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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Dubuque, Iowa

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / $5 dollar fill up

sydneyann on May 20, 2018

I arrived at kfc in dubuque expecting to get a pop, a cookie, a biscuit, a drum and a thigh. While pulling up at the window we had great customer service that told me they are out of biscuits so I would get my side of coleslaw for free. Sweet! I got my food and drove home. I was eating my...

Lane Home Furniture / reclining sofa/loveseat

jayne david on May 16, 2018

our loveseat has had its mechanism replaced 4 times by the people of Minnesota furniture in dubuque iowa and it is still not working...they said now they are waiting for the part and continue to put us off. the sofa--the springs came out of the back of it and the leather is peeling. they have...

Taco Bell / drive thru service

Burl1969 on May 11, 2018

For the first (two) times in my life Ive left a drive thru line- both have been at Taco Bell, and both were in the last nine days (different Dubuque stores). First time I was #5 in the queue. Already ordered, and for 13 minutes no cars I left, as did the four other cars. Second time...

Gambler / gambler gold 1lb bulk tobacco

Lynn Schminkey on Apr 27, 2018

We have purchased Gambler Gold for over a year. I started noticing a problem about 4 months ago. The tobacco was drier than previous bags & had larger leaves plus more sticks. We put it off as a bad batch, the next few bags were a little better. But the last 2 bags were terrible, the one...

Panera Bread / free pick-two

Jonah Puls on Feb 19, 2018

I was in Milwaukee previously and had poor service while there, so I was given a coupon type thing for a free pick-two. I don't live in the Milwaukee area, so I tried to use it at my local restaurant in Dubuque, Iowa. Of course, they would not accept it, so I got bad service and...

Einstein Bros Bagels / bagel order

KendraC on Jan 25, 2018

I ordered a jalepeno cheddar bagel with onion cream cheese at the Dubuque Iowa, Wacker Drive location. When I opened the bagel to eat it there was a big lump on the corner of the bagel, it was burnt and covered in cream cheese. I almost continued to eat it thinking it was a jalepeno or an...

The Stahl Family / email advertised sale

Carolxxx on Nov 11, 2017

I received a mass email for an advertised sale of electronics. I showed up before the store opened and there were approximately 30 people in line waiting. I was in line for a phone. The two groups in front of me were in line for TVs. I was approached by an employee with a clipboard asking...

Target Brands / red cards, shopping cart, customer service

Zenner on Nov 2, 2017

First your red cards are faulty. I gave up trying to use mine, when it started denying my purchases I called customer service who insisted I moved and didn't give them my new address. I did NOT move but customer service argued with me and said I did. Now you went ahead and screwed up...

Hostess Brands / hostess zinger. chocolate

Joker666 on Oct 17, 2017

I purchased a moldy zinger from Vendors unlimited vending machine. I took a bite without noticing and then went to check the other one I purchased. Both were in date Nov 7th and I am not sure but their are more that people can purchase. I would like to reimbursed for the money I wasted on...

Dairy Queen / sanitary

Teckstein on Sep 15, 2017

Going in to order two small ice cream cones. I watch several employees playing with their mouth or hair then handling food without washing their hands. I went and found a worker and told her I didn't want that lady to touch my cone after playing with her lips and handling money which by...