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Apple / ipad never connected - repair r237352285

Wanda Watts on Jun 19, 2017
Received Delivery from T-Mobile of brand new IPAD around April 25, 2017. To date I have visited the Apple store in Towson, Maryland twice and talked with too many service people on the phone for too many long periods of time. The last visit to store resulted in the following: REQUEST FOR...

Apple / We can't find the phone

Aleks on Apr 12, 2017
I bought an iPhone 7 for my girlfriend and she was robbed in a public transport. Thieve stole her phone. We thought that it would not be difficult to find the phone because Apple has this special function which can find all of your Apple devices. Unfortunately this function didn't work and...

ITunes / I am extremely disappointed with iTunes!!

Alexa on Feb 28, 2017
I had a huge music library and one day everything simply disappeared!! I have no idea what happened to my music, but everything was gone. I contacted iTunes support service and explained the situation but they did not reply. Then I sent another request, and later few more - but they never...

Trend Micro / karan #120

sylviag on Jan 8, 2017
Today I called customer service and spoke to Karan #120. I am having problems downloading your premium security multi device protection. I was on the phone for an hour and 9 minutes to be exact. The problem never got solved. I was told I had to purchase network firewall! For the amount of...

Apple / Phone

Liberro39 on Nov 21, 2016
I have purchased a new iPhone 7 and after two weeks of use speakers stopped working. I went back to the store where I bought it and asked them to fix it. They said that it was not their responsibility and that it was manufacturers mistake. They said that I need to contact Apple. I contacted...

Apple inc / iPhone 6

applescam on Nov 3, 2016
My iPhone 6 was in left pocket and bent from mixture of overheating and the weak structure design of the overall phone. Apple support is unresponsive in helping making comments that it will affect the bottom line delt with T-mobile they blamed it on the iphone design. Called Apple: Apple won't...

Apple / Find my phone

Victor on Sep 27, 2016
I had an iPhone 6S and it was very special to me. I am a student and bought it from my savings. About a week ago I was returning home by bus and someone took it out from my pocket . When I came back home and noticed there was no phone I immediately went online to use "Find my phone" service. It...

Apple Online Store / iPhone 7 purchase

Ajay Gandhi on Sep 9, 2016
Trying to purchase 2 iPhone 7 phones online via Apple's website. I am purchasing both phones at full retail cost. Apple is asking who my provider is for cellular. I choose Verizon. Then the website claims that since my account with Verizon is a business account I first need to contact...

Apple / Dsappointed

VladlenLaiwa on Aug 29, 2016
Their "Find my phone" service is absolutely useless. They say their phones are the safest and protected, that you can easily find it. But that's not true. Nothing works like Apple promised. I dropped my new iPhone 6 and have no idea when and where that happened, it just fell out my pocket...

Apple / Bad service

Josh on Jul 20, 2016
Apple customer service is terrible! I went to a local Apple service and gave them my phone to fix. They returned it to me without fixing anything! But they still took the money! I asked them to do at least something but they refused to listen. The person I spoke to was very nasty and...
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