Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Trumbull, Connecticut, United States

The Cheesecake Factory / management

Sep 20, 2018

9/20/18 I woke up to sad news that I have a death in the family & another family member is currently in the hospital. I work at The Cheesecake Factory in Trumbull, CT and I called to tell them that I need to be with my family and I can't work my night shift that's scheduled. The EKM of...

General Electric Company / ge washing machine

Sep 07, 2018

Buyer beware GE is the worst company product is not good the representative told that my 1 1/2 yr old washing machine was considered old to them that we should not expect it to last and that is why you purchase extended warranty they do not stand by their product customer service was rude...

Sears Master Agreement Warranty / electric stove

May 22, 2018

I have had a sears Master Protection Agreement for years. I placed a service call for my electric range as it was not working properly. The technician came out and inspected the stove. He noted a few issues, including small items such as the door hinge, but his biggest concern was the bottom...

Tinder / tinder gold

Mar 27, 2018

I have purchased a one month plan or something like that through tinder. All of a sudden I log on and it says thank you for upgrading to tinder gold. Well come to find out they charged my card another 55 dollars. I would appreciate it if that would be cancelled as I never approved of thi...

LetGo / automobile

Jan 28, 2018

I contacted the seller named Unity for information on a car he or she had that said on the front page "free." When I inquired the seller wrote back with sarcastic comments like " are you def?" and "it's not free, it's $2, 500." I informed the seller that they shouldn't be advertising a car...

Lord and Taylor / clothing

Dec 07, 2017

Placed an order for 3 items on November 29, 2017 totaling $174.75. However how convenient for Lord and Taylor to withdraw $524.25 from my bank account without my knowledge!!. Now they are giving me the runaround in trying to get the money back into my account. I also inquired about an...

Panera Bread / broken table

Aug 01, 2017

I sat at a table with my drink not knowing it had a leg that was broken as I touched the table it tipped due to the broken leg spilling my drink on me. I reported it to the manager who said they know about it and put something under the leg which was a napkin that didn't work. He basically...

American Eagle Outfitters / staff members at local american eagle store

Jul 09, 2017

Hello, I am writing to you regarding a couple of employees that work at American eagle at Westfield mall in Trumbull, Connecticut. It was around 2:30pm yesterday, Saturday July 8, 2017, when I went into American eagle to buy some clothes and had to leave being mortified. I saw two...

Michael Kors / employee

Aug 24, 2015

This is about an employee at the Michael Kors store in Trumbull, Connecticut. I am not sure what Alexa's position is in the store but she is super rude and provides horrible customer service. Someone like that should definitely not be representing any company of any sort. It really brings down the reputation and I will never ever shop at there.

J B Appliance / Dacor Double Oven

Sep 04, 2014

Terrible customer responsiveness. Have not repaired the initial problem but rather rendered the entire oven inoperable. The saga has been over 8 months. Calls not returned. No memory from one visit to the next. No pro activity in calling back. Seems like they have no computers, no...

P.C. Richard and sons / WARNING

Oct 24, 2013


H&M Clothing / false advertisement

Aug 23, 2012

I am disgusted and quite frankly annoyed that your store puts out coupons and then makes it impossible to use them just to get people into your store. I was in the Trumbull CT store on 8/22/12 buying school clothes for my soon to be freshman student, I received an email with a 15% off for...

Intervale International / Customer non service

Jan 10, 2012

I have had my timeshare for over 20 years. The frustration in reaching and getting any satisfaction from Intervale for an exchange is unbelieveable. Try their website. It stinks. Today it is down altogether. Try calling. Regardless of the day or the time, this week I get a message that tell...

AT&T Uverse / delivery of service/customer support

Nov 18, 2011

We called AT&T on Oct 24 to set up U-Verse service in our new house. They said they could not set up an installation date before Nov 18! When pushed for a sooner date they suggested we call each day as they get cancellations 'all the time'. Disappointed but determined to try the...

Contractors / Contractors

Feb 27, 2011

Has anyone ever been mad over the work these contractors do in your home? How many of us hire 2 for the same job, one to do the job and the other to fix it. Yet, you never see a complaint because people just accept it and don't have the time to fight over it. I have had many...

Hoffman / Oil delivery / Unfair billing practice


My contract ended at the end of April for my locked in rate. We called for the new rates, and was told the new rates aren't out yet. A week later, BAM, an Oil truck shows up delivering at well over $1.40 more per gallon. When I called, to complain, I was being strong armed into...

Privacy Guard / Fraudulent charges


This company obtains your billing information through other service providers and sets up auto bill payments without your authorization. You will be billed for is 19.95 per month yes $19.95 per month. The process is you may purchase or subscribe to a service and then you get a sale...

Disney Movie Club / unauthorized charge


I ordered the original offer of five movies for &1.99 which I paid for when I placed the order. I did recieve them which apparently is somewhat unusual. After getting those movies I canceled my subscription. Lo and behold, nearly two months after that, I was charged some thirty dollars for...

Direct T.V. / being locked into a contract without knowing


Dear Direct T.V, Sept 24th 2009 On 12/16/08 I ordered h/d television after purchasing an h/d/ TV. At this time the installer showed up with a huge dish to place on my house and said in addition would need to run more wires. I then told him to forget the h/d/ service realizing it wa...

Hollister / Horrible & Rude Employees; Can't See or Hear


Hollister obviously hires very young help and does not train them in customer service. I bought a number of items there yesterday (on sale); I asked the checkout person (young woman) if there were any coupons or a credit card I could get that would give me a percentage off the first...

Connecticut Wife / Broken Italian


We got married 7 years ago. I have wanted kids for many yeras and was always told by my wife, " next year, oh, next year ". She wanted to wait until we are financially stable before we have kids. Wellll, 7 years later and she will be 40 and now she wants kids. She can't wait so she...

Hoffman Fuel / Customer Service


The customer service department of Hoffman Fuel should be trained in what good customer service really is. They are rude, intolerant and obviously "know it all" and too bad for us - the consumer. I never received a new contract which was due in May and now they tell me that I can't...

RH Lazaros Pro Painting, LLC / Painting Contract


We contracted with RH Lazaros Pro Painting, LLC of 4 Daniels Farm Rd # 311, Trumbull, CT to paint our home in October of 2006. We selected them because they offered a 4 year guarentee to re-paint any peeling paint. The contract specifically states they will guarantee the paint job for any...

TLG Great Fun / unauthorized charges to credit card


I booked a hotel through in February, 2008 - after that time, I noticed on my credit card statement for the months of April, May and June a charge of $11.99 for TLG Great Fun. Each month, I advised my credit card company that I was disputing this transaction as I had never...

Hoffman Fuel / Topping Off my Oil Tank


I received an oil delivery April 22 - 82.4 gallons. When I called, they told me the driver was in the area and was topping off my tank. Unbelievable, at $4.34.9 a gallon.

Hoffman Fuel / Totally unfair to consumer

HOFFMAN refused me, twice, a delivery of oil just prior to the end of my capped-oil price; based on the fact my "automatic" delivery was not due for several weeks. Yet, ONE WEEK later HOFFMAN delivers fuel despite the fact that each representative told me "You're not scheduled for several...