Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Dothan, Alabama, United States

Church's Chicken Restaurant / service date 1/17/19 time ordered 632 pm

Jan 17, 2019

Drive thru window. Ticket says server ID 1 Order made at 632 pm. I ordered 20 piece with any 3 large sides as sign stated. Was told it came with only Cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and corn. I stated what sign said. Advised I could only get corn, mpot and coleslaw. Got to window at 638. Receipt...

Alabama Department of Labor / salary and commission paid employees

Jan 17, 2019

Over the last two years I have worked as a Media Sales Consultant with WDFX Fox 34 television station (Raycom Media is the parent company) located at 2221 Ross Clark Circle Dothan, AL 36301 as a salary plus commission employee. I recently left Jan 5, 2019 due to unfair circumstances within...

LongHorn Steakhouse Dothan, Alabama / food in general!

Jan 14, 2019

We just got back from Longhorns in Dothan, Al. The food was horrible! We usually go there to celebrate our birthdays. There was 4 of us there today. The bill was over $100.00. I tried to eat a burger and nearly choked on it. Tough is not the word. It was like shoe leather. I ate maybe 3...

Taco Bell / everything

Jan 03, 2019

ive been a fan of taco bell for years ever since I can remember I go there because im always treated right no issues ever until sadly today my daughter and I went to one in Dothan on main street we waited for 30 mins minimum in the drive threw kinda busted the thought of fast food got to...

Circle K Stores / false advertising red bull

Jan 03, 2019

There are signs literally EVERYWHERE advertising 1. 3/8 oz Red Bull's for $5. Go to register he says ok $7.31. I'm like huh. The other cashier huffs and puffs and says "that sale is over!!" Like it's my fault there are 2 signs. Ok I go and return the 3 5oz Red Bull's and grad 2 of the 12...

Circle K Stores / bad gas

Oct 29, 2018

My husband fueled his pick up at the dothan, Alabama Montgomery hwy store 3 days ago. His engine has gone out on his truck. He bought premium gas but the machanic says it was desiel. I am filing a greivence case for this as this has cost me a 7800.00 truck. I will be glad to work with you...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / workers and air conditioning

Sep 16, 2018

Today (9-16-18) as I visited the KFC Taco Bell it seemed as if the workers were drained and sick due to lack of A/C. The lobby floors were moist due to this situation also. This was not a good look for such an well known food franchise. It felt better outside than inside the building. No...

Sonic Drive-In / cherry

Aug 28, 2018

So I ordered a shake from sonic which looked great! Until I got home and wanted to eat the cherry. Well to my surprise one of the employees took the liberty of eating half the cherry and putting it on top of my milkshake. This is the second time this has happened to me and it's only the...

Taco Bell / drive thru

Aug 06, 2018

I ordered a frito beefy burrito from the dollar menu and paid the extra charge to make it supreme. Supreme is supposed to come with tomatoes and sour cream and they only gave me sour cream. I even made a second order in which they got the supreme on that burrito right so why was my other...

Taco Bell / service

Aug 02, 2018

I was wondering if I could get a refund of some kind, preferably to the local taco bell, for a mess up on my order on August 1st st 11 p.m. Part of my order wasn't complete. I go to this place often and have rarely had good service there. Something seems to always be wrong and this may...

McDonald's / food

Jul 22, 2018

I was at McDonald in dothan Alabama and I had a coupon for any sandwich for a dollar and the woman at the drive through told me she can scan it twice and after she did that it didn't go through and then told me to close the app and I did then I clicked on the app and the coupon was gone...

LongHorn Steakhouse / management team

Jul 01, 2018

My girlfriend is a server that has worked for longhorn in Dothan for about 2 weeks now. Since she has been there she has been severely improperly trained, alienated, and disrespected. I hope no one wonders why the service at your restaurants is stretchy at best. If so I've got quite a few...

Gulf Oil / customer service is terrible.

May 31, 2018

7:11pm may 31 This is concerning the female cashier with long brown hair and tattoos on her arm at the Gulf on Hwy 52 Dothan, Al Every time I go in there and the cashier that is at the front as of right now has the rudest personality. Every thing she says and does has an attitude behind it...

Golden Corral / unethical behavior

May 22, 2018

Last night (March 21, 2018) me and my fiancé arrived at the restaurant to eat. We were charged 13.99 for our food and 2.29 per drink each. After sitting and eating our first plate we talked about how lovely the atmosphere was. I am currently pregnant and was starving when I entered the restaurant...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / food

May 03, 2018

Tonight my girlfriend stopped once again at wemdys on 2100 Ross Clark circle to bring dinner to me at work. I have a severe allergy to eggs and can't have mayo other than the fact it makes me nauseous to even smell it. I was on the phone with her for 18 minutes while she was in the drive...

Taco Bell / cinnamon twist

Apr 24, 2018

I didn't get my cinnamon twist for the 5th time in a row! I paid for it I literally paid for it. I work in customer service so I know what I paid for is suppose ro be there. When are yall gonna put everything in the bag?? This is absolutely ridiculous and they're so pushy on the mic saying...

Camping World / 2016 heartland gateway fifth wheel

Dec 15, 2017

Camping World of Dothan Alabama had our 2016 Heartland Gateway fifth wheel for 9 months with a list of 20 things to repair. The major problems were not fixed just patched over. Over the patch we have mold and rotting wood. Customer service was awful. They would never call us back we had to... / rae brian

Dec 08, 2017

I have been fighting for my daughter for five years now .. rae Brian was my social worker who has not even in five years some a home inspection on my home . She has done 5 hair samples on three months which will show the same test answers​for a year . I have done all my classes they have asked...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / sugar cookies

Oct 27, 2017

I came into Wendy's about 12:30pm and the lady said she would be right with me. Whenever she came back I asked herwas that all of the sugar cookies you have.(I was pointing to the dark burnt looking cookies that were inside of the case or holder) She replied yes and pointed to another...

Dollar General / employee

Oct 08, 2017

I Tasha walker inside of dollar general at 2880 Ross Clark Circle Dothan Alabama 36301 Upon walking inside an employee by the name of (LINDA) mumbled something and frowned at me and my children and I said aloud if u don't like your job I shouldn't be here. I've never had an altercation with thi...

Burlington Coat Factory / employee

Oct 07, 2017

I did not get the employees name but on Saturday September 30th I had a female employee who acted very unprofessional, talking with no sense talking about me to other customer saying that I had an attitude when all I did was just respond and look at my phone afterwards. I did not like how...

Camping World / poor treatment

Oct 04, 2017

My wife and I purchased a 2017 Work and Play from camping World of Dothan back in August. It was a pre owned and had a couple of parts that needed to be ordered. We were provided a we own you for the parts. I waited for a month and did not hear anything. Well when I called the part...

Zaful / I don't recommend this website

Sep 21, 2017

My order never arrived. Even though their website claims different things. It says I got my order. The address is right, so it means they didn't send it to the wrong place. What does it mean? I never got their calls regarding delivery, they never scheduled it, I didn't find any package in...

Dollar Tree / store manager bruce

Sep 20, 2017

Very unprofessional hollering and screaming at my twin sister all the customers were so upset with him they were telling him to shut up and to not talk to her like that and they were all saying that they were going to call someone about the way he was talking to her my nephew was in line...

Home Depot / washer/dryer

Sep 18, 2017

Last Wednesday they delivered my new washer and dryer. And my dryer takes 2 and 1/2 hours o dry a normal load. After MANY calls being told to call here call there I contacted the manager. He said they( Amana) is going to send me a kit through the mail for ME to test my dryer to see what i...

Ipsy / I did not receive my ipsy bag for august

Aug 31, 2017

I did not receive my Ipsy bag for August 2017. It is usually delivered around the 17th of each month. I wonder if it got returned to you for some reason? I would like it sent to me again. Please check the address. It should read: Judy Perdue Office 2998 Ross Clark Circle Dothan, AL...

Dollar General / dollar general employee name keisha

Aug 22, 2017

I was ruly treated wrong today by an employee name keshia had attitude purchased motor oil. and a few other items she had a bad attitude I left went home cause I was upset forgot my oil went back to get it. she dropped it on the floor not putting it in my hand. I said I'm not picking it up...

Dillard's / loud hip hop music in dothan alabama

Jul 16, 2017

I just left the Dillard's in Dothan Alabama and they was playing the music so loud the sales girl could not hear me nor could I hear myself. And when I said something. She took an additude and said " We can play it like we want." There was a petty going on at the cosmetics counter and...

Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers / lawn mower

Jun 21, 2017

We purchased a 54" cut riding mower and wrong mower was delivered. we went to Lowe's the following business day and was told they would get to it but not today, they were too busy. we paid cash for this mower and now that they have our money could care less about their customer service...

Cricket Wireless / service

Jun 13, 2017

My child misunderstanding on witch phone was free with the changing service the sales person mocked her n picked on her and she wasn't even talking to him. totally humiliated her for no reason my child came home in tears I felt so bad for her she was let down bye the phone but that's fine...

AMC Theatres / public affection between amc manager and customer.

May 20, 2017

I was fixing my drinks and noticed a female manager walk out of what appeared to be the managers office at AMC Cinema 6 in Dothan, AL with a female, non AMC employee and then publicly kissed in a common area. I found this offense and unprofessional. I have also heard complaints from the...

Ford Motor Company / tires

May 01, 2017

Purchased tires at Bondy's Ford in Dothan Alabama did not purchase all 4 at same time, brought car in on Thursday, April 27th to be serviced and tires rotated since I was to travel on Friday, car drove funny when I got it back but didn't think anything could be wrong and during my travel...

Golden Corral / service

Apr 16, 2017

It is Easter Sunday so I decide to take my boys out to eat. It was packed ofcourse but we sat down to eat and got a great Server named Susan at the Dothan Alabama Golden Corral. She was very attentive and sweet. I walked away to get my food and left my kids at table. I walk back and heard...

Olive Garden / restaurant, service, manager

Mar 08, 2017

We went to the Dothan, Al. Restaurant 3/8/17 @ 440pm. When we walked in the employees were to busy dancing and cutting up to realize we were there. Then the hostess wanted to sit us in the bar area. I told them no not when we have 3 kids with us. She said she could sit us in the back at a...

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / agent

Feb 27, 2017

David Cornelius from my understanding is an agent with Nationwide Insurance and has an office in Dothan Alabama. I recently had real estate dealings with David and he is allowing a property owner or is knowingly involved in an insurance claim that David himself told me was going to be...

Tophatter / #[protected] "mini 200 mi ultras cool mist humidifier diffuser air purifier nebulizger.

Feb 23, 2017

This item lasted for a period of two twenty minutes sessions. I am very upset about this! I want to return it, do you send me a return label paid for me to return. It does not work at all. I have bought several items from you of which I haven't had a problem. I hope that you stand behind...

Jackson Hewitt / tax preparation

Jan 30, 2017

721 w. Main st. Dothan, al 36301 Phone: [protected] I went in for the advance loan in december. The manager prepared my taxes and I told her I work at home for a company. I will have to bring my w-2 in the end of january. She looked up the company and found the company tax id number...

Green Dot Corporation / refund check for visa card ending [protected] for total of $270.00

Jan 18, 2017

I am request for my refund checks. I received letter dated [protected] from Greendot Corporation stated that we ask that you not purchase any of our products or ask others to purchase them on your behalf. I just want my refund checks from 12-5 2016. If anyone who liked to read the letter I...

Green Dot / three refund checks that I have not received for transaction on 12-5-16

Jan 12, 2017

My claim number-sf0219 transaction amount $130.00 and $120.00 and $20.00 on 12-05-16 with HSN . I did not have enough on each card for shipping so request refund with agent Gene and other customer agent at Greendot-[protected]. I sent a usps certified mail on 1-03-17 but no one have pick...

DealMan / have not received order.

Jan 07, 2017

Hello. My name is justin lee holloway. I order a shirt, vest, and shoes from this website in august of 2016. These items were ment for me to wear on my wedding day in october. Well the wedding has long since past. I sent an email and was told packages were delayed due to weather, and wa...