Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Grimes, Iowa, United States

Target Brands / promotional gift cards

Oct 18, 2018

Promotional gift cards are not for the benefit of the customer. Recent transactions that I have made at Target show that I am still charged for the promotional gift card when the promotion is met. For example: if one was to purchase $25 worth of accessories and receive a $5 promo gift...

Home Box Office [HBO] / bill maher crossed a line, it's up to hbo to address his conduct

May 08, 2017

Bill Maher's incest 'joke' about Ivanka Trump crossed the line. He should be forced to apologize ! Never would any TV personality make such a disgusting remark about president Obama and one of his daughters . The fact that it happened on your network makes you complicit. I will be watching... / Cancelled order

Aug 23, 2016

I have purchased $100 worth items from and they took my money. I received all the confirmations and everything seemed fine. Three days later I received a message from this company and was told that my order was cancelled. No explanation was included. I contacted...

Iowa Steak Company / your employees going door to door selling meat the know is bad be it old or frozen thawed frozen

Mar 17, 2016

ON March 16, 2016, two of your where going door to door quite in my judgement alittle late in the evening for legitment sales calls, Then names of these two men are dave and larry, which are the names on the reciept. The meet is obviously past its expiration or has been frozen thawed and...

ServPro / Mold Remediation

Sep 24, 2015

We feel that Servpro has completely failed in their own quality assurance process to assist in resolving the far too many problems we've had with their franchise located in Grimes, IA and owned by Brian Burkle. I've left a review on Yelp, BBB, and a number of other sites.  I've contacted the... / I got nothing: no communication, no delivery

Jun 12, 2015

I bought some anime things from the company Basically, the main problem was the communication with the seller. I placed the order and paid on time, but after that the seller simply avoided me. He hasn’t replied to my emails and messages. I have no idea where my...

Ralph Lauren / durability of their shoes


I bought a pair of 79.99 of Ralph Lauren dress pumps and they did not hold up at all. The material is coming off, and they look awful. The sole is even falling off.