Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / deliveries

Jan 04, 2019

The UPS driver for my home is a blond lady always wearing a visor. We have security cameras and she is always mumbling something to herself. She ALWAYS throw my packages. She got no gentle manners. All my packages are from Amazon and she doesn't seem too thrilled to deliver them and ha...

Holiday INN / the breakfast restaurant service

Dec 24, 2018

Her name is Pam she tall, white race. As soon as we got there yesterday morning. She was very impatient with us. She treated others friendly those that are her same race. And too us she was very rude that when we were yrying to order she would suck her teeth and breath bad attitude. We...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / new tenant and disabled with child won't turn on power 42* winter time

Dec 19, 2018

Yes I'm in a wheelchair and have a 8yr old child. I moved into my new place and when I call to turn on power fpl sends me to another service saying investigation services. While I speak to them they want to speak to owner whom called them. The owner calls me back saying go ahead call fpl...

DirecTV / technician

Nov 26, 2018

on november 1 a technician visit us to fix a problem wich he did got it fix but when he left we notice tools missing from my garage i contact by phone and its a dead end no luck as soon my contract its over i want no business with direct tv i hope some one can help me recover my tools a...

Tire Kingdom / TBC Corporation / routine maintenance

Nov 04, 2018

I went in for an oil change and a tire rotation. They never called me to tell me my car was ready, when I called this morning I received instant attitude from "George" who said he did call and I had him read back my number, he called the wrong number...he never apologized. He then...

Lasership / Delivery driver

Nov 03, 2018

On 11/2/18 at at approximately 12 Noon I noticed a light colored GM SUV traveling down our street at a high rate of speed. I live in a gated community and the posted speed limit is 15 mph and the roads are narrow. I waved my hand in a down motion to get the vehicle to slow down however it...

Candy Crush Saga / losing my coins

Oct 26, 2018

Purchased 5 lives, everything seemed normal, played using one life, lost went to play again said I had no lives. This is the 3rd time this has happened in the last 3 week's. First time I figured it was a glitch, so I let it go. Second time I thought the same but was angry. This time I'm...

Joe Stewart / stole $5000 from a marketing investment

Oct 20, 2018

Joe Stewart portrays himself as a great guy, which is what lured me into befriending him. After a year of networking I spoke to him about building something y together. He then told me about his wine and credit repair businesses. He showed me payment stubs that show he makes a constant...

Ex SunTrust Bank Teller / mistreatment

Oct 02, 2018

SunTrust started out as a good place Until you show your not a dumb African american than it's a problem I've worked my tail of at that company and can't move up I've even worked full time with the impression that I was receiving it only to be told oh ur will happen in...

Florida Blue / lack of training for florida blue customer service

Sep 15, 2018

I called several times about a bill I was getting from my Doctor that Florida Blue had denied payment, Florida Blue paid nothing on this bill zero, and yet the Doctors office was sending me the balance of that bill. I had this itching feeling in my brain that even though Florida blue had told...

Circle K Stores / supervisor and a manger

Sep 13, 2018

I'm a handicap 46 yr woman that was Brutalized by police on the 12 of September. Falsely arrested over a cup of coffe at circle k. Which the attending supervisor was the one that insited the quarrel walking into a conversation misunderstanding what I said n I wasn't even the one...

Sam's Club / Sam's West / no product complaints at all

Sep 04, 2018

Greetings, I wanted to express a concern more so than a complaint. I am a retired Army veteran of 30 years. I retired in October 2014. However I opened up a business back in 2006, and I also became a Sam's club member because I would be in need of lots of supplies for my restaurant, and I...

Aarons / tv

Sep 01, 2018

I had a TV recently and a couple people i knew acted like i was suppose to pawn it for cash loan currently and i have had a hard time getting it out theee people are currently incarcerated now but formost a lot of it was there fault cause they were users and cons and im having hard time...

Chevron Food Mart / coke 12 fridge pack

Aug 25, 2018

It's the second time I buy a 12 pack of coke and at least 3 or 4 cans are busted open you can not tell when you buy it because there is no leakage around the box. I don't see it until I'm at home.. I love drinking cokes from the can as well as my family but if this continues I will have to...

LG Electronics / black stainless refrigerator sn#610krucoa502 model lfxs30766d

Aug 17, 2018

Greetings: The finish of the black stainless refrigerators are flawed. No refrigerator should peel when you use the water dispenser. I purchased the refrigerator on 6/9/17 at Jetson, 10350 S. Federal Hwy, Port St. Lucie FL 34952. One week after the 1 year warranty was over I noticed the...

Rooms To Go / damaged furniture

Jul 25, 2018

Order #22980851EX I must begin by stating when i first received my furmiture, the couch arm was crushed and broken and the loveseat had scratches. Now, rooms to go redelivered both a new couch and loveseat, and everthing went fine for about a month or so, Then, I noticed the leather rubbed...

Medvance Fortis Institute / nursing school

Jun 12, 2018

I was in the adn program and was supposed to graduate july 2017. I was forced to put my education on hold by the dean because I had to have surgery. I did not miss any class and was cleared to go to class/clinicals. They were aware that I was on pain medications all along (for a year after...

Save On Resorts / vacation savings

May 17, 2018

Save your money. This company is a big rip off. Attended their presentation. Price was $7995.00 for a membership, that can be willed down. They prey on seniors with a checkbook ready or credit card. They gave 1st couple a $2k disc. When we hesitated, our price came down to $1995+545 registration fee...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / upset devoted customer

Apr 25, 2018

Hello, I'm a devoted customer that loves your food. I went there on Monday April 23rd with a bogo. It was around 11 in the morning and purchased two chickens bowls, the cashier at the time was very rude asking me where I got this bogo and who gave this to me. After I explained that an...

Taco Bell Store #24546 / rude manager

Apr 21, 2018

Manager was very rude towards employee. I felt like the employee was being treated unfairly. It should have been addressed in a different manner. You need to show respect to every employee, not just your favorites! I myself have been a manager before so you shouldn't treat anyone...

Massage Envy / membership

Mar 28, 2018

To whom it may concern, since I started the membership with Massage Envy I explain to their office that I want to cancel this membership because I can't afford to pay for it. They refuse to cancel my membership that they can only suspend it I dint think no one should be told they cannot...

Netflix / obama platform for more divisiveness

Mar 10, 2018

Former President Obama is no longer relevant nor is his rhetoric welcome in this country and yet he continues to stick his nose and cause trouble whenever he has the opportunity. Why give him a platform to continue his divide? Why upset subscribers just to cater to his divisiveness and...

Rain Soft / water softener

Feb 21, 2018

I will never borrow rainfall system again this is the four unit that I have bought in the past 15 years have we tend to buy one when we buy new home We arrive home in our system was laying on the ground all they did was set it on the ground and a cat fight going into the house no safety...

A.C. Moore / clerk named christine at 1725 nw st. lucie west blvd, port st lucie fl 34986

Feb 17, 2018

There is a clerk/somewhat manager named christine who has the absolute worst customer service skills. Our store has branded her the worst out of all the craft stores including michaels, joann's, hobby lobby, old time, you name it. When a bunch of us crafters come in, others will ask "wa...

Holiday Builders / unethical behaviour

Jan 30, 2018

My wife and I after looking at several competitors first, decided to build with Holiday homes in port saint lucie, fl. to get the best bang for our buck. The experience was horrific to say the least. Our house was "completed" in about eight months. The house sat for 7 weeks until our...

Panera Bread / unable to refund money to panera account immediately

Jan 11, 2018

I ordered a arugula chicken salad at panera today with a passion green tea. I picked up my rapid pick up through the drive through and got straight to work. Open it up first I notice I don't even have a fork to eat this with. Then I open the salad and more than half of the lettuce is bad...

United Healthcare / breach of contract/acting in bad faith

Dec 06, 2017

It is painfully obvious what United Health Care has been doing and it will not work on me! It is obvious that UHC has deliberately delayed and denied since 9/27/17 my healthcare treatment, putting my health (and life) in jeapordy. The UHCr obvious tactic being to kick it down the road long...

Golden Corral / golden corral port saint lucie fl /saint lucie west

Nov 28, 2017

I frequently eat here but after being mistreated by nearly every employee I spoke to this afternoon, I'm reconsidering . The main problem was, I politely asked the manager if I could have some lemons for my drink (the lemons on the line we're absolutely disgusting &I photographed them... / beware!!! you will not get what you pay for.

Oct 28, 2017

Do NOT Buy From Glyde!!! You will NOT get what you pay for.I bought a game on 10/15..and 13 days later not even shipped...also, they try and steal your payment info for you cannot even delete your payment information.I wrote them 3 times now asking about this item, they answered my first...

Burger King / chicken sandwich

Oct 21, 2017

I Purchased two chicken sandwiches the number 8 today at approximately 1133 am..when we got home the chicken sandwiches were burnt. When I tried to call two times no one picked up the phone. I had to go to work so could not go back. This is poor customer service for the quality of the food...

Bath & Body Works Direct / lack of products

Oct 07, 2017

I have been shopping at bath and body works for many years and i always look forward to the fall scents that come out and there all really none available this year. I am really disappointed in the lack of fall scented products and the fact that in the beginning of October the company i...

Domino's Pizza / pizza making

Oct 06, 2017

U will sue dominos for unsafe pizza and insurance is very important.I need every single dominos pizza to.start using gloves, no matter what for everything.Someone can have an std and a cut while making pizza and putting toppings on and give the virus to someone, I was really...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / nuclear facility security

Sep 13, 2017

My name is Sean. I was on facebook, when I came across a post by one of your nuclear facility security guards. This "man's" name is Gary Karwoski. He works at either the Port St Lucie or Hutchinson Island facility. You have to see it to believe it. He stated that he wished hurricane...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / service outage port saint lucie fl 34953

Sep 12, 2017

FPL turned the power all around us except since their was some vines on the fuse they didn't want to close recloser fuse because it was too much effort. It was a 10 min job and they refused to do the work. Made up a story about the whole lateral not working but that was a lie as all other...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / power

Sep 12, 2017

Power went out in my PSL house on 9/9 during 60mph wind gusts from Irma. Storm passes, no damage in my neighborhood other than some tree branches. 9/12 now, still no power, and can't get a hold of any live reps from FPL because "it's not an emergency." Meanwhile, people half a block away...

L'oreal / true match mineral powder

Aug 29, 2017

Love the coverage, hate the mess. First when you open the powder to use the blush brush the powder has shifted and gets all over my shirt, counter and sink. I use to use this other powder that had holes in between the container and the brush, it worked out great. Just a suggestion. Please...

Panera Bread / general manager

Jul 31, 2017

I come to this Panera everyday, every single day but today I was in shock and I most likely will never come back again and my children DEFINITELY will not be back after the aggression we witnessed. I usually am very pleased with the service but after today I am completely disgusted and I...

Kia Motors / paint chipping

Jul 21, 2017

Bought are Kia Optima SX Turbo two years ago. Only one other owner before us. Yet in perfect condition. Even bought some extended warranty that was suppose to be "fabulous". Well in last couple weeks the hood started chipping and under the hood as well as rust spots on trunk. Took it to...

Golden Corral / quality of the biscuits

Jun 30, 2017

To whom it may concern, We were at your establishment in Port St. Lucie, #2639, on the morning of Friday June 30th. Overall the breakfast was very good but I want to let you know the biscuits were not up to Golden Coral standards. They were small, flat and hard. I am not one to complain but...

LG / black stainless steel finish on all kitchen appliances

Jun 21, 2017

We purchased a package deal from our reputable local appliance dealer. They have been helpful and replaced doors as they peel. I tried contacting LG there service person came out and we checked stores it seems this is a constant problem with the Black Stainless steel. I cannot find a recall...