Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Elgin, Arizona, United States

Family Dollar Stores / employee acting very rude to me and making fun of my handicap

Dec 04, 2018

Hello my name is randy once again i was at the store on mclean in elgin il about 1 to 2 months back and once again i went to check out and the woman checking me out had a can of lysol and she was holding her nose and spraying then she came around and showed me to the door and continued to...

Circle K Stores / tina bowers store manager in elgin south carolina

Sep 27, 2018

She has band my 16 year old child from the Circle K in Elgin 4 nothing she doesnt like my child cause her bf and jordan dinkins got into a altercation that has nothing to with Circle K my 16 year old son and her boyfriend and her got in the argument and her boyfriend which is a 29 year old...

Volkswagen / sales experience at vw of elgin, il

Sep 23, 2018

Hi, I'd like to submit a formal complaint regarding the sales tactics that I was subjected to at the VW of Eglin, IL dealership. On Friday 9/21/2018 I was looking at their website and others because I was looking for a 2018 VW Alltrack. They had a new Alltrack come up. I used the get...

Dunkin' Brands / service

Sep 11, 2018

I went to the store in Elgin, Illinois. The store at McLean and Big Timber Rd. There is an African Americam manager and I waited in the line he was waiting on . There were two lines . He waited on two people in front of me and when it was my turn, he refused to wait on me . He said I...

Ace Hardware / racist comments by ace hardware employees

Jul 08, 2018

Today Sunday July 8th, at 2pm an Ace Hardware located at 1158 Walnut Ave Elgin, IL 60123 all Ace employees except the cashier were gathered by the screws and bolts section. As I walked towards them I could clearly hear them speaking the following, "they should have never released the...

Pizza Hut / an order that was denied by an employee

Mar 18, 2018

after I got hung up on 3 times I reached an employee who said it would take and hour to order a pizza, once I said it was fine he put me on hold and hung up. After calling back several times I gave up and ordered online. Went in and once I was acknowledged that I was the caller she called...

Dollar General / cashier

Dec 09, 2017

I went to DG today at 4pm central with me survey coupon and cashier Aija declined the coupon because she wasn't able to type in the bar code. The bar did not print on the coupon so I wrote the code on it. Aija was rude, did not apologize for not being able to type in the code. I asked for...

Jewel-Osco / pharmacist

Dec 06, 2017

There are certain some amazing pharmacist and then there are those that are making alot of us switch to Walgreens. By hurassing and judging, most won't go in for to be criticized . It is hard enough to take certain medications but last time a checked how is that a woman such a pharmacist...

Target Brands / loud employees @target speaking spanish

Jul 18, 2017

7/18/17 Just to let you know it has been 3 times I visited the Elgin, il store off Randall Road where a heavy set woman working there speaks extremely loud and in Spanish while speaking with other employees. So I told Damien the Manager that day that why she is so loud and feel offended a...

Boost Mobile / cancel order

Jun 08, 2017

Hi my name us Yolanda Whiteside. I writing again i cancel my and my order came in anyway. No Don said is going in 7-14 business days. It turned 24 -48 hours. And now she says that i have to see the phone pay my money to sent it back. You people think I'm dumb no im not. I sick will heart... / The rep told to wait and stopped to communicate

Aug 09, 2015

I wasn’t satisfied with the services and help, which offered I called them and explained my problem, but the rep started to ask other questions and the whole conversation took about an hour. I again asked, when they would help me, but the rep told to wait for...