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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in San Francisco, California | Page 118

Grant Resource Guide / scam- fraudulently charged my credit card

This company is a huge scam, don't fall for it! I purchased the cd rom version for $2.95, that was the only charge I authorized. Before I even got the cd, this criminal company had charged my credit card $58.61- completely without my authorization. I called my bank (wells fargo...

Bre Properties / Fraudulent charges

First of all Bre Properties advertise Windsor Courts as a luxury apartment. I see no luxury here at all. The security is lazy, there are derelicts that are free to come in and out of the so called security gate as they please. Worst of all there are roaches. They are charging me $1295 for...

Band Merch / bad service

This company is nearly impossible to get a straight answer from, as they seem to all be reading from the same sheet of answers that are not relevant to you or your complaint! I placed an order for 1 t-shirt and received the wrong size item. Does not seem difficult to fix, but 3 phone call...

Hotwire / misleading customers

My wife and I are going to Florida in two weeks. We live in PA and were looking forward to going to Florida to lay out by the pool and catch some sun. After booking my hotel with Hotwire I get a hotel with an INDOOR POOL. Now this is southern Florida, Fort Myers, not the northern section...

Dermitage.com / scam artist,unauthorized credit charges and no where to return product

Ordered anti wrinkle cream, they are pretty good at fooling you, you type it in and bam, what do you know, anyone should kow that has ordred from them. There is no customer service after they get your information, and let the charges begin. I am sick and tired of free enterprise allowing...

Mercantila.com / Fraudulent / Scam

I ordered a "Schwinn 203 Recumbert Bike" for $376.01 from them in late December, 2008. At that time I was told the bike would ship on January 15th, 2009. After not receiving any shipping information by January 16th, I checked their web site and found the shipping date had been pushed out...

Dell Computer / misrepresentation of hardware required

I contacted Dell in Septmember to purchase more memory for my Dimension 8200 desktop computer. They told me that I needed to buy either ONE 258MB or 512MB Axiom Memory Card. I had to think about it for a few days since this was a lot of money and a few days later ordered it on line. I...

Wells Fargo Bank / terrible bank

This past week my expenses exceeded my income and my account balance went negative. It's not because I'm living beyond my means - buying all sorts of stupid nonsense. My spending is not out of control. It's because my means have dropped significantly below the cost of...

Golden Gate Interiors / Customer is a pain. She expects a good job!

On 9/3/08 Mr. Peng contracted to do the fabrication and installation of my downstairs shower and vanity at my house. He cut the 3rd and 4th granite slabs incorrectly so that my new fabricator cannot install the granite to my upstairs (second) shower. I am asking for a refund for the two...

Loopnet / Unauthorized charges

I live in a small house on an 8, 000 sq ft. lot with a big shop that can be used for commercial business. When I became partially disabled I lost most of my business and could barely afford my mortgage. A commercial broker friend of mine suggested I lease out the back lot and the shop to a...
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Latest Scams Sweeping the United States
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