Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Hesperia, California, United States

American Automobile Association / / coverage

Nov 01, 2018

I filed a claim for an RV roof repair damaged by birds. The roof was not in need of replacement prior to the damage but did have age. These roofs are rubber and have a different look than most. After being told that the damage was likely due to age and not birds I provided evidence to...

Home Depot / in store experience

Oct 02, 2018

This is this history of this associate and his antics... I am not certain if this email is still valid, but I am hoping that it will get to the correct person who may be able to assist me with my latest problem at your apple valley, ca store. Once again it involves an associate who...

Motel 6 / customer service

Sep 29, 2018

I walked out my room around 9:00 a.m my boyfriend got to the motel at 10:15 a.m needed to shower before work so I called the front desk asked how much was it to stay an extra hr or two and if it was ok if my boyfriend went to pay the fee and I was on my way back. Alex the girl i talked to...

US Bank / atm

Sep 25, 2018

My husband went to the ATM on Saturday, 9/22. The machine had an error, it kept our 260.00 and did not credit our account. We went to our local US bank. Unfortunately. we have been told the refund policy can take anywhere from 10 to 15 days. I find this to be completely unacceptable. How...

Del Taco / customer service. the management refused to let me use the bathroom.

Sep 18, 2018

I went into del taco and had purchased some donut bites. I asked if I could have a coin to use the outside bathroom. The cashier told me they were out of coins. So I went outside to eat my donut bites on one of the outside tables that are right next to the bathrooms. As I was sitting there...

WSS/Nike Shoes / nike air force one

Aug 17, 2018

I have had these shoes for a little over 6 months I hardly wear them and when I did the sole developed a huge bubble like on a tire it's so wrong as much as these shoes cost they are so cheap that they do that? It's so uncomfortable to even attempt to wear i look like a peg leg...

West Coast Fleet Services / unethical behaviour

Jun 05, 2018

They lied to the BBB claiming a second mechanic checked the first mechanics work. We were inside the motorhome the duration of the work and not once did a second person come inside to check the work performed by the first guy (most of the work was performed from the inside of the...

West Coast Fleet Services / engine repair

May 09, 2018

Guy worked on my motorhome and forgot to toque down the nuts on the turbo charger which cost me almost $1300 to have fixed be a real mechanic. Their "mechanic" was too occupied on the phone dealing with an accident him and his wife had. They refused to deal with the negligent and faulty...

West Coast Fleet Services / engine repairs

May 01, 2018

I had some work done at West Coast Fleet Services 8853 Three Flags Road Unit B, Hesperia, CA [protected]). They claim they have certified mechanics per their website that represent Freightliner, Cummins and etc. I had a Cummins turbo charger worked on at their shop and they forgot to torque...

AutoZone / tuner wheel lock kit

Feb 02, 2018

in july of 2017 I purchased tuner wheel lock kit for my new rims, yester day when I went to get a oil change & Payed extra for tire rotation the technician could not remove the wheels because the key was slipping, so I went into autozone to ask if they would open a package to give me a new...

Windhaven Kennel/Companion Puppies Hesperia / sick dog

Jan 17, 2018

Got a puppy on Saturday 1/6/18. On Tuesday 1/9/18 the vet found it had Giardia. Needed to be hospitalized overnight because he was so sick on Wednesday 1/10/18. The Vet bill was $1, 600. Breeder said it was because the dog was stressed. This breeder put my family and other pets at risk...

Ready For Rain Roof Inc / roof repair

Dec 03, 2017

We had our roof repaired on 02/26/2016 paid $3533.92 it was used Sta-Kool Elastomeric-15 yr warranty. After the raining months were over we checked the roof and there was damage due to them failing to make all the flat roof leveled, the material lifted of the roof in a few spots, I called...

Motel 6 / motel 6 hesperia, ca

Dec 01, 2017

Re: Complaint #1354040 On November 30, 2017, I was informed I had to leave because I booked a smoking room and had walked to retrieving ice on a third floor smoking unit. This is after spending over $2, 000 to stay there and ALWAYS respecting the staff and the property! Let's not mention...

Kmart Stores / kmart victorville ca

Nov 09, 2017

My family & I were mortified by the unprofessional staff at Kmart in Hesperia. We were wrong fully accused of a situation, with being humiliated by staff as well as them ganging up on us not providing us with service, they quoted they have the write to refuse service, & were escorted out...

Kmart / Sears / fake genuine diamond necklace / fraud

Sep 29, 2017

09/29/17 I was at KMART store closing / all sales final STORE 7606 in HESPERIA, CA today. I spotted a necklace for 62. 49 from 249.99 Marked, " GENUINE DIAMOND accent!" On the box. I asked the sales lady Linda what that meant and IF THEY WERE REAL DIAMONDSs, since I wear glasses and I can not...

Stater Bros Markets / customer service at deli dept.

Sep 21, 2017

I went to the deli dept to place an order of chicken for a party. The person who was there literally skipped us about 2 times finally another employee took our order but needed the worker who ignored us to charge. She never came to charge us another employee came from the back and finally...

Hertz Car Rental / property damage insurance

Sep 06, 2017

On 3/27/2017 a car rented from Hertz pulled out of a parking lot into traffic without looking to see if it was safe. It wasn't. Although she was going fast enough to clear my lane if she had kept going; she didn't. She totally straddled my lane and I could not avoid hitting her car. She...

Campbell's / new england clam chowder

Jul 22, 2017

I purchased online from Walmart 2 cans of New England Clam Chowder. I opened 1 can and was disgusted with large black blemishes on the 2 of the potato chunks. I threw the chunks out but also experienced a spoon full with sand in it. I threw the can and soup out, but realized I should have...

Shell 13100 Main St, Hesperia, California. / cashier jennifer

Jul 14, 2017

Jennifers Lack of customer service skills and rude behaviour is resulting in long lines and upset customers. I recently stood in line for about 15 minutes because it was backed up because she can't handle being a cashier. When I get to get checked out I simple step about 2 feet over to...

Cheapoair / cancellation of flight

May 05, 2017

My name is Tomasita Garcia and I need to cancel a flight I booked on February 9 th 2017 to travel on May 21 to Denver Colorado because my husband is going to have a surgery at the end of May I need to stay with him.and i need the the company can reinburs the money please of the travel...

Kmart Stores / texas steer work boots

Jun 13, 2016

I bought a pair of these boots about 3 years ago. I've worn them about a dozen times over the years. They have never been used in the water, just dry dusty locations. This last weekend I was in the mountains prospecting when i noticed the soul on the right boot was coming off. Before...

Intex / cover doesn't fit

Aug 25, 2015

My pool is only 2 years old and not once has the cover ever fit. Why should I pay more for stuff like the cover that doesn't fit or the skimmer that doest work. What's the point. The cover only covers 3/4 of the pool. Somebody needs to go back to school and do the math on the...

Animal Medical Center Hesperia / Negligence

Apr 22, 2015

My small dog got out of the yard and was attached by another dog or coyote Tuesday, April 14th 2015 night. We rushed her in to AMC got there at 715pm and she was brought straight to the back by a front desk girl, I told her she was attacked and breathing abnormal, lots of punctures all...

Mercury Insurance, Homeowners Ins. / Non-payment 9 months!!

Jan 31, 2015

Security Guard lied; I was arrested, at home, by SWAT, brutally injured, tasered 6x, needed 25/30 stitches in lips toes. Guard told cops I said goinghome to get a gun etc. I was facing 25 to life so I plead no contest. I get out of jail after 2 1/2 months and Rodney Peterson a "HANDYMAN"...

victor valley moose lodge / sexual heras.ent and phisical and mental abuse

Sep 27, 2014

Damon badger the administration proposition me and continually verbally and mentally abused me . He is drinking all day every day has thrown cup T me has torn books out over my hand Chase inbarreseembarrassed me put me Down and chiefly push me out he dose .it like the fact that hehe has to...

Fox/Marvel / Marvel

Sep 21, 2014

Your network is ruining everything us true Marvel fans love about the Universe. Avengers and Spider Man should be allowed to use the term Mutant, you cannot own a phrase from the dictionary, it's stupid. Also, X-Men and Spider Man need to be in The Avengers, otherwise what's the point of...

Fitness 19 / refund

Mar 17, 2014

I signed up september 2013 at the fitness 19 gym in victorville... To workout at the hesperia location which was opening in december 2013. The 3rd week of january 2014 I signed up for a personal trainer to begin on february 7, 2014... As it turns out I informed fitness 19 (Hesperia) by...

Target Mobile / cell phone warranty

Jul 01, 2013

Do not EVER purchase a cell phone from Target Mobile...everything is hunky dory during your purchase (scam)...oh yes, you will hear how much better Target Mobiles "protection plan" is compared to Verizons...yep! The monthly fee is cheaper, the deductible is cheaper, and it even cover...

Boost Mobile Services / victom of idenity left

Jan 06, 2013

I truly believe that we as consumers are just idly sitting back and allowing companies like boost mobile to make money off use. Think about it, how many complaints are on this page alone at the range of 5.00 to 10.00 and even as high as 45.00. They are scamming us as consumers. Well my...

Money Network / someone stole my money

Jul 30, 2012

I have had my paycheck deposited on a money network card for about year. One day i went to swipe my card and all my money was stolen off my card. I called Money Network to try and get my money back and they told me that i have to make a dispute . I did that and then they told me that they...

Ocwen / false charges/fraud

Jun 22, 2012

Chase sold our Mortgage to Ocwen on April 2012. Ocwen finally sent us a mortgage statement stating that we had not paid the March 2012 mortgage and they are still trying to say we are behind in payments to them. They did not even own the loan until April and all payments were current with...


Jul 12, 2011

The most important complaint, bright now dental (michelle) called me and informed I that my daughter didnt have coverage and I can pay cash so i asked for the insurance coverage information number so I can call. I did so and was informed that my kids have dental coverage with no end date...

Chevron Station 358567 / credit card fraud and scam

Jun 21, 2011

Went to use my VISA to purchase gas and entered the ZIP code then the pump wouldn't work. I went into the store and the attendant asked for my card. I said no so he asked for cash. I went out pumped and pumped $25 of gas and got the remainder of the cash back from fifty. When I...

Polypool Summer Escape / never answering there line just a recorded message

Jun 17, 2011

I bought a 48 inch by 18 ftpool last year at this time at your store. I purchased a 2 year extended warranty on it. I called warranty people and told them I have rip in pool cover. I was told by them they dont't cover the pool cover, to call manufacturer which I have been trying for a...

ARCO Gas Station / rude/disrespectful customer service

Mar 25, 2011

On March 25th, 2011 I walked into the Arco AM/PM to pay for gas and get a fountain drink. I went to the register, asked for "$40.00 on PUMP 19 and the 44oz fountian drink." The cashier repeated the pump number "19" to me and I said yes. When I went outside to pump my gas in my work van, no...

ACI Magazine Fundraising / SCAM-Never received anything


Two teenage boys came into my home and 'sold' me $80 later. They said they get points for each different thing they do such as getting cash instead of credit card or check. I have a son with Autism and they befriended him and showed me and my husband (who is a police officer...

nicole/lives in hesperia / Noise


Noisey, neighbors, Rearding the people above my unit, this tenate has new roomates everytime to meet her rent. The children run all over the unit upstairs. I address the issue many times from the second month I moved in here, which was April of 2009. The management sent out notices several...

OBAC Educational Services / FALSE ADVERTISING


I applied for a postal job and OAC educational services charged me $29.50 for educational services material. this is free from the postal service.I found out about this in about 5 minutes after placing the order.I tried to contact them and the E mail they provided bounced back and no one answers the phone they have on there web site.

Victorville motors / no intergrity


I was sold a car by an inexperience sales man and they promised to change the car once a better car came in, every year I would go back and check and when they finally had a car they told me I had to put a down payment. That was not part of the verbal deal I had made with them they were...

Weight Watchers / discrimanation


The most shocking thing happen to me when I went into Weight watchers in Hesperia CA, seeking employment with the company. When I ask were they hiring, the lady looked me up and down before she answered and she reply to me no. She then went on to say that I would have to pay and go through...