Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Greenville, Alabama, United States

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / shakes

Dec 22, 2018

12/22/18 Store - 499 Congaree Rd, Greenville, SC 29607 I don't know what you've changed but your shakes taste like dirt and are just plain awful. They all taste fake and mass produced. I would never order another one of these again. We purchased two large, one chocolate and one egg nog...

Thredup / coats rescue purchase

Dec 08, 2018

Several moths ago, I ordered $80 Coach bag rescue box and the fun box. I received the fun box however, I never got coach item. I checked my checking account andThred Up has withdrawn $80.This is the second time I have tried to make contact with Thred Up.I have not received any response at...

Captain D's / fish

Nov 28, 2018

To whom it may concern I have just purchased a meal from the local captain D's here in Greenville Ms and I ordered the four piece two country fried and the other two battered dipped. When I first started my complaint I didn't know that it had to be up to 350words just so I can get a reply...

Dollar Tree / praise/compliment for one employee and complaint for store manager

Oct 26, 2018

I went to the dollar tree tonight in Greenville, RI and Cameron had excellent people skills and I received excellent customer service from him. He was efficient at getting balloons, helping me find things in a timely manner and making suggestions when needed. The manager, on the other...

Ruby Tuesday / disappointing dinner

Oct 22, 2018

We visited the Cherrydale (Greenville, SC) location and were very disappointed. I ordered a steak medium rare and it was well done. My husband ordered Bourbon Salmon with zucchini and broccoli. He literally got 4 pieces of broccoli and a very small portion of zuchinni and his salmon wa...

Taco Bell / food prep

Oct 11, 2018

My husband and i went to taco bell on 10/11/2018 in Greenville Ms order # 029603 @ 7:05pm. We ordered 2chicken mini quesadilla 4 mini beef quesadilla 6 beefy frito burritos 1 chzy bean and rice 1 chili cheese burrito 2 5-Layer burritos and 1 Beefy Nacho Griller ... We get home with it...

Burger King / service at drive thru

Oct 06, 2018

Here lately everytime I order its wrong I have to repeat my order over as n over get to window pay for my food pull up to next window they read off what I ordered an when I get my order it's wrong this morning in Augusta ga I called back to store an manager on duty wanted to argue with me...

Cricket Wireless / the handling of customer bills

Oct 01, 2018

My name is paul rickert sr. My phone number is [protected]. I have been with cricket for over a year I have never had a complaint my service is great unfortunately I am now unable to work in my account comes due on the 1st fortunately my disability payment comes on the 3rd. I find it very...

Petco / dog grooming

Sep 27, 2018

Today my daughter took our dog to Petco to have her groomed and I also wanted her nails cut and hair washed and brushed I actually wanted her hair trimmed but again she said she didn't need it .This is the 2nd time I have took my dog to that location and I wasn't to pleased the...

Mavis Discount Tire / service, brakes, rotors, oil pan +

Sep 24, 2018

My son went to greenville NY Mavis He went for brakes His bill when we went to pick up vehicle $2300 Brakes, struts and oil pan++ This cost was not approved by owner of vehicle, just told what bill was on pick up 2004 Subaru Legacy, car is not worth putting that many $$ into it, and it wa...

Hardee's Restaurants / food managers

Sep 22, 2018

They always giving out half done food. This morning I notice this little girl standing behind the counter. When I was fixing to let her take my order she told me "im waiting to get clocked in" I said ok. The manager then came and took my order. There were 3 managers there and they didnt...

Pizza Hut / I am complaining about the, food was, terrible whoever the cook was the cook needs firing. that is the worst pizza and wings I ever tasted.

Sep 16, 2018

I ordered 2 meat lovers personal pans pizza, 12 traditional wings, chicken Alfredo, and 2 ranch dips. The personal pans was cold and had dried meat on them. The wings was old and cold. The pasta was dried out and had hard noodles. Their is no other way to explain the food it was awful and...

Money Network Financial / / lock on card

Aug 21, 2018

Ok, for a whole twi week I have been calling Momey Network, because they placed a Hold on my card. STATING the Hokd was for two reload transactions I make on two particular days. I thought that's what an reloadable card is used for to load money. So I was instructed to send documentation...

Waffle House / management

Aug 11, 2018

The management at this store is is very unprofessional. She talks about the employees issues among other employees and plays favorites with family members she has employed in her store.The store is constantly out of things needed for third shift because the management doesn't pull the...

ATT Uverse / technicians coming out

Jul 18, 2018

I've had a few different technicians come out to my house to fix the wiring outside and not only have they came to my house without my permission but they didn't call either ahead of time to let me know they were coming, they also didn't clean up their mess after they were done rewiring...

NTB / National Tire & Battery / ac service

Jul 13, 2018

Went into The Greenville, Texas NTB store on June 22, 2018. They told me I needed a new A/C kit ina 20011 Nissan Sentra. Had the A/C kit installed as well as an allgnment and front struts put on car, which they recommended. Two days later, the A/C is still not working, so took it back...

All locations Greenville, NC / employment

Jul 07, 2018

I'm so confused and lost when it comes to the hiring process at Sheetz. I've submitted over 25 applications to jobs at Sheetz that I see listing either on the Sheetz website or I always call to imply about my applications, but always get the run around. I'm actively searching...

Dollar Tree / the rules about not taking the shopping out of the store

Jun 17, 2018

I shopped at the Dollar Tree in Greenville SC at the Cherrydale location off Poinsettia hwy. I got about a half shopping cart of items as I was about to exit the clerk who checked me out informed me I could take my shopping out. I have lower mobility problems and walk with two cans nobody...

McDonald's / never got my last paycheck

May 27, 2018

I have quit my job friday after my shift had ended on 5/18/2018 and I havent received my last check with the store manager... I am a former employee at mcd on augusta rd and would like it if I had my check asap... I had work from 5/13/18-5/18/18... And I have the right to get my last check...

National Car Rental / car rental pitt greenville airport

May 20, 2018

Placed request for rental on Sat may 20th for 2pm at pitt greenville airport [protected] I had to modify the reservation to 4pm due to heavy rains in the area . When I arrived at the airport I was told by the agent she thought I had been called and advised that they were over booked there...

Duke Energy / electric bill/meter

May 02, 2018

My electric bill is very expensive for 1 month and it's just me in the home and I am gone 10 +hours a day. I want some one to come check my meter because the bill for one month is unacceptable. My bill is rated based off the tenant prior to me living at the residence. This is my very first bill I am bringing this to duke energy attention right away.

Ruby Tuesday / manager complaint taking hours

Apr 17, 2018

The manager at 6 state park rd. Greenville sc 29609 name is gregory have been taking hours from me and he put my time in early I've been over hearing that he likes hiring ppl that doesnt knows what they are doin to take advantage of them. I started on the 5th of April but it all started...

Huddle House / weed smell

Mar 22, 2018

Came in restaurant on March 21, 2018 around 6 o'clock went to use the rest room and grab something to eat. This is not the first time I have came to this restaurant and me and my wife barely could place a to go order because of the marijuana smell I notified the manager before this has to...

Hardee's Restaurants / the workers

Mar 12, 2018

The restaurant NEVER opens on time. Then whenever they do decide to open we still have to pull up. Some people have to go to work in the morning. And this is like a everyday thing. The store hrs at suppose to open at 4a.m Monday -Saturday if I'm not mistaken. They don't start taking order...

Dollar Tree / greenville al

Feb 24, 2018

The new management in this store is RUDE. Since the store manager Miss Rhonda left, that store has went to a big mess. Empty shelves, boxes on floor, can't get down aisles to shop. I have never experienced such rudeness from a manager. Dallas is very disrespectful to the customers. I will...

Waffle House / waffle, side of bacon, and hashbrown

Feb 04, 2018

First, the staff was rude. Our server asked if we were ready and I asked for a few minutes. He kept asking and I felt rushed. I have 3 small kids to teach and handle. He was new, very impolite, and didnt even offer a smile. When we finally ordered it happened as followed: a milk and sweet...

Dollar General / store smelling like marijuana store# 180 charles blvd.

Jan 14, 2018

In the month of December 2017 and the month of January 2018, I have smelled the weed. The employees at this store in this location smoke weed either in the back or outside the store. I can not give dates of the incidents that marijuana was either smoked inside of outside this store. Thi... / money taken out of my account without my permission

Dec 07, 2017

It were money taken out of my account and I cancel the order and it were taken out 2 times. It were $ 46 and some change. I don't be like the fact it were taken out of my account without my permission. I would like for my money be put back in my account please. So please let me know. Thank...

Dollar Tree / dollar tree/ management

Dec 01, 2017

I work for dollar tree in Greenville sc . I have a problem with what's going on in the store the store manager has hire her nest friend as an asst mgr well we all ready have 3 full time and one part time and the new girl is getting full time hours taken away from our full time. They go out...

MacKeeper / mackeeper premium - #[protected]

Nov 30, 2017

I was charged $59.88 via paypal from this company through your company. I have ordered nothing and have turned this into paypal. I have also contacted my bank and if i am not refunded the entire amount I will file more complaints with other agencies. Thia is absolutely ridiculous that you...

Waffle House / cook

Nov 14, 2017

I am at the waffle house on Woodruff Road in Greenville, Sc. Wow! The cook was so rude to the server on duty. She has messed up every order and is blaming on other employees. I muself come from restaurant management. Not good! Clearly she has major issues outside of work or has a seriou...

Dairy Queen / employee fry cook tyler

Oct 27, 2017

This point i'm ready to drive off but already paid, then the samstill working on my order turns and looks at me and laughs and walks over to the grill cook while they both look and laugh, and would you believe he had the nerve to repeat it and grab his self again, really?? Just call me to much to text [protected] ms cox thanks I will never go back

Dollar General / bugs horrible in the store

Oct 03, 2017

I was trying to shop at the dollar General when I was bitten by flies as I was trying to shop and when exiting the store several pants were laying on my arms The only reason why I am report 27i34jng this is because the same thing happened to my husband which leads me to believe that there...

Baymont Inn & Suites / hotel stay

Sep 06, 2017

My family and I were traveling to Gulf Shores for our 2017 vacation. Getting sleepy, we decided to stop in Greenville Alabama for the night and finish our trip the following day. We stayed Saturday night and woke up on Sunday to find out that our car had been involved in a hit and run. Two...

Captain D's / I am complaining about my food

Sep 03, 2017

September 2, 2017 I purchased a fish meal with a side salad, green beans, and a small sprite with no ice. When I got home I noticed the lettuces in the side salad was brown and the green beans tasted salty. The fish tenders were not hot and fresh. I was disappointed with my meal. I will...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / food staff is very bad

Sep 02, 2017

This is the worst ever how do not have any bags for my 16 piece chicken to fit no sugar for the tea and I had to wait until the lady came back in the store from buying flour what kind of store is this? Then to top it off only three people working on a holiday weekend and football season...

Yahoo! / email

Aug 04, 2017

Starting the beginning of August, yahoo e-mail keeps timing out and crashing. Looks like you are putting in an upgraded version. I tried to switch to the new version but switched back because its performance wasn't any better. Please wait to roll out an upgrade when "you have your act...

Taco Bell / wait time

Jul 25, 2017

On 7/25/2017 at Taco Bell 027326, 2445 Laurens Rd. Greenville SC I ordered at 12:15:46 and didn't receive it until 12.36 pm on a hour lunch, I witness three individuals leave who ordered after me and instead of letting people know if the wait time they kept taking orders, this was one of...

Bojangles’ International / / bojangles food

Jul 09, 2017

Hi, I arrived at the cherrydale location about 9:30pm on 07-10-17. I pulled at the drive thru and the lady asked me for my order.. I ordered 4 supremes and a biscuit, also a 3 wing meal with 2 fixins and a biscuit. The total was $12.13. I pulled up to the window to find a really nice...

Candy Crush Saga / I am complaining about the system

Jul 06, 2017

I am very frustrated because I was able to successfully finished level 450 and then my tablet became dead because no more battery life. So I charged my tablet and then I went back to continue playing thinking I will be on level 451. I am very surprised and irritated that I am still on...