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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Lakewood, California

None / employees

Dan Williams on Sep 21, 2017
We know to begin with that the products at HF are inferior, that is why they are cheap! We know that going in so, I have no issue with that. I don't know what they pay their employees but it must be commensurate with their product quality. This is reflected in all of their policie...

Home Depot / refrigerator delivery

Essyouzeei Effary on Aug 12, 2017
On Thursday at store #1550, i purchased and set up delivery for Friday at 2. They came early, it was great. Being as my fridge had broken and I had all my freezer items in dry ice and ice, I was going to be able to save it all. Once they delivered to my garage, i paid for in the house, but...

Vons / lack of staff

lunachick22 on Jul 22, 2017
Hi, Mike the manager at Lakewood CA store #2209 has said he would hire more staff for the longer time but I think he is too cheap to do so. For the last two months, every and literally every time I go (Monday at 11 am, Sunday at 5 pm, Wednesday at 10 am) there are empty shelves, expired...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / blocking access to my funds

Julie Reyes on Jun 22, 2017
Hello my telephone banking access to wire funds has been blocked. I was told to activate my account but have not been able to . If you would please restore my access and register/activate my account for me. For some reason I'm having problems with regretting my mobile phone . Maybe because...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / rotisserie chickens

Terence Neill on Jun 11, 2017
I have purchased several (maybe four) rotisserie, ready to eat chickens within the last three months, and they have been horribly under-cooked. The last one had actual chicken blood dripping from the bones when carving it. I much prefer the "oven roasted" Foster Farm chickens they sell at...

Nike / nike underwear

wilmas13 on Jun 5, 2017
all of my 3 sons underwear ans falling apart, they cost over 23.00 each and all are falking apart.my sons wear nothing but nike clothing and underwear and shoes.i cannot believe how they are coming apart.my sons are truly dedicated customers but this is rediclious! please help with thi...

Pam / Zip Front Bras Returned for Refund

PAF1 on May 10, 2017
I purchased zip front bras and they did not fit. I returned the bras for an exchange of a larger size and the bras still did not fit. I returned those bras for a refund, and I still have not received a refund although I provided copies of proof of delivery of the bras to the company, a...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / cashier chad employee since 2004

Bill Terry on May 10, 2017
Chad was my cashier at the Quincy and Wadsworth location in Littleton, CO. I watched him pick his nose and then proceed to curl his finger and wipe it on my groceries. I am rather disgusted and contemplating returning my groceries and cancelling my card. I hope this situation can be...

Vons / by one package of chicken, get one free. product in package was not what was noted on the label.

Joyce Bay on Mar 22, 2017
About Mar. 1, 2017, I selected one package labeled thigh and the other labeled breast, bone in. Lower priced being free. When I opened the packages to bake them, the thigh was one leg/thigh attached. and the other package was six wings, no breasts at all. All chicken pieces were...

Shell / shell gas station on the corner of 117th and clifton blvd in lakewood ohio 44107.

Tstites on Dec 18, 2016
Today, 12/18/2016 at about 9:59 am, I was filling up my 2015 vw gti using the automatic shut off lever on the dispenser handle. The lever failed to disengage when the tank was full and spilled about 1.9 gallons of gas on the ground at pump number 1. I stopped for gas right when my ga...
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