one beginning of September and the receptionist scheduled a road test on October 16th. However, I never heard back from them for a month. When I called the...

Cooper Vision / terrible product

Feb 19, 2013

Okay, so my whole life I have used acuvue lenses, and got them from lens crafters. I moved to quincy a few years ago, and due to money issues, I wore glasses. When my bf offered to buy me a years worth for xmas, I was elated. I went to the local lens crafters and paid the 89 for the exam...

Mobile Media Solutions / Criminal activity - Fraudulent subscription to paid services

Jan 28, 2012

This company are real criminals - I'm dead serious. They practice fraudulent subscription of people to their "services" by deceiving them - they mask the subscription process so that it looks like some lottery entry or something else. The main thing is that they make you enter your...

Aspen Dental / unethical behavior and shoddy work

Jun 07, 2011

Earlier this year I was pressured into expensive scaling because I was told I had periodontal disease. When the hygenist who took xrays asked me if I was pregnant I told her that no, I just had a miscarriage and I was trying again so I was hesitant about having xrays. She told me that the...

AAMCO Transmissions & Auto Service / overcharging

Apr 28, 2011

Mike here at Aamco seemed such a nice man and promised to give me an honest price for repairing my transmission.Once they had opened up the transmission($399 charge refundable if you pay for repairs), he claimed that he couldn't get spares and would need to completely replace it with...

Walgreens Pharmacy / prescription error

Apr 13, 2011

On 4/11/2011 I went to pick up my rx., as I do every week and by the yime I got home gave my baby a tub I realized they only gave me half of my rx. Which is only 7 pills my rx. Is for 14. I called the store, explained what happened, and I had a witness with me to confirm my story. I wa...

Manet Bar and Grille / Harassment - Bartender Negligent

Jan 15, 2011

A person who I have had numerous problems with in the past, e.g., verbal harassment, stalking, entered the bar and came to sit at the end where I was sitting. He began saying harassing things to the people sitting next to him, one of whom confronted me with "You're going to let thi...

Walmart / walmart stole money from me


I am an employee at Wal-Mart in Quincy, Ma. 02169 I was off from work yesterday and went shopping there. I was over charged for an item I bought and discovered it after I got home. I took my receipt and the bar code from the item and went to customer service to be refunded for the over...

Quirk Auto Body / NEVER use Quirk Auto Body


My husband and I purchased two brand new Kias from Quirk Kia in March 2010. When I was in an accident on 6/19/10 my first reaction was to bring it back to the dealer to be repaired. After all it only had 3400 miles on it and I wanted it repaired correctly. That was the biggest mistake I...



I had my 2010 Chevy Tahoe towed to Quirk Auto Body due to an accident where I was side swiped by a drunk driver. I purchased this vehicle new from Quirk Chevrolet back in March for almost $60k and figured the dealer would be the right place to have it repaired since their technicians must...

Walgreen's / no website for feedback survey


Just like everyone else on this list, I'm complaining about Walgreen's Feedback Survey. I tried to find the website, which is listed on the Walgreen's receipt as the place to go online to complete a survey for customer satisfaction and be entered...

skip goldberg / unauthorized charge


I was charged for $1.17 Unauthorized charge to my Visa Card ending in 9908 Please creidt back this amount. I was also charged $1.93 from NEWWEB Please make refunds to my visa.

Walmart / horrible manager


I was dedicated customer at the Walmart store located in Quincy, ma The reason I am writing this letter is because I believe that the disrespectful behavior of staff toward employees and customers should be investigated. The store manager, Michelle (asian woman)to his staff in such a...

Home Depot / bad customer service


The store located at 465 Centre Street, Quincy, MA 02169 The store manager of the Home depot store must have brain damage or have a pig head. This store is located across from Quincy Adams subway station. The subway station itself has a parking garage, but during weekdays, it is very hard...

Dunkin Donuts / the lazy managers


There is a Dunkin Donuts in Quincy, Ma on Sea st. I am a regualer at this store and it has great service with the exception of the Managers. When i go there I am on my way to work and i expect to be in and out with a perfect cup of coffee. Its early in the morning and busy so why is there...

Precision Time / Broke my watch


Hi, I went to Precision time for replacing battery for my high end Rado watch which I have bought from Switzerland. I asked the counter lady whether can do this work and she told yes. I gave the watch, and she tried to put the back cover on, failed and failed over and over. I told her not...

Friendly's / bad services from the manager


My boyfriend and I always go there for Ice Creams during summer time and never had problem, but last night we went it was really horrible, horrible. I think the lady was the manager there, her name is Julie, but she didn't worn a name tag. she took our ice cream orders, we have...

BETA BKK 866-669-9456 GBR / Unathorized charge on CRedit card


Received 3 unathorized charges on my credit card in the amount of $39.97 with 3 different names (lots of people in Google complaining about the same exacly scam) OTL MEDIA LIMITED [protected] GBR + JMN CORP [protected] GBR

Updo For Bride / Owner Kim / Ruined my day!


10/29/07 The owner made me over 2 hrs late for my bach. party & WORSE 11/06/07 2 hours late for my own wedding & charged me double!!! I have been a customer of Skin Deep dealing w/the owner Kim for almost 10 years. I have hair, coloring, waxing. I hired Kim for my wedding make-up & updo...