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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Kokomo, Indiana

Steak And Shake / entire order/multiple orders

HBauer1996 on Dec 11, 2017
It seems like every single time i have used the mobile or computer ordering at the essex drive location in kokomo indiana; my order is messed up. I've had 2 times where my sandwhiches werent right and my fiance had to go all the way back to get it fixed; then this time right now (830pm...

Harbor Freight Tools / manager

Chris Bowen on Nov 28, 2017
I have a manager at Harbor Freight Tools in Kokomo Indiana. The manager's name is James Craig. He is abusing his power to me and others. He was yelling at the cashier beside me who's trying to help me login and the manager James yelled at her for trying to help me saying that he...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / wait time

Dawn Michel on Nov 23, 2017
On Nov. 23, 2017 at 10:51 PM (Thanksgiving Night/Black Thursday shopping) my daughter and I went to the counter and waited probably 7 minutes or so for someone to acknowledge us and take our order. This only happened after I had told the cashier we had not yet been waited on. My daughter...

Greeno Productions / Southern Bounty / anthony greeno.

Redd Edge Sr . on Nov 21, 2017
Anthony Greeno Indiana' s con man and criminal is now where he belongs in jail. On 11-14-2017 he was booked in to the Tippecanoe Co., Indiana Jail for Body Attachment ( warrant ) . He failed to pay child support . He has 4 children by 3 women and fail to be a man and provide for them...

Kmart Stores / bethany

Bobby Pentagrass on Nov 17, 2017
Ok you have 2 managers 1 is the big boss I guess the the mid level but the big boss her name is Bethany she is a bully I over hared an employee talking about another manager there named Alexis she said Bethany treats her like a dog makes her work when she wants her to work changes her...

Anthony Greeno / criminal acts / dishonesty / fraud.

Hank Lockhart on Nov 17, 2017
Rene 'Anthony ' Charles Greeno 1-5-1986 of Kokomo, Indiana was arrested yet again. This is his 31 charge. He was arrested Body Attachment (warrant) in Carroll Co.. Case # 79DO3-0705-SP-00301, Charge # 293550, Booking # 135746, 11-14-2017, active bond. www3. tippecanoe.in.gov His other...

Anthony Greeno / con man / felon.

Li Dave Chen on Nov 13, 2017
Anthony Greeno is a conman operating in Delphi, Indiana. He has a long criminal record going back to 2005 . He is a felon on Parole for Escape . He is trying to make people think he is a reporter. By making videos on youtube . He is working Michael Leroy Stroup on these videos. Where they...

Michael Stroup / fake videos / fraud.

Hans Vondersmit on Nov 12, 2017
Michael Leroy Stroup of Delphi, Indiana makes vides that are misleading and false. H is harming a criminal investigation in two murders in Indiana. He is a criminal him self. He has arrests in 6-4-2007 for dis. conduct, alcohol poss., rest. arrest, sex offense / public exposure and batt...

Kroger / grocery bagger on shift

Kristin Chester on Oct 31, 2017
The lady ringing up my order accidentally charged me for way more than the 2 donuts at $.75/ea (not sure if it was a half dozen or a dozen but definitely way too much money) and was obviously annoyed when I asked her to correct the problem right there instead of sending me to wait in...

Family Dollar Stores / jello strawberry gelatin

ultrav24 on Oct 22, 2017
under neath the price was .75 cents a box, , i grabbed 3, when it rang up at $1.00 a box i said something to cashier, she said oh well i will let him know later, , well that was on the 19th of oct, yesterday i stopped in for one other item and jello still said .75 for the strawberry, , so...
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