Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Redlands, California, United States

Motel 6 / room

Dec 16, 2018

I have stayed at this motel 6 frequently and the last visit I had a bad experience and was told i would get a 50% discount next time I got a room. I went recently and they didn't have it on record. I still paid full price and the room wasn't even clean. Dead roaches in bathroom. Not happy...

Big Lots Stores / manager kathleen at store 4316

Nov 07, 2018

I was hired on October 30, me schedule was 9-12, The manager Kathleen put me in the break room alone and said to watch 10 videos, I'm assuming training videos, well a three hour shift let me watch 6 videos, then went home, the next day October 31, 2018 my shift was 1-5 Kathleen my store...

Olive Garden Hospitality San Bernardino CA. / soup and salad

Oct 27, 2018

The menu clearly stated bread sticks and salad on us with the entry. Just below this statement was listed soup and four other entries for $6.99!!! We ordered the soup and salad and the bill was $12.99 each for us. Went to see the manager and she was absolutely no help, but said the...

Ford Motor Company / passenger seatbelt pretensioner/ airbag

Sep 26, 2018

I have a 2005 Ford Escape purchased new fro Sunrise Ford, Fontana, Ca. The vehicle has approximately 118, 000 miles on it & it has been serviced regularly from both Sunrise & Redlands Ford. The problem started 2 years ago. I got check engine light& airbag light, & an alarm that comes in...

Fitness 19 Redlands / refusing refund for trainer charges

Sep 01, 2018

The manager, Stephen charged me trainer charges of $200 in spite of my asking them to cancel auto debit. He said you have to sign something to cancel auto debit which he had not mentioned previously. I left the club and asked for a refund but they refused to refund me the money. I have...

Croft And Barrow / shoes

Aug 16, 2018

I have only had the shoes for five weeks and there is already a hole in the bottom. I hope clean through. And I've only worn them about half the time because I trade colors once a week. I've never seen anything so poorly made. Got these at kohls and have another pair still in the box...

Brach's / brach's maple nut goodies

Jul 28, 2018

I bought a 7 oz bag of what used to be my favorite candy today. It is so hard it is nearly impossible the chew it. Very disappointing. I threw it away, because the cost wasn't worth taking it back to the store for a refund, because it isn't their fault. I will never buy them again. You...

Panera Bread / cockroach

Jun 10, 2018

I picked up a salad that I ordered on line, too take to work with me. I was eating at my desk and got to the bottom of the container and was doing up the last bite, looked down, and there was a large cockroach, dead, in my salad. Honestly, I've never been so ill in my life. I cannot get...

CBS / steven colbert

May 09, 2018

Can you PLEASE ask Colbert to stop with the horrible and worn out Trump jokes? I'm not a Trump fan so this isn't about my allegiance. I'm just sick of him focusing his entire monologue on this subject every night! It's OLD... even if the event is current, ragging on the president, no...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / driver does not arrive on time

Apr 04, 2018

My business address is [removed]. We receive many packages through UPS almost daily ever since we opened in 2007. The regular driver on this route, Ron Hoodaberet, cannot figure out how to arrive during business hours - something I'm told by UPS customer service should happen without...

IHOP Restaurants / hostess and staff

Jan 04, 2018

Worst hostess ever Alexis at the Redlands .ca location working the front Hostess desk was very rude to not only myself but at least six other people who had to stand for at least five minutes as she walked past us three times serving one person a takeout which could have easily been...

Hobby Lobby / no product

Dec 26, 2017

Hi Customer Service, I am a faithful customer of Hobby Lobby and yet not been disappointed! Until now! My son went in your Hobby Lobby store in Redlands California in December 22, 2017 and purchased me ! My Christmas gift. My son is an active military serviceman in The United States Navy, when...

Food Network / christmas holiday baking challenge commercial during halloween season

Oct 17, 2017

This is unacceptable. It's Halloween time, please reserve the dates following thanksgiving for anything relating to Christmas or the winter holidays. Halloween is already being descriminated against and overlooked as a holiday and to have the Christmas holiday baking challenge commercial...

Stater Bros Markets / bakery/deli staff

Oct 12, 2017

Today I attended stater off of Barton rd in redlands. I went to the bakery to get a cookie for my 2 children I had with me. I stood at the bakery counter for 15 mins with no help when there were 2 individual working the deli counter. Even when another customer pointed out I was waiting...

Dairy Queen / service and something found in my drink

Jul 27, 2017

Hi I was just at the Dairy Queen in Redlands. We came to support the children's cancer promotion and the person who took our order was rude. As I was drinking my Oreo coffee, I sucked something into my mouth. It appeared to be some kind of plastic or maybe even glue. I took it to what I...

Vons / unethical behavior

Jul 21, 2017

Redlands, ca store #1734 07/20/17 16:47 (mariana - evening supervisor) This is the second time this same event has happened with this same person. I demand action. My wife and I came to get groceries at vons as we have for about a year now at this store. and I have been a customer of...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / service

Jul 19, 2017

Decided to stop tonight at Wendy's on my lunch break at approximately 9:14 p.m. There was a young girl working drive-through by the name of Atlantis and she was very rude I ordered my burger with no Ketchup, no onions, and no pickle but I wanted extra mayo. When I got to the window to pick...

Swift Transportation / reckless driver

Jul 18, 2017

This incident happened on Tuesday July 18th at around 1:40pm on the street of California inRedlands, ca. The truck plate # P407362. As the swift truck driver and I drove down the street he repeatedly sped and cut off many other vehicles as well. As he was going into my lane and I wa...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / closing an ira account without notifying the customer

Jul 10, 2017

In Jan 0f 2017 I went to Chase to open an IRA as I would be receiving a large sum of money from the City of San Bernardino/PARS retirement. The City took much longer than anticipated and I did not get the check until July. Upon receiving the check. I took it to the bank to deposit it in my...

Home Depot / home depot 3 person futon swing item 672-792, model s010047

Jul 06, 2017

I purchased this swing in 2015 at the Redlands CA location. It was on sale at a very good price. I didn't actually assemble the swing until this year. When I did, I discovered the canopy that was in the box is too small, it probably is for the 2 person futon swing. I visited the store...

National SAP Network / Payment not received for services rendered

Apr 08, 2017

I am a contracted provider with the National SAP Network based in Redlands, California. I have not been paid for services I provided to them beginning in April 2016. There is a total of five dates of service that they have not reimbursed me for . I have contacted the organization repeatedly by...

Premier Home Design / Lies and inferior products.

Sep 07, 2016

We have reasons to believe that everything on the internet about this company may be incorrect. We have heard but are not certain if it is true that some or all of the commendations from customers on their websites are just fake ads made by friends. We have heard that here have been lie...

Bright Now! Dental / New dentures

Jun 15, 2016

On my first visit to Bright-Now Dental, the Dentist and one of the office girls told me that I would have to pay an additional $800.00 to get a better quality set of dentures. I was skeptical because I felt like they were just trying to make more then what my insurance was paying for new...

Bright Now! Dental / New dentures

Jun 14, 2016

Bright Now Dental told me on my first visit that I would needed to upgrade for a better quality set of dentures for an additional cost of $800.00. At the time of my first visit I felt like I was getting the run around about the extra $800.00. The office clerk was also pushing me for the...

Kimco / Descansado de mi trabajo actual

Oct 15, 2015

Mi nombre es Luis Fajardo... Estuve trabajando en las bodegas de PERFORMANCE TEAM una compania a la cual Kimco staffing Services le provee trabajadores, he trabajado por 17 anios en estas bodegas sufriendo el cambio de Agencias de empleo que ellos usan para proveer trabajos a sus bodega...

Burlington Coat Factory In Redlands CA. / rude racist employees (against white people) and rude unprofessional manager

Jan 20, 2015

On January 20th, 2015 my husband and myself decided to give the Burlington store one more chance after being totally displeased from previous experiences from shopping at that store. We were sorry we gave them another chance! What a poorly run store! The employees, who were mainly african...

CVS Pharmacy / selling ususable product and not refunding my money

Nov 29, 2013

From the redlands mall cvs, i bought a bottle of red wine, a merlot. My first drink was really odd, then i tried it again and unfortunately there was no doubt that it was spoiled and rancid. I have had several bottles of this exact wine purchased from this store and i know it is an...

Asus Zenbook / poor repair service and customer service

Sep 25, 2013

I bought a toshiba laptop in october 2012 with windows 8. it would not connect to my internet in january so I took it back to office depot on january 20, 2013 in which their tech services could not repair so they said they couldn't exchange it for another toshiba because they had none...

Affordable Dentures / bad dentures/poor patient care

Sep 08, 2013

I had my first set done in 2007 at the Cathedral City Ca franchise, they never fit right and kept cracking.After several repairs & liners the "dentist"said if they cracked again he would upgrade them to a premium set free of charge.They cracked again, I called the Cathedral City office and...

baig pak industry / not the right items

Dec 14, 2012

the shuttlecocks shipped is not the right quality[for competition]-instead they sent very bad quality-the can't even turn and wobbly in the air-[this is not for competition but for children play/fun] when we opened the box-all the shuttlecocks were out of the tubes-lying on top each other-see pictures] / Buyers beware

Nov 08, 2012

Placed an order & was charged immediately but never received any tracking number or any information about my order. Called many times and sent numerous emails asking for information about my order but I got no replies. I needed the dress for my daughter by a certain date so I kept calling...

ARCO AmPm / full cup of ice

Jun 20, 2012

I see changes have be made when it comes to purshasing a cup with just ice, too my surprise i had to pay full price. And if that wasnt enough i learn at the next stop at in arco ampm to get more ice with my cup of ice i had already purphase i was told i had to paid full price again for...

Ardmore Terrace HOA / harrassment

May 16, 2012

We rented our condo at the above location on 2/10/07, and at the time our landlord didn't advise that it was an HOA. Upon moving in, within a couple days we soon found out the horrors of this complex. DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN. There is no place to play...


Apr 14, 2012

I never received a letter from Financial asset management systems saying that they will offset anything off my tax return i was shocked to see my tax refund was way less then my husband and i was supposed to get, so i called the IRS and they told me to call FMS, i called FMS and the young...

Gerrards Market / Food Safety

Jan 31, 2012

This store has got to be the worst. Being in construction, I get up early and when running late I would stop there in their deli to buy my lunch. Well, if you get there early enough, you hear the conversations that go on. Just before code expires on the meat and fish from their meat...

National Substance Abuse Professionals Network (NSAPN) / Unfair administration fees

Nov 10, 2011

I was fired 12/16/2010 because of National substance abuse professionals network (NSAPN) upon my leaving the HR office had me sign a referral stating I had to call nsapn and go to rehab... I was punished enough from losing my last job that I had been with for 5 yrs because I failed the random...

Rapid Plumbing / overcharge

Jul 26, 2011

they overcharged my 85 yr old grandmother 12, 000 dollars for a job that cost around 300.00 dollars. And when I called them too explain themselves, they called the police on me saying i was harrassing them. Ya damn right i was harrassing them. I will do my best too take these scamers down, Its time too stand up too the crooks no matter who they be.

Mobile Mass Money Software & Traning Program*Secret Discount Page* / My purchase procedure cannot go through

Mar 23, 2011

Around 11:30p.m. on Mar-22, I tried to purchase the program name " Mobile Mass Money Software & Training Program" with $10 discount, the purchase amount is $47, the result didn't go through...I think...may be I used my husband credit card to purchase, and your system cannot recognize...

Bar S Hot Dogs / misrepresentaion

Mar 06, 2011

March 4, 2011 I had stopped at Stater Bros. Market for a few items of food. While shopping I noticed Bar S Hot Dogs with a price tag of $0.75 cents for Meat Bar S Hot Dogs directly in front of the Hot Dogs. The tag simply said meat Hot Dogs. When checking out the cashier rang up over $2.00...

Century 21 Lois Lauer / Good Service

Feb 23, 2011

Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA gave advice and service that flies above the crowd. Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA has been in the business for over 20 years with only one complaint that seems to be a buyer with...