Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Orange City, Florida

Walgreens / unethical behaviour

Dec 28, 2018

At Approx. 8pm on December 28 2018 I witnessed two of your employees a cashier and a lead on duty mistreat a customer who was trying to change a gift she received. The cashier became Irate and was very rude to her when the guy who said he was the lead came he was worse berating the customer like...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / customers waiting

Dec 27, 2018

My wife is st the hospital 5 minutes from the store, they say open 24 hours, Me and 5 customers have been waiting in the drive thru for more than 20 minutes and nothing, I decide to go in... same result, 10 more minutes, and no one take my order. So is like closed, no atention, no service...

GrooveBook / at the very end of ordering and it says it needs more pictures for another book... I don't want another book... I just want to finish my

Dec 19, 2018

12/19/18 at the very end of my order, it says it needs more pictures for another book. I don't want another book... And it won't let me go forward with the order. It took 16 hours to download 100 pictures. I've been with groovebook long before shutterfly, and I have to say I think you guy...

Walgreens / pharmacy

Oct 24, 2018

When calling to refill my prescription I was asked if I am taking any other medication and I said no and the tech said yes you are taking hydrocodone and oxycodone! I said no I had surgery 10 weeks ago and took them for two weeks! No apology was given for calling me a liar! I then went to...

Moose International / administrator

Jun 30, 2018

I am not renewing my membership at lodge 1126 because of Jim Galagher. He is rude and obnoxious. Many of the members are not renewing for the exact same reason. He posts or likes foul things on facebook. He scolds the members on a regular basis. He scared 17 potential members that came in...

Steak and Shake / spicy chipotle, all american

Jun 20, 2018

Steak and Shake of Orange City Florida order number 52828 for. Both Burgers smelled very spoiled not sure if it was the bread or the onions but I could not eat them over the smell and I can normally eat just about anything. I have eaten at this Steak and Shake several times and never...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / we waited over an hour after being seated before getting our food

Mar 15, 2018

We go to the Steak n Shake 'n Shake in Orange City, FL. In the past the service has been good, but over the past six months. When we were there yesterday, we waited over an hour for our food. The waitress did her best to handle it and I heard her telling other customers as well as us that...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / abusive and confrontational staff

Jan 20, 2018

I arrived in your drive thru line around 630pm and with 1 person ahead of me it took until 646pm to place my order. Once we got to the window, we were told to pull up and wait at the door. We watched maybe 10 cars get served and leave before I finally went inside. I came in asking for a...

Duke Energy / business account

Nov 15, 2017

We opened a business account in August. We set up automatic payment with a 500 dollar deposit. We scheduled automatic payment which they stated they would not do. We continued to try and pay from August until today in November. They explained to us in October to pay via check but refused...

Regions Financial Corporation / estate funds

Oct 23, 2017

I was in your bank in Orange City Florida today trying to find out for my niece if she ever received her money from my parents estate since I was executor of there Will and she couldn't remember if she received a check. After about an hour I left with no information. In there system they...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / delivery

Oct 6, 2017

Hello, The ups delivery driver left a very expensive large package out by the road at the end of my driveway. I live in the country where anyone could drive by and take it. I am very dissatisfied in the delivery drivers as of recently. They seem to be too lazy to do their job. My name i...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service and cleanliness

Sep 23, 2017

My family and I like to eat at steak n shake. My kids really like the food there. But the one nearest to us is always dirty all the time. The bath rooms are disgusting. Looks like it has not been properlu cleaned in months. The floor looks like they have not clean it, in days. The service...

Taco Bell / worst customer service ever

Sep 16, 2017

Went through drive thru and when got home notices they gave us wrong food. Called storr amd asked for manaher who actes like she was being bothrred by my complaint. The so called Manager actually handed the phone to the person who ha e her the ph9ne and said "I can't deal with this, you...

LabCorp / Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings / new procedures;

Aug 16, 2017

I understand you no longer take walk-ins it's appointment only now. Well your new plan is NOT working, It's very poor scheduling, it's a mess. I went to LabCorp in Orange City, Florida on Monday my appointment was at 8:45 I didn't get in until 9:40. I waited less time as a walk-in. You...

Tires Plus Total Car Care / rim damage

Jul 14, 2017

I had my tire changed because I had a bolt in it I look at it and my rim is damaged in three spots they're very dirty tires and rims but they function and I have 3 other ones without a blemish or scratch. To have Jose tell me that this was curb damage is Ludacris I've never brought a tire...

Ruby Tuesday / drinks, food, salad bar, staff

May 11, 2017

So we decided to go to Deland Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my birthday. Soooo not a good idea, It started with taking almost 30mins to just get the drink order right and this would be because of our server and the bar tender. First they ever wrong, then the beer or water never got served, so...

Mansonite / French door bought in lowes orange city fl

Apr 26, 2017

Door order twice first time wring dimension second time dimension and opening blaming me to initial what the employ post, I'm not a contractor so I provide measurements from 3 different contractor, then for second time Lowe installer manager Bill order still come wrong...he said that door...

Prada / prada candy cologne spray bottle

Mar 19, 2017

Mt husband porchased a gift set of Candy spray cologne, lotion, and roll-on bottle for Christmas at an Ukta store. I have used the spray bottle only 5 or 6 times, and now the spray will not work at all. That is money down the drain. I tried to work out an exchange with Ulta, but it is past...

Wawa / hoagie/sub

Mar 8, 2017

I went to our local WaWa last evening 3/7/16 @8:30 pm. The store is located 45 minutes from my home. I ordered a macaroni and cheese and an Italian Sub to take for lunch the next day. When I got to the middle of the sub their was a square piece of paper 2x2 size mixed in with the lettuce...

Chili's Grill & Bar / horrible customer service by manager on duty and hostess..

Feb 26, 2017

I really wanted to celebrate my birthday and have my margarita at chillis but it was sad when we walked into one of your restaurant located in Fl.. 939 Saxon blvd, orange city fl 32763 We walked in we were never greated we approached the hostess and and we asked him w like NH for the wait she...

Dollar General / employee (manager) customer service

Nov 22, 2016

Store # [protected] North Volusia Ave. Orange City Fl. Several times now, while checking out, due to over scans & misentries the cashier needed an override from the manager. Every time this happens(when the manager isn't already right there) it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get her up to the...

Ruby Tuesday / cleanliness and stale odor of the restaurant

Nov 21, 2015

The women's bathroom was disgusting and smelled like urine and dead animal. I waned to shower after being in there for two minutes! The restaurant did not smell much better and was filthy everywhere you looked. The employees all looked like they just rolled out of bed. Location 1212 Saxon Blvd Orange City Fl 32763

CanvasDiscount / Photo Print

Nov 16, 2015

I recently ordered another print from Canvas Discount, despite being disappointed with the quality of my first one. I hoped that was a fluke, In that situation, the print arrived with the ink chipped off in several places. This time the print had a 2-inch scratch right in the center of the...

Planet Fitness / gym membership

Nov 16, 2015

Jessica: I did not deserve to be treated the way I was this morning by you! I am not an unemployed beggar trying to get out of a gym membership fee but a recently retired executive enjoying traveling. To dress me down and humiliate me publicly over a $30 charge that I have tried in good...

Quest Diagnostics / over billing

Apr 19, 2012

I am no longer covered by health insurance. I went to Quest for Dr ordered Blood work. When I received the bill it was 4 or 5 times what they had charged the insurance companies for the same work in the past! There was no notification for Quest that this would be the case, pricing was not...

Sky Blue Solutions / Lack of response after signing contract

Sep 2, 2011

In September 2009 I was approached by Michael Gross of Sky Blue Solutions to "rent out my timeshare". Via email and fax I signed a contract on 10/01/2009 for advertisement #1300. I paid the entire amount via American Express. NUMEROUS phone calls from both myself and American Express have...

Women's Health Resource Center / Greedy Dr.

Jul 22, 2011

Went to the ER for heavy period they performed every test at the hospital and after that referred me to Dr. George Besong for follow up and one of the reason they put his name because he work at the same hospital, that's mean he will be able to get acces to the result and everything...

Ross / Rude and very unproffessional


I went into Ross today to look for some shoes. I found a pair I liked very much, but they ran a size too small. I went to the front desk and waited in line. The cashier was backed up and called for another assoicate to come and help her, and since I was next to be serviced I went to the...

Sky Blue Solutions / Fraud/Scam


This company is like apparently a number of other ompanies, many of which are in Florida, that advertise that they will sell your timeshare when all they do is collect money upfront and then continue to tell you that a sale is imminent with nothing ever really happening. In fact, after the...

Radio Shack / trying to upgrade att cell fone


i went in to upgrade my att phone and found that that store was the only one that had the one i wanted and the right price but for some reason i was no longer an authorized user they told me so i stepped outside to contact att to make the change and did when i went back inthe manager...

Walmart, Orange City Florida / poor customer service


They have terrible customer service at this store. More than once I have left the store and realized the cashier had not given me all of my bags of merchandise. The other day it happened again. As soon as I realized it I called the store and Laura at customer service told me there wa...

Planet Fitness / billing issues


Cancelled my membershipp before I moved out of state and kept recieving bills. Called asked to speak to the manager and was told they had no record of my cancellation. Manager told me they had no customer service department and would not give me the name of the franchise owner to lodge a...

United Part Supply / didn't ship as promised, overcharged


This vendor has a second website: There was no fraud here. I wish someone would have warned me away from this vendor, so I'll warn those who follow. I needed a part for my Carrier furnace. This part is the blower wheel, which moves hot or cold air into the air...

Sky Blue Solutions / Time Share Sale


This company is a fraud, they are all talk and no action. The claim they will sell your timeshare within weeks and persuade you to pay them 799.00 upfront for their services. I fell for it thinking they might be legitimate, and wanting to get rid of my timeshare I figured I would take the...

Disaster relief kit / took money out of my account withou my permission


I ordered a disaster relief kit for $1.00 & $3.99 shipping & handling. I only gave my permission to only take out of my debit the $4.99. When I went online to check my balance in my account I noticed they had taken out over $100.00 out of my account.. I did not authorize this. I cannot...

United Resort Marketing / Scam


High pressure phone call from Markus Scott stating that he had "numerous corporate clients" who were seeking a resort to rent for business clients and that he specifically had a client looking for a place just like ours. If we paid the $449.00 fee, he would be sending us a check for the...