Consumer Complaints & Reviews in McHenry, Illinois, United States

LoseTheBackPain / cancelling direct debit

Jan 02, 2019

I cannot cancel my subscription for the heal and sooth product and you have charged me for another bottle. I have not received any secondary product and I have only had the original bottle since the 28th of dec. cancel my payment immediately. I have reported this site to the fraud...

The Healthy Back Institute / c-hns-bottle -1- heal-n-soothe returned, by us postal service on aug. 1, 2018 and no refund yet? efund of $49.95 dollars

Dec 13, 2018

This company Healthy Back Institute located at 4610 Prime Parkway, Mchenry, Il 60050, phone number [protected] will not refund my $49.95 dollars back since my debit payment on July24, 2018. I have contacted them by email letters, phone calls, and regular mail letter to no help from...

Snowy Hollow Siberian Cats / fraudulent business practice

Dec 08, 2018

On 10/1 I sent Anastasia Moccaldi, Owner/Operator of Snowy Hollow Siberian Cats, $200 deposit for a cat. The balance was to be paid upon delivery of the animal. Per Anastasia, she would deliver the cat after she to her to the vet to have her neutered. Shortly after, my wife then received a...

Rosati's / jim manager of mchenry

Nov 30, 2018

My husband and I placed our order for delivery. We waited an hour and a half before calling to check the status of our order. upon calling we were greeted by the manager JIM who stated the food was delivered but nobody answered the door or the number provided. I asked him to repeat the...

Ross / child's winter coat

Oct 23, 2018

I purchased a child's winter coat at Ross in September. A beautiful warm coat. Earlier this month she wore it twice due to somewhat frigid temperatures. After the first time she wore it I threw the tags and receipt away, of course, I had no intentions of not keeping the beautiful coat...

Hallmark / jewelry item missing from my purchase

Aug 26, 2018

I was in Amy's Hallmark Store #642, McHenry Illinois on Saturday, August 25, 2018 looking for housewarming gifts. I had found a bracelet in the clearance section that had a charm on it with a purple color rhinestone in it. I'm at the counter and Erin is ringing up my purchase and wrapping...

The Healthy Back Institute 4610 Prime Parkway / had never asked to join a repeat program of heal n sooth but product keeps arriving in the mail and being billed to my master card.

Jun 08, 2018

I have emailed each time requesting they cease sending Heal N Sooth, but so far after three emails no success.The first contact was for a sample bottle only which was to cost postage only. But without any correspondence by myself or the Healthy Back Institute another bottle arrived in the...

Craigslist / animals on craigslist

Jun 01, 2018

Im so very upset and very disgusted that craiglist allows people to sell and give animals away for free!? Why?? Alot of these animals are abused, murdered and used for bait in pitbull fighting. Please please end this practice and prohibit any selling or giving animals away for free. Im an...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / hairs in my food

May 27, 2018

I bought a burrito to go and I was super excited to eat it since I had not eaten all day. When I unwrapped my burrito, there was a hair on the tortilla. I took off the hair and just ate around the area the hair was since I was extremely hungry. I started biting more into the burrito and...

Jewel-Osco / bathroom problems

Apr 20, 2018

I was mortified about my situation that there were no toilet paper, napkins, soap towels Nothing in bthrm none of the necessities needed in a bthrm. At my time of need. . I am embarrassed and ashamed, and just upset as u can imagine just talking about this isvery embarrassing ... I did my purchased and then went home very upset. I spoke to a manager.

LoseTheBackPain / I tried calling this am and was on forever hold

Apr 16, 2018

I need to cancel the auto ship I apparently am on as of this date. I do not have a client number but I do have a shipment ID: P10550447. My name is Joye Christen, address is 3801 Eastview Drive, Yakima, WA 98902. I did not receive any help for my back pain and realize by problem curvature...

General Motors Corporation / 2015 gmc sierra crew cab diesel

Apr 14, 2018

This is my second GMC 2500 HD diesel pick-up truck and put over 250, 000 miles on the first truck. That's the reason for getting a new one in 2015. It ran fine for the first 155, 000 miles (mainly highway miles). About 2 weeks ago (4-1-18) my low engine coolant indicator came on. Note: the...

The Healthy Back Institute / heal n soothe

Apr 09, 2018

I ordered this product and for six months would get another supply which was not doing me any good and I cancelled. I phoned and cancelled and sent back two bottles back because it has a 90 day Money Back guarantee. I sent the two bottles back insured as they suggest to find that they only...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / quality of food, restaurant, service

Feb 08, 2018

The quality of the food has been deteriorating for a while now. My sister and brother in law who used to be employed by that building stated that the manangment has been very lazy and putting little effort into their position. They also stated that the cleanliness of the establishment i...

Healthy Back Institute / heal n soothe

Feb 01, 2018

The Healthy Back Institute is a complete scam. They just keep billing your credit card for so-called products even after you have called, cancelled your account and requested a refund. I almost feel sorry for their customer service representatives. If and when you actually talk to one of...

Nicor / gas turned off

Jan 18, 2018

I recently purchased my first home in McHenry, IL. There is a 2nd home in my town with the same address as mine so I had issues setting up my account. I had my gas meter moved from my basement to outside last month. The issues with my address were to be taken care of last month. I came...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / food

Dec 16, 2017

I Went to steak and shake and waited about 25 minutes in the drive through. When i Got home three of the four burgers i ordered had buns that were very burnt and hard to the point where it was no where near decent to eat. The Fries were also about half filled as well. I usually have...

Bob's Discount Furniture / loveseat tear

Dec 08, 2017

Purchased the Jackson set in July 2017, in November the seam of the back cushion had torn and worked it's way up through the cushion. Bobs sent out a technician who deemed it to not be a manufacturers problem, but tried fixing anyways which held up for not even a week because it was poorly...

Aaron's / customer service

Nov 13, 2017

I have previously rented from Aarons in Mchenry, Il back in 2014. I had completed the contract and paid the device in full. Now I have had the occasional issue of being late on a few occasions all for less than a month late but always caught up. This current contract I have was issued, per... / account hacked

Sep 17, 2017

My account was hacked, match closed my account and refunded my money, but never sent any explanation wnat was going on. I never wanted a refund just the problem fixed. I called Match they told me to use a different email and start over, so I did. Then after a few days Match closed my...

Meijer / Misleading items on sale

Sep 07, 2017

I was at Meijer in McHenry Illinois, I was shopping the five for $5 off sale. One of the items I wanted was cereal. In the center aisle was a stand alone display with only cereal and the 5 for 5 signs. I grabbed the Apple Jacks and continued to shop. After checking out I looked at my...

Snowy Hollow Siberian Cats / cats & kittens

Jul 14, 2017

I am writing to alert people who are looking to adopt a kitten from SNOWY HOLLOW SIBERIANS to be aware of the potential issues. I wish I had read the previously posted complaint on this site before committing serious dollars to adopting a kitten from this breeder, because our experience...

Houzz / sofa

Jul 11, 2017

I ordered an expreso left arm facing sofa revived black color.The driver took it back.I called every day was put on hold than disconnected.I went to bank and disputed charges.My bank tried to work with customer service but they put her on hold and disconnected.I filed the dispute and Today...

The Salvation Army USA / help! mchenry store has no air conditioning.

Jul 04, 2017

For years now the Mchenry salvation army store on Elm street has been in bad shape. It is now July with the weather being in the upper 80's. Inside the store it is so hot that you immediately start to sweat. The air conditioning is not working again. Why must a customer be subjected to...

Jewel-Osco / taco dip

Jun 07, 2017

We are disappointed in the taco dip we purchased today. It was expensive and not made correctly. The refried beans, cream cheese and beef dip were missing; we only had cheese, olives, scallions, and tomatoes. Please see attached photos of product and receipt. I would like to receive a...

Yahoo! / I cannot view my individual emails

Mar 12, 2017

I use chrome, and every time I go into my email account to try to view my emails they will not open. I can click on them forever, and nothing will happen. I have to resort to right clicking them, and then viewing the raw message. That does not always work and it is really pissing me off. Please fix my email. Thank you. My email is [protected]

Snowy Hollow Siberian Cats / Breeder selling sick kittens

Jan 11, 2017

It's been 3 months since purchasing my kitten from Snowy Hollow the beginning of October 2016 and I cannot recommend you purchase a kitten from Anastasia. The day after we took her home we took him to the vet because we were kind of concerned about his eye. This was something that I asked...

Home of the Sparrow / Being denied for no reason

Sep 10, 2016

Hello, I am writing not only about this organization but also the lack of resources available for single moms and their families. There are not enough shelters for women especially in the Illinois and limited in Michigan. I am currently a resident of Illinois but do to my struggles and being...

Matt Teacher / AT&T rewards

Aug 26, 2016

Signed up for wireless internet servicein March of 2016. Was told a card would be mailed out. Kept an eye out for mail from AT & T and never received anything for a couple months. I figured that maybe you needed to pay a few bils and then they would send it out. Finallly, after never...

Revolution Golf / Unfulfilled Order

Jan 05, 2016

On December 8, 2015, I ordered a product from Revolution Golf that they were promoting. This was to be a Christmas gift for my husband. The week before Christmas, still nothing; so I phoned the company. Nobody would answer the phone. Finally, on December 23, I emailed customer service with...

healthy back institute / unauthorized billing

Jul 13, 2015

This Scam organization offered a Free Sample of back pain pills for only payment of minimal shipping cost I paid by card by card. They sent a small bottle of their product. I took this to my medical doctor. He strongly advised against my use as one of their ingredients was not at all...

Cleary Building Corp. / Poor communication, difficult to work with

Jun 15, 2015

I had a building built by Cleary Building Corp, based in Verona WI; I used their Lake Geneva Office. In short, the building was 6 weeks LATE to begin the build and they misjudged the soil and asked for 25% more for the difficult soil. I paid for some of that. The crew was wrapping up on a...

Dollar Tree / broken toys

Sep 04, 2014

I bought 2 toys and when I got them home they were broken. I tried to return them and they said I bought them at k mart. There is no k mart around here. Why would I spend 25.00 dollar and try to scam 2.00. Makes no sense. The manager called me a lair. I will post this on facebook and...

Windy City Worldwide / Follow up

Mar 17, 2012

They are the manufacturer of rubber boats. We purchased an engine for the boat at the same time. California DMV required a title to the boat to register the vessel for use on public water ways. I cannot get a title or response from this company has send certified mailing and gotten signed...

grants 360 / took unauthorized money and refuses full refund


Thought you should know Grants 360 is still up to their deceptive business practices. I was charged $2.97 for a "free trial". Then two days later I was charged $57.61. I've filed a complaint with my bank's(chase) dispute department on Friday August 20, 2010 because I also wa...

Income -accelerator / Justin Blake


I too gave my Credit Card details to cover postage AU$13 for 'Income -Accelerator" The postage for him US$1 was first noticed and the senders information was covered by a Mail Sticker from a Mail Center.(the covered address/4610 prime Parkway, McHenry, IL.)next month another DVD wa...

Charles Ryder Income Cloner / billing for products not ordered


Recurring bills for product not ordered and give a number to reach them and the number can not be completed. I feel that this company is defrauded the public and should be stopped.

eBay Success System Kit / taking money for something I didn't order


my 89 yrs; old mother visithing from Hungary made a mistake not fully understud what she was doing when i got the bank statement i asked her if she bought something she said yes i'm getting a FREE info from E-Bay. i called them told them what happened that we did not used the...



Ryder Marketing indicates that for a fee of $7.95 + shipping you will receive a CD that will show you the way to making huge amounts of money on the Internet. The CD is not worth $7.95 or the time to listen to it. Ryder fails to inform you that they are going to be charging your Credit...

Dirrect TV / dirrect tv lies


I had dirrect tv for eight years. The service was ok; we did loose signal when it rained or if there was a strong wind. When a new company offered service to our area at a much lower price I decided it was time to switch. I called dirrect tv and told them I wanted to cancel my service...